Friday, March 31, 2017

Shit MFD Said Vol 39

From the basement
MFD: Hey Steph muttering and banging
Me intentionally not answering, more muttering and banging
MFD: Hey hon
Me: What.
MFD: Not too long ago you were cleaning up some things downstairs and there was this old scratched up mouthpiece next to a Century 21 pen. I know where the pen is, do you know where the mouthpiece is?
Me: No...wait, you know where the exact pen is but you don't know where the mouthpiece is?
More banging and bullshit
MFD: Hey Steph where's the shell for the sage, huh?
More intentional ignoring

MFD: OPI nail liquor, two pack, 7.99, Groupon! You want it?
Me: Did you say liquor?
MFD: Lacquer?
Me: It's nail polish. No. Why are you looking at Groupon?
MFD: They send me email every five minutes. You know, from back in my Groupon days.
Me: I'm glad those days have passed.
MFD: Maybe they haven't.

After beeping at someone
Me: Seriously?
MFD: It's not that hard. Learn how to drive.
Me: Who taught YOU how to drive?
MFD: Satan
I go for my phone
MFD: Oh go for your for to write that one down huh?

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
MFD: It's okay. Soon you can sleep.
Me: What? It's not even noon.
MFD: no.sleep.til Brooklyn

flipping through the Roku
MFD: Where's Showtime?
Me: Mike. 
MFD: What?
Me: You know what it feels like my entire life is? 
MFD: err
Me: You asking me where things are.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - working for the weekend

1. Something I forgot: once we open the shore house, I frequently lay awake at night thinking of what I want to do there. This won't go on forever, after this year bigger projects will be few and far between and will entail more boring shit and less fun things. So Monday night at 12:30 a.m. I was looking at contact paper on Amazon and making lists on my phone. I want to turn my brain off, but not really, because it's fun...until I have to get up in the morning. Anyhoo we're fully rented for the summer and thus far it appears that no fruitloops are coming to stay with us. And this weekend I have lured Peters down to help me paint. God bless her.
2. I feel so much better mentally when the shore house is open. I feel like my best self there and knowing I can go there whenever is like a security blanket I am unbalanced without.

3. The best photo opp from the train on the Trenton line is when you cross the river going into the city. This is from yesterday.

4. Tomorrow is the last day of March, but don't worry, I'm extending this birthday month (keep your groans to yourself). Dinner with the family at the shore next weekend and a 40th weekend with my girlfriends at the shore in June are still on the horizon. I'm sure I can add some other things too. Every year for my birthday I buy myself sneakers. This year, it's athleisure shoes. I have a problem. The Taos Freedom sneakers are expensive as fuck but really supportive for the arches, which I need.
5. I switched out my wallet for the old birthday too. Pugs gone wild. I don't carry actual wallets anymore. I have a little card holder in here for my pertinent shit and some cash. The End.
6. In addition to Dolly, Dottie, Mae Doll, Stink Stank Stunk, and Hazel, Mae's newest nickname is Junk Yard Dog. MFD has lost about six headphones in the past six months. She keeps getting them even though they're not just laying around. She eats them like a rabid junkyard dog and then goes to sleep like a people.
7. Everyone who touches the investigation into this administration's ties to Russia comes out covered in shit - looking at you today, Devin Nunes. It is time for an independent investigation into the administrations ties to Russia. If we could investigate Benghazi more than seven times and spend over $40 million for an independent investigation into Whitewater, we sure as shit can get it together to demand an independent investigation concerning the possibility of collusion with a foreign government. Country over party and every single one of us should be screaming for everything else to grind to a halt until this is done. This is NOT business as usual. Confused about the entire Trump Russia thing? Here's an exhaustive timeline from Mother Jones.

8. Grouch of the day: I miss not hearing phone conversations all around me all the time. On the street, on the train, in the grocery store, etc. I hate talking on the phone. I hate hearing other people talk on the phone even more.

