Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reminiscing about the Royal Wedding Party

MFD beat it soon after this photo. He did not want to be the sole man at the Royal Wedding Party.
Did you have a party the day Prince William married Kate Middleton in April 2011? I did. No, I am not related to the royal family, and I'm not even really a royal watcher. The party was conceived over 176 bottles of wine with Gail one night, and we ran with it for the following reasons:

1. Theme parties are awesome.  
2. Hoopla and novelty are fun as hell.
3. A party that requires hats? Sign me UP.
4. A party that takes on a life of its own in the months leading up to it and earns an acronym - RWP - is bound to be fabulous.
5. It was a good excuse to take the day off and day drink. 

To celebrate the two year anniversary of an awesome party, I thought I'd recap it: 
Decor: the queen and Keep Calm signs; RWP stickers that say Hats Required, bitches; I replaced my photos with royal family photos, paper wedding bells out front, fresh flowers, British flags, cutout Will faces
Food: Quiche, brie bites, smoked salmon crostini, crab salad in cucumber cups, roasted asparagus pasta salad, tea sandwiches, veggies and dip, cheese plate, fruit salad. Dessert: red velvet cupcakes, British candy & cookies, Walker's shortbread, lemon cookies, bread pudding, petit fours, personalized royal cookies. Drinks: mimosas, kir royals, frozen grape sangria, wine, beer
We caroused, watched the wedding, scared the shit out of my UPS man and sent him running for cover when we all barged out of the front door in wedding dresses with glasses in hand, provided a spectacle for the school children and neighborhood parents as we stood in front of my house in our wedding gear boozing it up before noon, then when school let out, and then when soccer practice started, and basically all day.
We got fake Kate rings, traded hats, took photos, got drunk, painted wine glasses, and turned it into a garden party out back in the early evening. Even Gamma got involved. 
I love day long shenanigans with Framily.
Laura won for best costume. Her parents are off the boat from England, for god's sake. It was expected of her. I think Geege gave her a run for her money though. 
Lounge clothes were donned, naps were taken. It was a glorious day-long festivity.
We had a blast. I love when everyone really gets behind a fun idea and runs with it. Theme parties usually inject themselves with that type of vim and vigor. 

Cheerio loves.

Linking up with Steph at Bourbon & Glitter and Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide for The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In.

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