Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Five 1.22.2021

1. I know I've talked about how much Ben loves toys, but he also loves blankets, especially soft blankets like the velour jawns and the barefoot dreams blanket. He has claimed that for himself. As an aside, does anyone have the BarkBox sheep toy intact they would be willing to part with? It was a favorite and he eviscerated it finally this week. It had a good long run though. I can't find it for less than 20 freaking dollars on ebay. I love my dog but no. I'll gladly pay shipping if anyone has it and will part with it!

2. T-shirt of the day, a Christmas gift from Carol & Dad from a personal favorite, Wire and Honey! And the dregs of my coffee batch. I let it run too low, and on a Friday. Shame.

3. I drove down to 25th Street for sunset last night and it was all decorated with shell necklaces along the fence. 

4. Bruce has been a total butthole this week and has been on the table to get my attention numerous times. 

5. Upholding white supremacy sounds like "why does it matter if what color they are/not everything is about race/you are so divisive." From an article in The Atlantic a few years back: At the time of his death, the country had turned on MLK, and one major driver was a concerted effort among conservatives to take "white supremacy" and flip it on its head, and to gaslight Black activism. The same thing is happening now, has been happening all these years. White supremacy has gone nowhere in the post Jim Crow world, and white people ignoring it won't make all the problems that stem from it go away. Best to start wading through it and dealing with it. 

p.s. Like the rest of the country, I cannot stop. It's nice to know people in the White House working on something other than seeking to do harm, causing chaos, or engaging in menacing chicanery every minute. 
pps last night was out of this world. Thank God for waterproof boots
ppps Today is the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade and we have never stopped fighting for control of our bodies from government law. The convenient Christianity of this country is exhausting. 
Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - And whatever you're looking for hey don't come around here no more

1. Obviously I am fucking thrilled we have a woman Vice President, that adults who speak in full sentences and work are back in the White House even if they were nowhere near my top picks, I can follow the White House on social media again, some egregious shit of the previous administration was addressed immediately yesterday, there were no inaugural balls, someone has a fucking plan to get this pandemic under control, Eugene Goodman (the Capitol police officer who diverted the insurrectionist MAGA mob) escorting VP Harris and serving as acting Deputy Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate, and that The Grifter and his Grifter Family are gone, but the best things to come out of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration are the Bernie memes. By far. I saw a Fleetwood Mac Rumours album version and a Springsteen Born to Run album version today too. I am here for all of them. I want to see all of them. I wish I took the day off to see all of them. They are so on brand, and the freaking mittens are made out of recycled materials by a woman in NH. I love it all. 
2. I had myself an early lunch for the festivities, wore purple/gold/white for suffrage, and got some white roses to mark the occasion. No matter how you vote or if you like Kamala Harris, electing a woman VP is a massive milestone in this country.

3. Work is busy, and my spare time has been spent trying to figure out who someone local named just John Michael with the profile photo of Clark Griswold as Santa is. It is a locked down and/or a burner account. Anyone know this person or know someone who knows them? They are extremely comfortable mentioning me, my mental state, and my physical location for someone I've never met, spoken to, or interacted with. I want to know if their online obsession of bringing me up in conversation over the past eight or so months (well, I'm only aware of it in the past eight months, it could be longer) is going to manifest itself physically and be a danger to me or my property. I confronted them online months ago in a neighborhood facebook group and they never answered/disappeared. MFD has also confronted them yesterday since they bring me up in relation to him. No response there either. That's two opportunities to answer that were not taken. I have no mutual friends with them and have no idea why they are fixated on me. Plenty of people hate MFD and don't extend it to bring me into it. If you and I are not friends on facebook and you know who this person is, help me out with a name or at the least a "they are/are not a danger to you." We have cameras at home obviously but I don't walk around with a camera on me obviously. If all they want to do is be a creep about someone they don't know online, that's fine. I just want to make sure that's all it is. Especially in the days of MAGA men angry enough with life to become domestic terrorists with no provocation. 
4. What else. Oh yes. Remove Biden flags, your trump flags, your Confederate Flags, and any bastardized version of the American flag. There is only one flag and it's the American flag and that flag belongs to all of us. The flag display was magnificent this week. 
5. Since we do not consider Biden or Harris gods, we will be holding their feet to the fire to deliver better to the American people. We do not deify leaders or install them on pedestals. They are mortals and they get paid BY us to work FOR us. Don't get twisted again, please. No one was sent here by freaking God to save you, and if they were they are certainly not going to be holding office in D.C. I hope everyone holds the new administration accountable. If your version of accountability or criticism  in regards to Harris is rooted in misogyny or racism, I will come for you and I will be relentless. 

6. As relentless as Ben is in loving the toys he cherishes to death. 
7. I attended a ticketed event with Ijeoma Oluo at the Free Library Author Events on Tuesday for her new book Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America and it was cold and I was tired so I was freaking glad it was virtual and I could lay on my bed looking like a troll throughout. If this was non-Corona Land I would have bought the ticket months ago like I did for this and when the day came I'd be sour because I would just want to go home and put pajamas on. You can skip the sourness and wishing for pajamas and to be horizontal when shit is virtual. 
8. Skies have been stellar at night this week.

9. Reminder: Don't entertain a damn thing. (via)

10. E-cards: Looking forward to Friday in a big way

Happy birthday AEB!

