Monday, June 26, 2017

TWTW - the sinking into summer one

1: Screwed sums up Friday night. MFD pulled my car into the driveway after I discovered a screw in my tire and it was flat before we left. It could have started the weekend off on a bad note but we chose to say fuck it, we'll deal with it Monday. So that's a problem to address tonight. 
2: Late arrival at the shore didn't stop Gus from getting up at zero dark thirty Saturday insisting on a walk so he could then sleep like the dead for the rest of the morning.
3: Electric skillet + toaster breakfast
4: Turnover included kitchen cabinet repair and doorknob replacement for MFD and aside from my usual hand soap/towels/stock coffee filters etc replenishment gig, mermaid repair for me
5: A long bike ride back by the bay...longer than I thought, my arms and face should have had sunscreen reapplied
6: Heavy re-hydration
7-9: MFD had showings about an hour away so I hit the beach solo from 3 to 6:30. Hot, pretty, windy. New book: Brutal Youth. 
10-11: We headed up to Corson's Inlet around 7:30 so MFD could fish. We were getting eaten alive in our first spot
12: So we moved to the other side, which required traipsing through water around trees twice (we came from the area past where MFD is standing, see video here)
13: Better viewpoint for the sunset, though
14: A quiet and incredible Magic Hour
15: Since we were there so late and had to walk the dogs when we got home, an ice cream donut sandwich was dinner. Hashtag no regrets. 
16-18: Sunday sunrise. Have I ever mentioned that summer sunrises are not my favorite? Fall are probably my tops, then spring, then winter, then summer. 
19: I am considering strapping a go pro to Mae because she is insane. She gets up and out for a walk by 6 am and has lost her mind by 6:01
20 - 21: Early morning porch time is the best time
22: When I said what should we do today and MFD said let's take a ride I should have taken Highway to Hell on the radio as an omen
23: An hour later greenhead flies landed on our car immediately as we pulled up in Fortescue, a little fishing village on the Delaware Bay in Cumberland County
24: Aside from the hellbeast greenhead flies, there were eleventy billion horseshoe crabs rolling in the surf and horsehoe flies on the beach
25: I sat in the car after getting ripped to shreds by flies while MFD valiantly tried to fish for 15 minutes before beating a hasty retreat into the car
26: Stopped at a roadside stand on the way back (those are hothouse tomatoes, real jersey tomatoes are not in yet) and after a nice reminiscing over the Green Grocer who used to appear on the local news, the old lady told us she watches Fox now "to get all sides of the story." Check please.
27: MFD worked for a few hours so I snoozed with the dogs
28-30: MFD still wanted to fish since the morning attempt was flied out, so we headed down to the North End with hoagies from Sack o' Subs in tow for a beach dinner.  I finished a book and started another. 
31 - 33: I got my ass up on that concrete bridge thing even though I'm not as spry as I used to be to check out the views, graffiti (not much) and the view of our spot in the sun
34: I love when I'm sitting on the beach and it looks like the sun is shining right for me
35: Dune flowers
36: We got home around 7:30 early enough to give unfortunately Mae a bath. She has to sit for 10 minutes with her special shampoo on. Cue the rage.

Since MFD was with me and we only had one car, we left Sunday night at 9:30. Psych! We only got four blocks before we had to pull over so MFD could clean Gus's puke up from the backseat. 

Oooh! I did make scrambled eggs Sunday morning for this week's breakfasts, which I will have with steamed broccoli. Lunch is PBJ on Dave's Killer Bread. Snacks are peaches, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Dinners are hotdogs and grilled chicken with macaroni salad. Or tomato sandwiches. Summer, you know? 

I should have started at 1 in every group of pics. Next time.

Busy week ahead. We got this, you guys.

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  1. What a weekend!! That sunset though, probably made it all worth it!

