Saturday, October 30, 2021

Capture the true art of doggy photography

Whether you want to set them up with an Instagram account to rival Doug the Pug or just love the idea of sending your loved ones daily doggy updates, you’re going to need to find out how to take a decent picture of your pooch to make it happen. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like most dog owners, capturing the photogenic side of your four-legged friend is a task much easier said than done.

After all, most dogs would prefer to attack a camera than pose for it. Some may even have a creepy sixth sense of running away before you can snap them about their business! Either way, by the end of the session, you can’t help but think how relevant the saying ‘never work with animals’ is.

In reality, though, as Doug and other dogs like him prove, every pooch has the potential to unveil his photogenic side. Instead of despairing and blaming your dogs for your failures so far, you as the photographer could therefore benefit from putting your head down and thinking about how you’re going to bring it out using these fundamental pointers. 

# 1 - Get your dog used to the camera

Unsplash Image: CC0 License

Whether your dog’s a laid-back lad or a hyperactive honey, the chances are that they don’t react all that well to new things. With this being the case, suddenly turning on them with a camera could result in real-action pictures of them either running away or opening their mouths wide to attack. Neither of which is going to show them in their best light. To avoid this, it’s vital to get your dog used to the camera before you invest too much time here. The good news is that, with most of us now having great cameras on our phones, you’ll already be halfway there with this. Further those benefits by turning off any startling features like flash, shutter noise, etc., and just getting your dog used to no-pressure photoshoots where you likely delete all of the results anyway. Then, when you do get down to the serious business of trying to take decent doggy pictures, they’re way more likely to get on board with whatever they’re up to without batting so much as an eye about whatever you’re strange things their owners are up to.

# 2 - Take all of the pictures

You might be able to capture a good family portrait in two or three goes, but that’s not the way that dog photography rumbles. Rather, this is a candid free-for-all that relies on your ability to capture potentially hundreds of pictures and pick the best from the bunch in the end. Before you embark on your next dog-based photoshoot, it’s therefore especially worth setting your camera, phone, or and other devices to burst mode so that you can capture continuous sequences for results in real-time without the stress. Make sure, too, that you simplify the mammoth task of sorting through them all by downloading an app like Gemini in advance so that you can delete duplicate photos en masse. That way, you significantly increase your chances of not only capturing the perfect picture in the first place, but also that you’ll spot that gem from the crowd in half the time.

# 2 - Remember that timing is everything

Unsplash Image: CC0 License

Even human models would struggle to perform their best if they were exhausted after a long day or had just woken up. Dogs are especially susceptible to moods and a lack of cooperation if they’re tired, hungry, or otherwise disgruntled. Hence why it’s also essential that you time these shoots well to ensure the best results that don’t see your dog turning its back on you altogether. Mid-afternoon is perhaps the most obvious time to choose as it should see you with well-fed, post-nap dogs to capture. However, you should also think about what you’re trying to capture in the first place here, with energetic shoots often best early on or pre-walk, while a more chilled out snuggly photo vibe might mean waiting until after walks and mealtimes when your dogs are more likely to sit still while you work on finding their best angle.

It can be undeniably frustrating when everyone else is cracking out the puppy portraits and you struggle to capture more than those teeth coming to attack your camera, but just as all dogs can be trained, all dogs can look great in a picture. You simply need to keep these pointers in mind to make it possible. 


This post was written with the Life According to Steph audience in mind, can you tell why? LOL

Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday Five - On screen witches

Happy Friday friends! I've been loading up on witch movies as one does around Halloween, and it got me thinking about my favorite on-screen witches, which do not include the damn Hocus Pocus witches. 

The Witches of Eastwick are on deck tonight, always a favorite. 

Earlier this week I watched Practical Magic. The Owens aunts are the best, hands down, and this is one of the only instances where I prefer the movie to the book. The kitchen is to die for. Sally Owens fucking grates on me in the books and is tolerable in the movie.

I watched Teen Witch that same night. A classic.

Last night I watched The Craft with crazy ass Nancy and the two useless friends and Sarah who should have reached inside herself earlier. 

Favorites of TV: Endora from Bewitched and Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes. 

Who are your favorite witches?

Have a safe and happy Halloween on Sunday! 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - must be the season of the witch

1. Good morning. Art via Vintage l'art

2. I'm way more into Halloween as an adult than I was as a kid. I don't mean dressing up in costume, although I don't mind doing that if I have occasion to. I just mean the general vibe of the season. You?