9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: 


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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Five Things: Covenant House Sleep Out 2017

I truly believe that we belong to each other and are responsible as human beings for helping those that do not have the love, support, and encouragement that most of us had growing up in our homes. Covenant House Pennsylvania is an organization that takes on that responsibility and is a place I support wholeheartedly. Their work is tremendous and if you get the opportunity, please check out their facebook page, sign up for their newsletter, or participate in a sleep out and get to know some of these kids. Their stories will break your heart and their outlook now after being in the Covenant House family will put it back together again. They don't only get the safety of a place to stay right now, they get love, rules, education, life skills, and the way to a path that makes their future something they can be proud of.

Friday night was the Young Professionals Sleep Out for Covenant House. Last year's sleep out was at their Crisis Center in the Germantown section of the city. This year over 50 more young professionals participated so it was at the Friends Meeting House in Center City.  Thanks to the generous people in our lives, MFD and I raised $3650 for this great cause. I've talked about Covenant House a lot in this space. Last year I spent some time describing the workshops around their five principles - immediacy, sanctuary, structure, value communication, and choice - last year, and you can read that here. I also described how it was physically and mentally to sleep outside for a night.

Today I want to highlight a few things I pink puffy heart love, some language lifted right from their site which I encourage you to check out:

The staff is big on meeting kids where they are. They don't judge them, they don't talk down to them, they don't try to fix them. They listen. And they care. You can see it in their actions and how the kids react to them. You can hear it in their voice, and threaded through the stories the kids tell about their experience at "the Cov."

Rites of Passage Program. I know when I went last year, I thought but do they stay at the center forever? No. They have a program that helps kids cross the bridge to independence. The goal of ROP is to assist youth in creating a structure for their life that promotes self-sufficiency through education and employment. They have classes on budgeting, cooking, and time management, as well as a monthly community service requirement. Youth in the program are also required to save money and pay rent monthly. At the end of the program, Covenant House returns 100% of their rent so they can use it towards a security deposit, furniture, rent, car, whatever. That made me smile so big - that's what my Dad and Carol did for me when I moved out. I'm so happy someone is looking out for them like that. When I donate, this is one of the areas I choose to send my donation to.

Outreach. They don't only serve the kids in the 70some beds at the Crisis Center. The Outreach Team is out on the street engaging with the youth they encounter, building relationships, and letting them know Covenant House is THERE. They might give a small bag of toiletries, a bottle of water, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hats, gloves, blankets, and information about other service providers throughout the area that can help these people. They also present to other organizations to raise awareness about youth homelessness. Both last year and this year the Outreach Team presentation brought me to tears. The work they do every day is so simple - just basic human connection - but so difficult in these conditions, while being so very, very important to youth on the streets.

Human trafficking work. I'm not sure why people are under the assumption that human trafficking is a third world country thing - it happens here, all the time. Covenant House is the chair of the Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition. They also advocate for the passage of laws that better protect victims and punish traffickers via the Abolish Child Trafficking campaign. And of course they help trafficking victims by providing trauma-informed, resiliency-based residential care and supportive services. They are a huge dog in this fight against human trafficking. You can choose to direct donations to their anti-trafficking work.

Resilient and courageous youth. At the close of the night on Friday, the Associate Executive Director talked about the courage he sees from these kids every day. That really hit home with me. How can I not support that? These kids have seen more shit by age 21 than most of us will see in our lifetime.

Covenant House is 99.9% publicly funded. If you are inclined to donate, please click here and if you're local to a Covenant House, check out this link for in-kind (non-monetary) donations (please always call before sending donations), and this link if you're interested in volunteering.

Thank you thank you to everyone who donated to our Sleep Out - we love your hearts. We aged out of Young Professionals this year so will be moving on to another sleep out next year. I'd love it if you'd join us. You're all invited.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Recommendations

The last Tuesday of my birthday month is here and I'm sharing my recommendations with you because I like you. 