  2. Looks like it was a great weekend at the shore with just the two of you!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Those f-ing green heads. On the Fox News lady. Jmj between family and friends I just have to send the lights and realize they can't understand how we think and vice versa - I equate GOP with selfishness and lack of empathy and there but for the grace of the universe go we. Jesus. Mary. And Joseph. There's got to be a reason for all of this. Yay on the donut dinner. Loving the summer. Goddess speed to all for a happy week. Thanks to the universe for our wonderful lives.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. What a weekend. The Green Grocer. Haven't thought of him forever.

  5. Poor Gus... residual effects from the woman who gets all sides of the story from fox? HAH. Good luck with the tire tonight - glad to went to the shore anyway.

  6. Such a bummer about the screw, but glad you could leave it for today so it didn't interfere too much with your weekend. It looks like perfect weather for the beach, and whatever that donut ice cream thing is, I want to try it!

  7. That ice cream sandwich dinner sounds like my kind of heaven.

  8. How are those waters?? I keep seeing them in the store & think about grabbing them but I haven't yet.

  9. OMG that ice cream donut sandwich needs to get in my belly right now! That's seriously such a bummer about the screw in your tire, but hopefully it doesn't take long to get fixed up today!

  10. New Follower! I love the format of this post! Every picture has a story, doesn't it?

  11. Every weekend at the beach is full of so many things to capture. Love it.
    I love the artsy of #13 through the glasses

  12. I like the way you numbered things.
    Tomato sandwiches sound heavenly. I hope our garden pulls through this year.

  13. Sorry to hear you were getting eaten alive by flies and mosquitoes! I managed to get some serious sunburn on the front of my legs and it was no bueno, so I can relate. At least you managed to see some gorgeous views!

  14. I'm stilling laughing over the "I watch Fox News to get all sides of the story." Yeah, no. The ice cream donut looks like an evil, evil and delicious creation. Sorry about the flat tire. Those suck so much.

  15. Man I LOVE summer - reading this (snafus and all) just reminded me of why I do. The weather, the activities, the beach, the sunsets, the carefree existence. THIS IS MY HAPPY TIME.

  16. I just want to give your dog a hug <3

  17. That magic hour picture is gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your tire, but love that you guys decided to not let it ruin your weekend and power on and worry about it later :)

  18. I've always thought about putting a GoPro on the dogs, but I think it would make everyone dizzy and confused. Quincy doesn't walk in a straight line... ever.

  19. It sounds like such a fun weekend! Love your little guy!

  20. Total bummer about your car but glad it didn't ruin your weekend. The story about the flies is making me feel itchy...yuck! Haha. Love seeing all the photos!!! A Go Pro on Mae would be hilarious!

  21. Bummer about the flies =/ Sounds like a pretty good, relaxing weekend, though! One more week of work and I'm headed to the beach. THANK GOD.

  22. Wait wait cream donut is a thing??? I NEED THIS!!!! The sky in #7 looks so pretty!!! Nothing irritates me more than a nail or screw in a perfectly good tire. At least you didn't let it ruin your weekend!

  23. For them not being your favorite sunsets I must say those fall ones must be out of this world because those are beautiful! Good luck with the car, I hate tires! Summer time is the best, hot dogs or ice cream for dinner, who cares, no one!

  24. still hunting for a good book to read; my last 2 were DNFs :(

  25. Ugh Gus sounds like Lola some early mornings waking me up at 4am to go out and then she sleeps like a champ til 9 or 10am while I'm all sleep deprived. I can (can't) only imagine having a real kid.

    Nails in the tire are the worst. Living in a new construction community, I've had so many nails in my tire....some repairable some needed a whole new tire. I want to curse all the construction workers and the HOA but I digress. lol

  26. Aw, poor Mae. My Max had a similar shampoo with a 10-minute waiting period. For being a diabetic, geriatric, blind dog, he fought that whole thing tooth and nail. More than a few baths ended prematurely with me hollering, "OK then, be a greasy, flaky, lumpy, itchy little sh*t!"


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