3. I enjoy decorative gourd season so much, and skeletons have grown on me immensely. Scenes from town Monday.

4. This week on the beach...after over six years here, it seems to be growing on Mae a little. She only tried to walk off the beach alone three times yesterday. 

5. I saw this on Sunday at the host stand going into dinner at the Anchorage in Somers Point and it made me laugh. 

6. I'm switching to bar soap and a dish in our shore apartment bathroom. The soap sticks to the dish and annoys me so I hope I get over myself. It's less plastic which is good. I need to focus on that. 

7. It's finally tea time sweater weather. I'm still wearing flip flops and walking in the ocean though. I'll be doing the latter for a while. This is my current afternoon and evening tea time mix - always two bags. Iced coffee rules the morning all year 'round.

8. It would seem there's some misinformation out there and people actually did not watch and film a rape for eight minutes on a SEPTA train instead of doing something about it - details in this column. It would also seem people are okay with living in one of only eight countries in the world with zero paid leave, Joe Manchin being one of those people. If you are one of those people, please email me. I'd like to talk to you about what a fucking shitweasel you are. This is a serious request. I have never and will never use paid leave but will die on this hill so others have it. 12 weeks is laughable. It should be minimum one year for those who want it with the option to return to work sooner for those who do not. It's not a fucking vacation or time off. And it is for everyone regardless of how you birthed your child or if you adopted your child, if you're salaried or if you're hourly, and if we want to live in a fully functioning society both parents should have the time. We can be and do so many things in this country and we choose to do the basest shit and cut what people can have to the fucking bone and cling to patriarchal norms that are fucking awful to live within. We also elect people who do this and we do not hold them accountable. The 51 senators blocking things that will actually benefit people instead of billionaires represent over 40 million LESS Americans than the 49 Senators who support things that will actually benefit people. This is madness and it's unstable.

9. Reminder via Sunbeam Illustration

10. Ecards

Almost the Halloweekend, friends. 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Mae's theme song, Season of the Witch by Donovan

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Look it up

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time studying and doing research in the library. A lot of time fucking off there too. But I loved looking things up for projects, etc. Now I do that on Google, of course, like you. What I look up ranges so widely, and google search histories on phone and computer always make me laugh. I don't know why. Some of mine from this past week:

Five gallon water dispenser - our big water cooler shit the bed at the shore and we're not replacing with one that needs to be plugged in. Decided on this one and my Dad sent a coupon for BBB 

Best places to travel this winter - I'm getting the itch, but am not ready to leave leave the area at this time. Check out this guide to the best all-inclusive resorts for families in Puerto Rico - I've only been there once, in a girls' trip long ago in our late 20s that involved endless cocktails, near drowning, Billy Jo-El, and risking life and limb to save a bucket of beers being swept out in a vicious tide...I think a return trip would be quite a lot calmer and I'd also do more island seeing. We are also probably not great candidates for all-inclusive any more since MFD doesn't drink and I barely do, plus I am always itching to try local restaurants not eat all food in one place. Still nice to look on a windy late October day. 

Can dogs eat bell peppers? Yes...they can. And mine do, with gusto

Peel and stick wallpaper for bathroom - your woman is back plotting DIY schemes at the shore

Eleanor Roosevelt - Had to get a picture of her in my mind during Friendsgiving

Caribbean Joe Beach Chair - Dad & Carol have these. MFD and I are in the market for higher beach chairs as age progresses LOL. Possibly not that high though, so I will probably go to a local store on the island for like a mid-height chair

Soup for one - It's me for the next few days, and I'm in the mood for some soup but not vats of it. I obviously know how to halve or quarter a recipe but I will usually search to see what pops up. I rarely know what I want to eat anymore and search will help with that. I might do a mushroom barley soup. 