And of course I'm linking up with Lauren & Bre for their Add it to my list linkup, which they're doing the last Tuesday of every month. Some things I think you should add to your list, if applicable:

1. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara - Steph recommended this, and since it's only $5, I got a tube to keep at the shore. Well, I tried it and got a tube to keep at home too. Now hear this: It has made me put down the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara I've been using exclusively for a year. They were BOGO50off at Ulta so I got Lori one and she loves it too. It doesn't hurt that it's $18 cheaper than BTS and cruelty free, which is one of Steph's makeup musts.
2. Beauty Counter Charcoal Cleansing Bar - Detoxifies and absorbs impurities without drying out my face? Sign me up. I use it at night and my face has been looking great. It's $24 and it's worth it. You can also use it on your body, but I don't. Steph from Insert Classy Here is a consultant if you're interested and if you click on her name you'll get her take on Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter's mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. I like it.

3. Avoid VRBO/HomeAway booking fees - This past year, VRBO and Home Away started charging a service fee for people who paid through them. Every person who has used them to pay has paid $120-$155 more to rent our house for the week. Some of them thought it was our fee. Newp. It's not. If you are booking a place through VRBO/HomeAway, contact the owner and see if they accept payments directly. We do and they would have saved $$ if they did that. I tried to tell people but they pushed book through HomeAway and it was too late.

4. Get outside. You know what I forgot about being at the shore? That when I spend so much time outside I just don't care that much about scrolling through anything online. I don't care that much about anything aside from what's right in front of me. Just being is so much easier outside. Check out this video from Nature Valley my friend Kate shared yesterday. Sad times - and while it focuses on kids and technology, I think we all know we are guilty of too much tech.

5. Penzey's - As a cook, I love their spices even though they're pricier than the ones I used to buy. Their Fox Point seasoning is an absolute must for me. As a human being, I love their stance and willingness to take one as a small, private business. I support them and don't buy spices elsewhere anymore. I vote just as much with my dollars as I do with a button in the voting booth.

What have you been using or doing lately that I might want to add to my list?

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Monday, March 27, 2017

TWTW - the one with the sleep out

Friday I worked from home, which meant cute coworkers, washing out the fruit and veggie bins at lunch, and doing laundry.
Friday night was the Covenant House Sleep Out, our last year doing the young professionals version because alas we are no longer young professionals. We are now older professionals. Gladys was there for the workshops, and again my favorite part was hearing stories from staff and kids. I only teared up once. More on this Wednesday. We fell asleep in our cardboard boxes on the ground around 12 and slept, uh, lightly until 4:30, when we cleaned up our area and took off at 5. My hands were irritated, red, raw meat after ONE night sleeping outside. Note to self: more gloves for the homeless next winter.
After going home and getting the dogs, I was at the shore by 7. As I am wont to do, I cried coming over the bridge because I was so happy to be back. So, opening the house the day after a night of no deep sleep was probably not one of my best decisions to date. I struggled through some outdoor cleanup and put the efficiency back together and took 507 couch breaks sitting among tons of crap while MFD scrubbed the siding on the top and bottom decks and put together new porch furniture (disregard the hideous mess on the ground, the downstairs porch is one of two big spring projects this year including a lot of paint scraping).
We raised the tired white flag and took the dogs down to the beach to wear them out. We had lunch outside at Sunrise Cafe before taking a bike ride on the boardwalk. Things you should not do on no sleep: ride a bike that needs air in its tires on a crowded boardwalk. I almost mowed down many and definitely crashed directly into MFD. Sorry, everyone. We retreated to the beach where we basically just laid the fuck down and assed out. Thriving despite no sleep is not something I do well at this age.
As you can see my bike did not fare well over the winter with the rust, so MFD got a lot of it off with a wire brush drill attachment. It was like magic.
I literally never even went into the main part of the house until 6 pm when I dropped a bag off up there and went right back downstairs. MFD went fishing, I took a bike ride back to the bay, then painted my nails, hung out with the tired dogs, and watched the Godfather saga for hours before falling into a deep, dreamless sleep that was amazing until the dogs got me up at 6 to go for a dark, cold, windy walk. That'll get you going.
Sunday I changed the sheets, cleaned up, and was home by 9:30. We went to a Bucks County Democratic Woman of the Year brunch for Helene, who is the hugest doer and advocate for women and involvement in the democratic process. She is a force. MFD's dad was in the hospital on Election Day, and MFD got in touch with her from Ireland and she arranged for a lawyer to visit him in the hospital so he could vote, which was really important to him. It was nice to see her honored. I love the doers. That's just one small personal story out of so many, and it was nice to hear them in speeches in her honor.
Other Sunday things: I went to Sam's where I encountered an angry crowd waiting for rotisserie chicken so that came right off of my list, work worked from 3-9, did three loads of shore laundry, picked up some trash in the yard from the winter, and just sat around at night. I was tired. I am out of shore shape - we are much more active down there than we are at home!