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Secret to a Pest-Free Winter

Pests are a nuisance and don’t belong in your home. They can also be destructive and dangerous. For example, termites will eat the wood in your home, potentially causing structural issues. Rodents can gnaw through wires and cause fires, and a wide array of pests carry diseases that can make you ill. In some cases, these diseases can even be fatal.

Aside from the fact that these pests don’t contribute toward your mortgage payments, they are not something you want in your house. You need to prevent their entry and the best time to do his is during the summer before winter arrives.

Of course, you can instigate the following tips at any time of year, they will ensure no more pests can enter.

Get An Inspection
Speak to your local pest control company and book an annual inspection. The experts will check your home for any signs of infestation. They will be able to quickly and effectively deal with any issues your home has. In addition, they can help provide advice regarding the most common pests in your area and tips to keep them out of your home. 

Having an inspection annually helps to ensure that the pests stay out of your home.

Examine The House
This is something you should always do as winter approaches but it can be useful to do several times throughout the year. All you have to do is walk slowly around the outside of your property. You’ll be looking for any cracks and gaps that will allow pests into your home. 

Pay particular attention to areas around doors and windows. Don’t forget, pests can get through the tiniest of gaps, seal them all. It can help to keep your house warmer.

Pests are attracted to places that are warm and have food and water. Your house is going to be warm, you need it to be. But, you can make sure there is no food available for the pests. You need to place all open food packets in sealed containers, wash dishes up as soon as you’re finished with them, and wipe all surfaces down with disinfectant spray. 

It’s also important to vacuum and mop regularly, eliminating the smallest of crumbs. 

The cleaner your home the less appealing it is to pests. This works all year round.

Remove Water
As mentioned, pests need water to survive. You can make your home less attractive by eliminating any standing water. This can be difficult if you have pets as you may have water down for them. Other than this, you should trace all sources of standing water and eliminate them.

It doesn’t just deprive the pests of water to drink, it prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

Check Your Plants
If you have indoor plants make sure you take a look at them and verify pests aren’t hiding on them. It’s the perfect spot for most pests to use as a base. 

You need to make sure they are not overwatered and they are cleaned-out often, this prevents them from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.

Monday, January 18, 2021

TWTW - getting hygge with it

Friday was a grind, so I took the best friend dogs to the beach at lunch to clear my head. It was a great day out there. MFD arrived, we had a contractor out to look at some work, and we ordered pizza for dinner. I was dead asleep on the couch before 9. 
Saturday Thanks to Gus's early rising, I was up and at the laundromat by 7:30. It was a big day out for me. I got Bruce a jacket and picked up a scarf at one of my favorite stores in town, and did curbside pickup from the library. 
We did a family beach walk in the afternoon. 
A post-walk rest before I spent a few hours working before groceries got delivered. Melissa, Blane, Stephanie, and Alex stopped by on the way back from WW/Cape May. It's so good to see people in person even when you can only see half their faces. I made wings and salad for dinner and we watched Palm Springs. Also perused homes for sale, candles at, and best heat pipe tape because some cold cold is coming for us in the next few weeks. 

Sunday I finally addressed my fucking terrible heels and did my nails (OPI This Shade is Ornamental). I did my toes with OPI Rainbows A Go Go and why does Marshalls have to bugger things up with the price tags. I also exfoliated everything and washed my hair. 
We did a long walk down at Corsons Inlet. Even Gus did the whole way with only a 15 minute carry by MFD. 

Of all the damn shows we haven't watched and we started re-watching LOST. I also did some work, some reading, some shore house booking business (one week open for the whole summer, and one I'm holding off the market for now). Dinner was a Trader Joe's pot roast I had in the freezer along with TJ's carrot coins in the air fryer, mashed potatoes a la MFD, and the beloved Grands Flaky Layers biscuits. 

And it was the last weekend trump was president. Hallelujah and amen.

MLK Day. If you have not read Letter from a Birmingham Jail, please take the time to do so today. If you have, but it's been a while, maybe another read. I've been reading it every year the last five or so. 

Let's go beyond sharing a MLK quote today and live a little like he and all the other people before and after him pushing for Black freedom lived. I hope we can find a way to be in service to our communities despite the pandemic (let me know if you need some ideas) and anti-racist today and every day, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the Black people who have existed within structural and systemically racist systems and dealt with personal racism because white people have refused to address white supremacy. This is our work. It's past time. Let's do it.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sinking into Sunday thinking

Best friends dogs, how will you survive when coronaland is a memory and I am not in front of your face 24/7? 

All I could think about since New Year's weekend is cannoli cake, so I ordered it from ShopRite this tasted like lemon. I was pissed. I ate it anyway. My new year is not starting out new me or weight loss like this website

Okay not all I've thought about. I have been thinking so much about travel. I found myself on best vista cay resort Orlando this weekend. As well as some Keys websites. and Glacier in Montana. 

I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about what to watch and also what I should read - as in the library books that came in - versus what I want to read, my standard mysteries that have been on my kindle forever and I can read at any time. I'm sticking myself in a non-reading few days by doing that and I need to just stop.

I am not thinking about best snow removal because I just want to make it clear to the universe that I'm not now nor am I at any point in the near future welcoming snow into my life. 

I'm also thinking about the work week and staying on task again like I did last week. It feels so good, I need to make it happen.

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