OCNJ handyman - Continuing the quest to find someone who will show up to give me a quote, actually provide the quote, and then actually commit to doing the work for some small jobs around the house that are out of our purview 

occipital tumor - what is a post like this without an according to Web MD, I'm dying entry? I'm not, of course

Paulina Porizkova Settlement - I follow her on IG and love her. She's wonderful on aging and it's nice to see a supermodel challenge notions of aging and attractiveness as it relates to women. I've been following her since her dickhole Cars man husband cut her out of his will completely a month before he died. I'm glad she got what she deserves

Black-owned spice companies - Carol cleaned out my spices for me at the shore and in Philly and I'm in the process of replacing some, not all, because there were a lot I was not using. I have a few at the shore from Chef Curl Ardee and am expanding more, trying some Kara Felicia this time. The rest will round out from Penzey's or the supermarket because I'm not bougie in all spice ways

Ted Lasso crew - that was an image search but since we're talking about it, I still have not watched season two. I'm going to hold out until the time change so I have something feel good to look forward to. 

when was smoking outlawed on airplanes - it started being banned in 1988 on flights less than two hours and was fully banned by the federal govt in 2000. Crazy, right?

unsplash - if you often need graphics for free, there are some good stock shots on here 

Red's Jersey Mex - a takeout menu for a local Mexican place we hadn't gotten from before - it was excellent and we will be back

What's in your recent search? 

Monday, October 25, 2021

TWTW - the return of Friendsgiving

Friday I stayed up until 1 am Thursday night to finish a book because I thought Friday would be much easier than it was workwise but woof. I finally got up around 1 and picked up library holds and CBD for Gus. After work I took the best friend dogs down to the beach, ordered Randazzo's, cleaned up a bit upstairs, and painted my nails. I was exhausted and in bed by 9:45 when Evan and Jenny arrived. 

Saturday Up by 6:30, showered and to two stores soon after, and I met MFD on the beach for Beach Sweeps Fall Cleanup, which he took over this year. I headed back to the house and made a zillion meatballs, then he did some sausage and I got sauce going. 
We did Friendsgiving at the shore this year and Italian instead of turkey, and I so appreciate everyone making their way down here for the day or weekend. We spent about nine hours together eating and laughing and talking about stupid shit. We don't see each other as often as we used to but I always have a great time when we do. I've known Kim since I was little because she lived on the street behind me, was in elementary school with Jimmy, met MFD in junior high and the rest of them sophomore year of high school, incorporated partners over the years who fit too, and we've been flowing through life together since. You cannot replace friends like these. There are not many people I will stay up until 2 in the morning with or for either - these people are about it. I really missed both Girls weekend with my junior high and high school girls and the Sannelli summer party and Friendsgiving with this crew in the 2020 Covid hellscape - as adults to get everyone together is extra special. Having a professional photographer in your crew to do a group shot is also extra special. Evan Leslie Images if you are in need of product/web/corporate/infant/ indoor or outdoor portrait photography - he's doing some rebranding and getting his studio finished up if anyone is looking for holiday portraits or hated your kid's school photo! 
Sunday Gus's 5:30 am whining was extra extremely unwelcome since we literally just walked the dogs and dropped into bed at 1:45. I was doing coffee by 8 and running to the store for tomatoes for bacon breakfast muffins. Chris and Diana came over by 9:30 and soccer was afoot on the telly. Evan and Jenny left after the first game, and the four of us hung out doing fuck all until about 2:30, then Chris took us out to dinner at The Anchorage in Somers Point. We came back and finished out the Eagles game and watched Saturday's SNL. They left close to 9, we walked the dogs and fell out soon after. 

I am tired tired tired today, but had a lovely weekend and hope you did as well. I am also mostly off work and taking care of some shit I hate doing like mailing packages. 

Happy last week of October. Where the fuck did this year go?

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - there goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen, she had a marvelous time ruinin' everything

1. 'Tis the season for seaglass on almost all walks - these are Wednesday lunch, Monday after work, and Sunday night finds. And me with my trusty shell bag wrapped around me like the dork I am. No regrets.

2. I know people wear navy and black together, but I am not those people, and I am horrified when I am out and look down and see that I am. 
3. After work I took the best friend dogs to Corson's Inlet to meet MFD. It was a warm, quiet night with beautiful sunset color but I will always wish for some clouds during sunrise or sunset to provide interest. My favorite parts are the way the water can look and the way the rising or setting sun hits off the clouds so cloudless scenes feel like a quiet goodbye. Anyway people were riding their horses down there and the best friends are very very afraid of horses. LOL

4. We went down to see the full Hunter's Moon last night as well. It's been a super flat ocean this week.

5. Basically trying to walk as much as possible and spend time outside as much as possible both at lunch and after work. And sleeping in in the mornings. Hydrating. Taking my vitamins. This is my fourth day out of four blogging this week which hasn't happened since I don't know when. And let the record reflect that I have made dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Last night was just some fridge clearing pork roll, egg, and cheese in a bowl, but still.