Weekly food prep: breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer and a banana; lunch is chicken salad and tomatoes over spinach; snacks are mango, and celery and PB; and dinners are pick & peel shrimp with macaroni salad (made with some Christmas tree pasta, eh), and baked chicken breasts with roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, and red onions. I also made a batch of power breakfast muffins to freeze. 

March recommendations tomorrow. See you then, homies. 

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Friday, March 24, 2017

How difficult is it to switch electricity providers?

This one is for my friends in AUS from Jesse but the last bit about saving on electricity is for all of us. TGIF & happy weekend friends!


How hard is it to change electricity provider?

Many people ask themselves the question, why is electricity so expensive? There are general factors which contribute to electricity costs being high across the board. Even so, it could be that you can find cheaper rates with a different provider. There are also things you can do to reduce your energy costs, no matter which provider you choose.

In this article we are going to explain why electricity costs are so high generally. We are also going to look at how easy it is to switch provider if you wish to, as well as giving you some tips on how to reduce your energy costs, no matter who provides your electricity.

Why is electricity so expensive?

One of the major causes of the rise in energy costs in Australia is the country's commitment to reducing emissions. A large amount of money has been invested in renewable energy production and not all of the systems have been completely successful. Associated costs are being passed on to the customer through increased energy prices.

What if you want to change supplier?

So electricity is expensive across the board. This does not mean that you should not check if you can get a better deal elsewhere. It's worth noting that you are restricted to one provider if you live in Tasmania. The choice is also restricted in certain parts of Perth.

If you want to see if you can get your electricity elsewhere, at a more affordable rate, can help. They can do the research for you and even help you when it comes to making the change, if you need them to. It certainly helps to have someone around who can help you make the right decision for you.

How to save money on electricity, no matter who provides it

Whether or not you decide to change electricity provider, there are actions you should be taking anyway. They can help you reduce the amount of energy you use, and thereby reduce your electricity bills.
  •  Only use air conditioning when necessary. If the temperature is not too high you should consider using fans instead.
  • Always switch electrical devices off at the socket. If you do not do this you end up wasting a significant amount of electricity, over time.
  • When you use the washing machine, make sure that you always use a cool wash. You can still get your clothes clean, while also reducing energy use.

You may not think that these simple tips can save you that much money. The fact is that savings soon add up. However much your savings are; it's better for the money to be in your hands than with the provider. Do not wait to take action. If you want to save money put these processes in place as soon as possible. If you want to change provider as well then do not forget to speak to the experts, so that you have a better chance of making the right decision.


Electric company or alternative provider? 
What steps do you take to save electricity? 

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - sprung from cages out on highway 9

