Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - Same as the wind blows

1. Sometimes I have to walk past my dining room table and say FUCK IT! I'll do it tomorrow. This is a combination of stuff that came home from the shore, stuff that needs to go to the shore, stuff that was bought and needs to be returned, mail I went through, work bag, and empty clothes bag.

2. Have I mentioned how terrible pugs are with heat? Exhibit Geege.
3. Happy birthday to one of my BFFs today! Michelle is someone I'd call to help me bury a body and I'd expect the same call from her. Then we'd go out for Mexican after. I trust her implicitly, with anything and everything. Love you so much Michelle, have the best birthday!
4. Stamp options rock right now.

5. Do you guys wear Athleta? Pieces cost one million dollars each but good lord it is worth every blessed penny. It's comfortable and doesn't look like you're walking around town wearing a schlumpy bag of dicks. The metro line at least, of which I have shorts, capris, and skorts. Be honest. My description has enticed you, hasn't it?

6. From the never say never category: I have always been all I will never do my own toes, I hate it and I refuse. Cut to me dialing that shit back. I've realized I might need to give up getting pedicures for the summer at least. I know, I know, the time to get them IS in the summer. But I get one, I go to the shore, and it's destroyed in five minutes from the sand/sun/water/walking barefoot. It's basically like flushing $40 down the drain. I freaking hate doing my own toes but I'm going to give it a go. I do my own nails so it's not like I don't have the stuff.

7. Check these out:
Seth Abramson's twitter thread on what happens if trump attempts to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Rick Wilson's twitter thread on similar
Eric Garland's twitter thread on what's gone on and The Resistance, which made me laugh and cry
How a major crisis could redraw the political map overnight video or article - really important in light of the shooting at the congressional baseball game practice field yesterday. I sincerely hope that was not our Reichstag Fire.

8. My eyes are on an Attorney General who can't recall a damn thing - do we want someone like that in charge of the Justice Department? - and Senators working in secrecy on a healthcare bill. Why so secretive, Senators? Show us the bill.

9. There's still time! I am still hosting a KEEP Collective fundraiser for - an organization working in more than 180 countries to keep carbon in the ground, help build a low-carbon economy, and pressuring the government to limit emissions. If you'd like the link to peruse with no pressure to buy, it's in the comments below. If you'd like to be added to the FB group, please let me know. This photo is some of my favorite keep stuff - bracelets and charms shown here, interchangeable and you can essentially wear something new daily. They also have necklaces and keychains. 50% of commissions will be donated to If you'd like to peruse, click here to shop my link.  A few of my personal totems from Keep: 

10. E-card of the week. 
Your thoughts? 


  1. Sessions should be in an assisted living facility. Amen on flushing $ and time down the drain for pedicures. No one is down on their knees scrutinizing my home pedicure. Goddess save the nation with all that is going on. Everything happens for a reason. Let it all be for good stuff. Happy Thursday to all. Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Pedicures...I agree it's like flushing money down the drain. I feel like I walk out the salon and it's already ruined. I've been doing mine at home for a while. I did make my own foot scrub too, 1 cup coconut oil, 1 cup sea salt and a couple of drops of essential oils (I use eucalyptus). I apply it to my feet let it soak in for 5-7 minutes and then use a pumice stone to slough it off and then rinse my feet with warm water. Works like a charm! Any left over scrub I put in a mason jar!

  3. I'm the same as you with the dining room table. We pulled up the rug in our living room and are finishing the hardwood floors, and one room being under construction has turned my whole house into a gigantic mess. It's making me crazy. Hope those pugs get some relief from the heat this weekend!

  4. I never get a pedicure before I'm going to be in sand because it's definitely pointless. I tend to only get them when I'm in school for spring/fall because I wear sandals most days.

    And yes to Athleta. I HATE that their pants are like $70 but they last and are really comfy. I wear them to work.

  5. omg Geege is literally melting. I feel you, man.
    I do my own toes most of the time. I'll usually buck up and get a pedicure once or twice in the summer, just to get the rough skin off, because I don't walk on sand or anything like that. But painting them is super simple for me. The color on my toes now I did legit in 5 minutes on mother's day before my mom picked me up for brunch. Still looks fab.

  6. I feel ya, Geege. I don't like heat either! :D I don't like doing my own pedicures either. And I really don't like it when the dude in the apartment by me clips his toenails on his patio and I can hear it! Yes to everything on #8. I find Sessions annoying but the secrecy around the Senate Healthcare Bill scares me. I am going to check out those links on #7. My dining room table is the catch-all too. Actually I thought that's why we had them. :D

  7. SCHLUMPY BAG OF DICKS. You kill me, you do. Geege is me when the weather hits 80+ in San Diego. Yea, I said it...80+!!!!

  8. I try not to do my own toes if I can avoid it but we're in crisis mode right now and a horribly cracked nail that is currently glued so I'm not in excruciating pain so DIY it is.

    Sessions. OMG. It is disturbing how much he doesn't know, what he pretends to not understand, and everything in between. And I almost lost my shit when he told Sen. Harris that her rapid fire questioning made him nervous and then everyone else jumped on her.

  9. I think my dining room table is identical to yours right now, and I walk by it each and every single day during the work week and act like it's invisible until the weekend. And lol at Geege! I'll trade you for all our relentless never ending rain for the heat :-P

  10. Geege looks like he melted. Which is quite similar to how I feel every damn day it gets above 80*.

  11. Well every thing I clicked on in #7 just sent me into a full blown panic attack.

  12. Ugh our dining room table always looks the same! Just a mish mash of crap accumulated throughout the week.

  13. Pretty sure I look exactly like Geege does when I walk outside lately.

  14. Oh, the catch-all place! It's always interesting to see where everyone's is, because whether people admit it or not, every house has one!

    I'm down with Geege regarding heat. Have a great weekend!

  15. The Athleta shorts look so comfortable. Lola is just as bad with the heat. She can't be out in the FL for more than 30 minutes without panting like she's about to die.

  16. Those picture of Geege are EXACTLY how I feel in the heat!! It was particularly humid today so I definitely felt like that. Love the Wonder Women stamps (and hype lately, too)!

  17. I have two Altheta Cover Your Ass (CYS) sweatshirts, and they are the bomb. So now I'm buying these shorts.

  18. AWww, yeah -- pugs & heat are an awful combo. Mine used to be a sight for sore eyes - the tongue dangling, the excessive panting, the hot breath. That pic is hysterical. It's funny, I'm behind on blog comments and these Thursday posts always outline the week with current events - SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN A WEEK I ALMOST FORGOT THE SESSIONS HEARING ALREADY


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