Friday, June 30, 2017

Shit MFD Said Vol. 42

MFD: Steph. You should be in the FBI.
Me: Why?
MFD: I just think so.
Me: No.
MFD: Why not?
Me: I don't like perps. Or guns.
MFD: That's too bad. I think you'd be a good fit. 

Me: I honestly can't believe I'm asking this but do you have nail clippers here?
MFD: ha ha. I don't know

On the beach
MFD: Do you have a pen?
Me: No.
MFD: Why not?
Me: Does this look like an office? Why do you need a pen?
MFD: I wanted to write you a note. To share an observation.
Me: You could just tell me.
MFD: No.
he was afraid people would hear him...I could barely hear him

Coming home from Hank's 40th
MFD: It was nice to see everyone.
Me: It was!
MFD: I didn't take any pictures.
Me: Me neither.
MFD: Pics or it didn't happen so I guess it didn't happen.

Getting ready to leave for the shore
MFD: Do we have an iron there?
Me: Nope. Have you ever been there?
MFD: oof
A few minutes later
MFD: We do have wrinkle release there, right? Hon?
Me: Yes mike. You've used it there many times.

Me: What is this movie?
MFD: Just some kid's coming of age movie.
Me: What's the name of it?
MFD: I don't know.
Me: The remote is right next to you.
Presses guide, I see Stephen King's it, he is grinning
Me: No. No no no fucking way.
MFD: It's day!
Me: No.
MFD: It's fake.
Me: No. There's a terrifying clown with razor teeth, the image of my worst nightmares, that lives in a fucking drain.
MFD: So turn it off then?

Gets up and runs downstairs, out the door down there, and back inside
Me: What are you doing?
MFD: I have to go pick up a seller's disclosure.
Me: Why did you go downstairs and out that door instead of just going out the front?
MFD: I'll be back
A few seconds later
Amplified voice outside SLOW DOWN
I get up and see him standing on our street with a megaphone
Me: Mike!

uncontrollable laughter
Me: Mike!
MFD: What? If they're not speeding, I won't say anything to them 
Me: Are you going to do this every night?
MFD: Maybe.
MFD: I'm leaving this megaphone at the front door.
Me: Maybe you should get a sandwich board sign too.
MFD: Yeah I was thinking that.
Me: I was just kidding.
MFD: Not me.

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  1. The video slayed me hahahaha #slowdown

  2. The nail clippers...every single time :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I need him in our neighborhood ❣️Slow down. Stop at Stop signs. Mike Doyle is an UNPAID public servant always. Continued Godspeed ❣️ A happy way to start the day. A safe and sound and joyful weekend to all.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. OMG that video is hilarious. Could there be a funnier person to read about? I doubt it. Hahaha. This post just made my day.

  5. MFD never disappoints!! Happy Friday!

  6. Haha I love that he was using the megaphone to yell at people!

  7. "It's day" LOLOLOL

    Your nail clipper situation is our tweezer situation. We had at least 5 pairs around a few months ago and now I know of one.

  8. YEAHHHHH - IT is totally a 'coming of age movie' - it was a coming of age of me being terrified of clown my whole life!!!!
    ... I literally LOL'ed at the nail clipper comment... I think we all need to chip in & every person buy clippers & send to him for Christmas ;)

  9. That video is AMAZING, oh my god

  10. My fave series. No way could I watch IT again here, either. Nope, Nope, Nope.

  11. This may have been my favorite installment of this. I can't express in words how much I enjoyed your husband YELLING AT PEOPLE ON THE STREET WITH A MEGAPHONE. This man is a keeper; honestly for the blog material alone.

  12. "Pics or it didn't happen so I guess it didn't happen." HAHAHAHA.
    Also, Kyle and I usually text each other when he has something to tell me and people are around. Lol!

  13. Your being a good fit for the FBI. Just awesome. Jack tries that shit with horror movies on t.v. Just no.

  14. LMAO. The megaphone. The slow down. And everything else in this is a win as well.

    I'll be over here on the floor until the next Shit MFD Says.

  15. Hahaha I love that the tables have turned & you asked him for clippers.

  16. LOL the megaphone! Can he come down here and ask people to use their turn signals?

  17. Cracking up at the pen on the beach. Love that he wanted to write you a note!! Must have been super confidential.

  18. Also adding a second comment because I just watched the SLOW DOWN video and I am cracking up. That's the funniest thing I've seen all week.

  19. like I said on twitter I was going to watch this while in the waiting room for Physical Therapy. I couldn't get past the first 2 without controlling my laughter and I was getting strange looks.
    Thanks for making me laugh

  20. In regards to the "observation," he could have texted it to you. LOL! Also, show him this:

  21. I loved the megaphone video! That's hilarious. Jacob and I share our observations and "let's get out of here" signals via text. Haha!

  22. The nail clipper saga is my favorite saga. AT this point he should have 6 or 7 nail clippers strategically placed in your home and car, right??

  23. HAA!! Don't know where to start but every conversation or comment initiated from MFD is hilarious. The megaphone is TOO funny!

  24. I'm so happy that a video exists of the megaphone. I love it.

  25. Laughing so hard at SLOW DOWN. Also I love that without fail, we always get a good nail clippers comment.


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