1. I love when I can catch all three dogs in one frame.
2. Hypocrisy.
3. If we're going to start making cuts to get our debt, let's start by cutting from the top with the egregious Mar-a-Lago weekend travel costs and the bills for the first family in NYC and cut the pension of Senators going forward. Let them contribute to a 401k like the rest of us. Let's also cut their wages, because most rank-and-file House and Senate members make $174,000 a year (not getting into any perks) and are not in session for long periods of time. Perhaps if it wasn't so attractive to be in the position, we wouldn't have people camped out there thinking they know better than the constituents that elected them. When will the president introduce those term limits he campaigned on? That was literally the only thing out of his mouth that I supported.
4. I started the 30 days of yoga for beginners this week. I was prepared to hate it as I have every time I've tried yoga previously, but I was surprised to really like it and have a lot of energy after. I think it helped that it's just 16 minutes to ease into it so it's really like lovely stretching. I walk or do weights and tack it on after or do it separately. Picture me like this.
5. I was jazzed to catch up with one of my longtime 25+ year lovelies Melissa over lunch at Marathon Grill on Tuesday. We don't get a ton of face time so it's always much appreciated when we do. I'm really looking forward to our 40th weekend with my junior high and high school girls in June!
6. After much back and forth, MFD and I cancelled our upcoming cruise at the end of April. The timing was awful for us. It's my favorite time at the shore, we have work to do down there, he just started a management position at a new broker, it's his busy season, on and on. Every time I turned around I could come up with another excuse why I didn't want to go and even when I was booking things the thought of going was not exciting me. That's not what vacation is about. I cancelled and felt a million times better. That's how I know it was the right thing to do. We are extending our July vacation to Emerald Isle to include a few days on Ocracoke, so I booked that this week, and I have some extra days for the shore which makes me really happy.

7. Tuesday was a lovely day. Wednesday was in the teens by the evening. This morning it was in the 20s. I saw people in hoodies this morning clearly just like fuck it we're doing what we want.

8. Thanks for our friends Stacey & Joe for dropping off our sign under cover of darkness last night. This is something we can all get behind, regardless of party affiliation, right?
9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: 

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

40 before 40 Report

Over two years ago I posted my 40 before 40 list. It quickly became apparent to me that I wouldn't check everything off...some would not be feasible, and some I just didn't have the desire to do anymore. I also did some things I never imagined I'd even have the opportunity to do when I made this list - like travel to South Africa, or buy a shore house, or meet Bruce Springsteen - which were awesome before 40 bonuses. Some of my 40 wishes did come true though. I think I liked making this list more than anything - and I won't be making a 50 list because 50 things is a lot. 

  1. See a play on Broadway done March 4
  2. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge done March 4
  3. Skydive so I still sort of want to do this, but I'm not sure if that's because I think I want to or because I actually want to
  4. Go tubing on a river done August 13
  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen - not technically, although we did volunteer on Thanksgiving day to serve and clean up food in 2015
  6. Eat a lobster roll in Maine  done July 18, 2015
  7. Stay in a Falls View room at Niagara Falls - done March 14-16, 2015
  8. Write a novella done December 2015. This will not see the light of day.
  9. Tip 100% of the bill at a restaurant - at the Tuckahoe Inn on September 24, 2016
  10. Go whale watching - in Cape May, September 24, 2016
  11. See Mt. Rushmore - done September 2015
  12. Take a spontaneous weekend trip – deciding to go and leaving that same day done July 24, 2015
  13.  Watch Old Faithful blow - done September 2015
  14.  Stroll along the Seine went to Scotland instead
  15.  Go to high tea. In Scotland. 
  16.  Learn conversational French Abandoned when Paris was abandoned
  17.  Adopt a family in need at Christmas Christmas 2015
  18. Witness the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace Never made it to England
  19. Go to a college football game I gave away tickets in a bigger stadium to go to the shore
  20. Eat at a farm to table restaurant (stole this one from Jana, thanks friend!) Talula's Garden on June 19, 2015, and many more after that. 
  21. Read two Agatha Christie novels – a Marple and a Poirot I hated the Marple (attempted in May 2015) but liked the Poirot (read in June 2015)
  22. Participate in a walk to raise money for pancreatic cancer November 2015
  23. Get the tattoo on my back touched up March 2017 (see pic on the bottom)
  24. Stand on the Cliffs of Moher November 2, 2016
  25. Buy a pair of Frye boots I've hated every pair I've tried on so far. I bought Pikolinos instead and I fucking love them. 
  26. Go to the opera Opera on the Mall was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled to when I couldn't go
  27.  See the Mississippi River - February 2016
  28.  Beignets at CafĂ© du Monde - February 2016
  29.  Conquer my fear of the grill Summer 2015 - I made myself grill once a week. 
  30.  See the Chincoteague Ponies - newp. But I will see the ponies on Ocracoke this summer. 
  31.  Have dinner at Vetri - September 3, 2015
  32. Cheesesteak tour in Philly - I did the cheesesteak festival and I'm calling it done
  33.  Visit the Morris Arboretum - this was my backup plan for my birthday since we couldn't be at the shore. We also couldn't de-ice my car in a timely manner, so, no.
  34.  Go to the Mutter Museum 
  35.  Attend an author event at the Philadelphia Free Library - Toni Morrison book signing April 29, 2015. I also saw Jodi Picoult there with Jana in October 2016. 
  36.  Get something published on HuffPost I never even tried
  37. Take a cooking or baking class Stopped looking
  38.  Learn how to use a drill Shore house work spring 2016
  39.  Pick strawberries and make a strawberry pie from them abandoned, not interested
  40.  Bake French bread - I am literally never allowed to put this on a to do list ever again in my life. 
Local friends, if you're in search of a tattoo place, check out Outta Sight Studios in Fairless Hills.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What I look forward to in spring