6. I'm about 200 pages into this monster. It's 576 pages, and at about 100 pages a day it will still take me at least five days. I am a person who likes to get through a book in two to three days. Pre-Corona I would have said 0-2 but we all know how the brain has changed over the past 19 months. Jana and I also picked SUYB prize winners which you can see on the widget.

7. Buying this week (amazon links are affiliate): Stash Super Mint Tea that I will mix with regular peppermint tea, cheapo $10 sunglasses to replace the same pair I  lost, under sink organizers - this, this, this, three Christmas gifts, Liquid Death sparkling water. Also replaced my NYX micellar water I use at night in lieu of face wash because I am usually lazy. It's a makeup remover but I don't wear face makeup so I can't vouch for that. I might wear mascara once or twice a week which it is good at removing. 

8. I can barely bring myself to speak of the rape on a SEPTA El train in Philadelphia that people watched and filmed for eight fucking minutes instead of intervening in or the brutal violence at my alma mater of a guy beating his ex girlfriend over a long period. Men need to work hard to end the violence and rape culture they have created in this world. Yes, I said men need to do that. We are no longer saying rape and violence against women because there is no men in that sentence and they are the main perpetrators. Men rape and commit violence against women and it is their responsibility to address that with each other. I would of course help any woman at any time but am not an expert and they are out there ready to mobilize and help people. RAINN is the national free confidential sexual assault hotline open 24/7 via chat or phone and you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline site that has directions on how to browse and clear your internet history as well as options to call, chat, and text. It's also 24/7 and confidential. 

9. Reminder via artist Kerry Khan - I think this is a hard thing for many of us to accept...that even good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. 

10. Ecards
It's another gorgeous day in my parts - hope it is in yours too!

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is The Last Great American Dynasty by Taylor Swift 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Normalize these things


Not explaining yourself to other people

Not finishing books you don't feel like finishing for any reason - at any point...three pages in, 100 pages in, 25 pages from the end

Reading for pleasure, not to learn or improve

Expressing joy even when the world is not a joyful place

Aging in a manner that does not try to re-capture the appearance of youth

Lower income people who get any type of government assistance having things and doing things because everyone deserves to live in some way that is not necessary and you don't get to judge them for it like a sanctimonious asshole

Wearing and re-wearing clothes you’ve had for years 

Relationships and friendships running their course or changing - not everything lasts forever, and not everyone is meant to be on your journey with you forever, and that is okay - there shouldn't be bad feelings about that

The importance of platonic love, investing in it, and telling your friends you love them. There are forever people too. Know who they are and treat them as such.


Actual work/life balance in action

Kids not being good at every subject in school

Kids not liking sports

Saying no when you don't want to do something even if you feel pressure to say yes

Changing your opinion when you receive new information

People not drinking alcohol without you knowing why

Living outside of social media and not explaining where you’ve been if you’ve been off of it 

People not getting married or having children

All body types being the body types for whatever those people want to wear

Not touching and not making kids hug and kiss people unless they want to. Not everyone wants a hug or a handshake in the times of Corona or in like, regular every day times

Contacting elected officials to give them your opinion on anything, especially what their votes should be on big bills

Reusing and repurposing whatever we can 

People loving who they love and being attracted who they are attracted to and hetero not being the only sexuality out there

People prioritizing mental health over everything, including and especially their jobs, even if they are athletes or celebrities, jobs you in your non-doctor opinion think they should be fine doing regardless of health issues

Full sex education in schools

Going to the library - they are great resources for free community events plus all the books are freeeee! And you can get them digitally if that's your bag. If you don’t have a card, sign up for one at your local branch

Treating people and families dealing with addiction with compassion instead of derision because if it is ever your family, you will need that compassion

Wearing what you are comfortable in and not downplaying your appearance to others like you're some sort of slob because you are comfortable

Making all possible accommodations for disabled people and people with limited mobility 

Body hair on women

Valuing everything in women over them being nice and quiet

Having a packed bag in your car with a bottle of water, first aid kit, blanket, power bar, flashlight - bags and flashlights like some of these on EcoGearFX

