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I don't just use or try something one time and recommend it to the world. I will only recommend things after they've withstood my own tests.

 Amazon links are affiliate links, which means if you buy through them I make a few pennies and fund the Show Us Your Books linkup. Check back periodically, page is updated as awesome shit is integrated into my life.

I could list a zillion things here from dish liquid (Seventh Generation) to phone chargers (anchor) but just email me if you want to know what kind of ______ I use. 

Iris Pet Food Container

Glucosamine Chondroitin Organic Turmeric Soft Chews

Cranberry Bladder Bites for Urinary & Kidney Support
Seresto Collar - buy these from your vet, Chewy, or anywhere aside from Amazon. FrontLine stopped working on my dogs and these are awesome. They last for nine months.

Pet sling - It says up to 13 pounds, but I was carrying Geege around before he died and he was well over that. Mae fits perfectly at about 12 pounds, and Bruce did as a puppy.

Isle of Dogs Mini Health dog treats

Fruitables whole jerky grilled duck dog treats

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain - Let me be clear that I hate this but my dogs love it, and they trump me. They make a wet mess but they drink a lot of water which is the point.

Pet Buddies furstatic pet hair broom - so good, I put it under pets and household cleaning.

Holistic Select Dry Food - My dogs have eaten a lot of pricey shit but they all do well on various types of this food.

Verus wet food (beef and Kiwi) - Mae has skin and autoimmune issues and this food has been great for her.

Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask - usually on sale at Ulta

Elderberry Extract, daily

Kathy's cold concoction:  1.5 cups honey (local or manuka), 1 cup lemon juice, 1/2 cup EVOO. Whisk continually in a pan over low heat. Do not boil. Store in glass container in fridge. I add 1/4 cup of it to a cup of hot tea and guzzle two or three times a day.

Reusable Products
Stainless steel straws - these are the tall ones, they fit in the big 30 oz cups

Mesh bags for produce bags - I also use these to collect shells on the beach and as wash bags for my flannel face cleansing cloths

Flip & turn bags - these ball up and fit inside your purse. Awesome for travel too. No excuse not to have one!

Members Mark 30 oz tumblers - A large DD coffee fits in here and a great amount of water. They are a faux yeti and at two for $25, worth it. 

Kitchen Tools
Nordic bakewear: I have the loaf pan, muffin pans, and all sizes of the sheet pans. They are amazing.

Pampered Chef Brownie Pan

Lock & Lock airtight food storage - this is crucial for me at the shore, and good at home as our entire neighborhood was overrun by mice last year

Vacuum sealed coffee container

Cooking Ingredients
Soom Tahini for homemade hummus
Cafe La Llave coffee for cold brew iced coffee

Frontier whole organic Elder Berries for elderberry exract

Orly Bonder Base Coat
Sally Hansen Cuticle
Cyn Deluxe Weekly Top Coat

Storing socks in a hanging organizer

Brother P-Touch label maker - I am not ashamed to speak publicly about how much joy this has brought into my life. 

Caldrea Linen and Room Spray in Sea Salt Neroli 

Household gloves - if you have to do dishes, you might as well do them with flair.

Pet Buddies furstatic pet hair broom - so good, I put it under pets and household cleaning.

Mr. Beams Wireless Battery Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensing light - for those dark spaces in the house. These are awesome and give off a ton of light.

Urvigor Anti-Fatigue comfort mats - these make my life in the kitchen


TP Link portable battery charger - Listen. I have 487 of these things, and nothing beats this one. It's the 15600mAH. If you will never be able to plug in to a wall again, this is your girl. 

Daily Living
Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella - no better way to be out in the rain and still see the world

Amazon links are affiliate links - if you click and buy, I make a few cents, which I use to pay for blog hosting and Show Us Your Books link up fees. 

Check back periodically, page is updated as awesome shit is discovered. 


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