Do you also find the use or absence of an apostrophe in farmers market a contentious subject? I'm following AP here in which the apostrophe is left out because it's descriptive - farmers is acting as an adjective because the farmers typically use and populate the market but don't necessarily own it. Chicago calls for an apostrophe. Grammar nerds, unite. This is why personal and company style guides exist.

You? What's on your favorite things about spring list?

Monday, March 20, 2017

TWTW - the one after my birthday

Friday night wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben. Congratulations Brittany & Thomas! It was nice to catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while while celebrating the newlyweds. The food, band, and bonus Whoa Phat brass band were awesome; and all the details were gorgeous. The pics of the bride and groom leading the party on the dance floor say it all. We did do an Irish goodbye at midnight in honor of St. Paddy's day.
A relaxing Saturday morning with los perros + nail painting (OPI Pamplona Purple from MFD in my birthday bag).
Saturday afternoon surprise lunch at Las Margaritas with my crew, followed by strawberry cake made by my mom and coffee at home. It was so nice to spend an afternoon whiling away time with people I am exceptionally comfortable with and deeply love who really get me. Except no one told me there was no hand towel in the basement bathroom. Come on people! It was in the dryer! Regardless, when I was initially planning to be down the shore they were all going to drive down there just to have lunch with me to celebrate my birthday, and when we decided we weren't opening the house it was a scramble for them to regroup and come up with a new plan. I'm surrounded by the best people and that has truly made all the difference in my life. It is a huge thing to have people you know you can count on for anything at all.
Most of the crew left around 6. Mom and Lori stayed over and Debbie hung out with us for a while. Sunday morning Mom, Lori, and I went to Ulta and Target and Mom bought us pretzel pork roll sandwiches that were freaking delicious. My mother plays spray and get away in Ulta and it was like walking around with the entire perfume section in my nose hairs. I am trying out a bunch of new dry shampoos because it's been a while since I've switched it up. I will report back.
I got some friendly blogger mail this weekend from Pam of Oceanstategirl Photos and Books and Erin of TexErin-in-Sydneyland and finally activated the very generous DD card Steph from Not Entirely Perfect sent me and then re-sent me this morning since I accidentally deleted it last night. She gets me.
Sunday more time with my people catching up with Dad & Carol over birthday dinner #1; #2 is in April when we'll be down the shore. I'm maxing this 40th birthday out. We talked about our upcoming summer vacation, which is one of my favorite topics.
Weekly food prep: breakfast is scrambled eggs topped with broccoli; lunch is chili  from the freezer (only need three days of lunch); snacks are almonds, snap peas; and bananas; and dinners are salmon and broccoli - I'm out three nights this week so I only have to make one and that will cover two nights. 

This was a weekend for the books, and I have all the good feelings from it. It's the first day of spring and the snow is melting. Hallelujah and amen. Let's make it a great week!

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