People using pronouns they prefer without commentary from you

Talking freely about periods, post partum depression, menopause 

Men being emotional people

Talking about race and confronting white supremacy in ourselves and each other

Talking about important shit offline

Not accepting and summarily dismissing harmful shit as a "difference of opinion" you can co-exist around. Co-existing with other people's racism, misogyny, classism, and hypocritical ignorance and refusing to address those things in ourselves when they surface is one of the ways we've gotten to this period in time in this country

Happy happy birthday to Lori, one of my Life Journey People. Related by blood but also a soul connection. We are here together on purpose. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Free time focus

Hello and happy Tuesday, mon frers. I have never been into - and am especially not into now in an exhausting global pandemic - hustle culture. We are not here on this earth to hustle despite what capitalism would like us to believe. Hustle to me means carve out 15 minutes of relaxation in a 24 hour period and act like you barely earned it while spending the rest of the time improving your status. I'm not here for that. I've worked hard for the past few years to rest and relax even if there are still things on my To Do list - because when are there not things on that list? 

When I find myself with free time now, there are some things I'm focusing on to ensure I don't become a pod person always staring at a phone or computer like...

Reducing Stress
Stress can be a killer. It contributes to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and unable to control your thoughts and emotions. It is safe to make a blanket statement for all people: reducing stress improves your life. 

Stress impacts on the way we think, function, and respond to others. We learn new coping skills by trying out different ways of handling stress. Managing stress better allows us to use our energy in ways that are beneficial and help us be fulfilled in personal and work lives instead of getting overwhelmed or stuck in negative thought patterns.

As stated above this has historically been an internal war in my mind - it's not finding the time to relax so much as it is in thinking it is the time to relax. 

We all have a lot going on. I'm sure most of us could be doing something constructive or productive every waking minute and never feel done. But that sure is a way to feel worn the hell out. Taking the time to relax helps improve your relationship with yourself,  contributes to proper stress management, sets us up for better sleep, gives us more energy, and actually contributes to better productivity and quality of production in "on" times. 

In many ways, relaxation is the opposite of overworking yourself, which can lead to burnout or exhaustion. However, for this concept to be effective, it must be done consistently and not just sporadically.

Considering opportunities to learn new skills
Improving skills and continuing to learn throughout life is a great way to ensure you don't remain stagnant. It's never too late to investigate a new interest.

There are so many opportunities to do this - have you ever looked to see what's out there for free at your local library? Mine has a knitting circle that welcomes beginners and some seminars for would-be investors. I'm considering re-activating my spanish speaking skills through a free virtual class at my library.

There are tons of paid opportunities too like online sports nutrition courses or cooking classes at places like Williams Sonoma. There are still a lot of virtual learning options out there too. Expanding horizons usually means higher happiness levels. 

Sometimes it is easy to forget the importance of exercise, especially when you are not an I Love Exercise person and sit on your ass a lot. Hello, it's me.

Exercising is well more than weight loss or looking good, and unfortunately the world focuses on those two things instead of the fact that exercise can help you to increase confidence, relieve stress, boost your mood, reduce anxiety levels, improve memory, increase stamina, and develop stronger bones so you can lift yourself off the toilet at 75 which should be a shared goal of all of us and why I have re-started for the zillionth time in this life pushups and light arm weights. 

The thing that always tickles me about exercise is even if you do absolutely nothing right now, you could literally be doing some type of exercise in the next 1 minute without spending a dime or having any equipment. The human body continues to amaze.

Did you think I would not  work reading into this list? Reading makes all of my things I do in my spare time lists. I read daily and always have, even logging reading time most days in 2020 when it was not super pleasurable and I lacked focus. If you got thrown off your reading groove during 2020 or at any other time, like exercise you can literally start back on it this moment and it is absolutely possible to do that for $0.

Reading can improve your memory, help you learn new things, lower your stress levels, increase your IQ, on and on and on. But - Jana said something like this on twitter the other day and I've been thinking of it since - you can read just for pure enjoyment and fun. Reading is an escape, a joy, an exercise in relaxation. You don't have to learn a damn thing from the books you read. You can read the crappiest drivel out there according to critics and it's great because you like it and that's all that matters. 

If you find yourself with extra free time, what do you do with it?

Monday, October 18, 2021

TWTW - sunny days

Friday Flex time for the win, the afternoon was beautiful and warm on the beach and ordered 16th Street Seafood. 

Saturday Was gorgeous but windy, definitely not a beach sitting day. MFD is the self proclaimed heel care king so he gave me a driveway pedicure only he does not do cuticles, polish, or any sort of nail maintenance so a heelicure? Painted my toes Essie like a charm and nails Essie payback's a witch/OPI This Shade is Ornamental! My dad made breakfast and then I lolled around reading for a few hours before taking Ben on a walk. Carol had gone through my mugs so we took them to the thrift store and donated them and picked up a few new glasses there. We also did a quick run through Stainton's before coming back for dinner. Carol made pizza American style which I haven't had in forever and I love. I was laying down early. Approaching the time change kills me. 

Sunday I was up by 7 telling scary stories to the animal crew. Carol and I were on the road by 10:15 for Dana's shower at the Mainland in Manahawkin, which was a gorgeous setup. It was a nice day with family I have not seen in person since before the pandemic to sit around surrounded by beauty eating good food and celebrating a happy occasion. Lola got to help with the gifts and she was very pleased. Carol, Aubrey, Lola and I hit HomeGoods on the way out because you always go to a foreign HomeGoods if you can and that one was a good one. I ate a sandwich for dinner and took the best friend dogs on a sunset walk that ended up being good for sea glass. I was done by the time I got home, I am out of practice being in the company of more than a few other people at once and it's great but I'm always very tired after. I blobbed myself on the couch watching the actual Blob movie MFD put on and promptly fell asleep to. It is terrible. 

Monday! Have a good one.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - The ground beneath my feet is open wide

1. Things I do not miss about the train: carrying shit, people's asses in my face because they have to be the first one off the train so they will stand at the door. I'm happy one of my two chosen exits from Suburban Station has reopened. I feel like they'll reopen the other one never so this will do. My entry to exit has always been open. And if you don't take trains you don't understand any of this, nor do you care. There are many entries/exits to my train station in Center City and the majority have been closed since the pandemic began.

2. I took in new to me public art yesterday, part of the Monumental Tour by Kindred Arts. I'll check out the other three pieces before they're gone in January 2022. This is Kalief Browder: The Box by Coby Kennedy. This piece replicates the solitary confinement cell 17 year old Kalief Browder spent most of his three years of incarceration on Rikers Island in with neither trial nor proof of guilt. The United Nations has stated that placements in solitary for longer than 15 days constitutes cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment and that lengthy stays in isolation can constitute torture. Kalief Browder's first extended stay in solitary confinement was over 300 days as a 17 year old child. The charges against him were dropped but the confinement stayed with him and he took his own life two years after his release, although clearly the system took it from him at 16. And no, law and order fucking yahoos, solitary confinement is not appropriate punishment for robbery even if someone is guilty. If you are not questioning what the fuck we are doing in our systems in this country, why not?

3. They were installing Day of the Dead art in LOVE Park Wednesday too, I always love seeing that. And this beauty shot of City Hall.

4. I freaking missed my dear Melissa's birthday by a day last week. Her and John's hard for me to keep track of days. Happy Happy Meliss. Love you!

5. This is true, and Thursday is always the latter for me. I need to be jamming on it because I have to be out on a site this afternoon.

6. For the ladies who pooh pooh feminism

7. My I don't need it but it belongs with me find from HomeGoods this week: this is now in the middle of my dining room table in Philly and I love it. It goes perfectly. Incidentally I also found what I did need which are the storage boxes. 

8. Thanks to everyone who joined us or read through the 7th Anniversary Show Us Your Books on Tuesday! If you haven't, enter to win our  giveaways: one of two $25 gift cards to, up to $25 of merch or books from Harriett's Bookshop, badass reader socks bought at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT, and some books that were pre-ordered via Harriett's: Consumed: On Colonialism, Climate Change, Consumerism, and the Need for Collective Change by Aja Barber and All Her Little Secrets by Wanda M. Morris (comes out 11/2 so will ship to you from us around then), and either a book or merch from Harriett’s (limit $25). Click here

9. Reminder - it's true, you do. Check out my boosting happiness in seven ways post from yesterday too if you need to. Also follow atist Tusks & Peonies.

10. Ecards

Keep a good thought for Mae, she's in for a dental today.

Have a good one!

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Story of My Life by One Direction

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