Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - maybe I'll count the stars until dawn

Fighting a cold. Elderberry syrup made with local honey is the real MVP. I use Crunchy Betty's recipe.

Resting a lot. Rest is the best healer. All dogs are down with it.

Appreciating being able to work from home. 

Drinking medicine balls from starsucks. I’m not a Starbucks person for a lot of reasons but when they’re right they’re dead right. This cup situation at the one near my office is so not right though.

Listening to Sam Elliott on Armchair Experts. First, I’m not a podcast listener so this is news, second holy crap Sam Elliott is 75. 

Spending an unexpected night at the shore last night. I had to mobilize myself late in the day, shredding my night, so this is late. Also I did not secure my micellar water and it leaked all over my clothes but I didn't realize that until this morning so I was in the dark as to why there were patchy wet spots on all of my shit last night. 

Getting a batch of breakfast burritos made and in the freezer before I left last night. I wanted to leave the kitchen looking like who did it and ran but that’s against my nature so I cleaned that shit up.

Pulling lyrics from Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton for the title. My favorite Christmas songs are not the typicals because (no surprise) I am not a Christmas music listener. I listen like two days before and the day of. 

Sharing links for your consideration: Ohio bill orders doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancy or face murder charges (FYI reimplanting an ectopic pregnancy is many things but chief among them is impossible); your republican senators can't bring one damn bill to the floor of the 400+ that have passed the house but they sure as hell are stacking the courts with inexperienced idiots like this one who oppose fertility treatments (after these first two I seriously hope not a damn person thinks women are equal out there); your president being a buffoon on the world stage makes us less secure, which is the opposite of what all of his supporters allegedly desire.

Feeling some sort of way about people who want to cut benefits like SNAP from other citizens but have never uttered a goddamn thing about corporate welfare and how that and catering to the rich has killed the middle class over the last 50 years. Getting behind taking away things you think other citizens shouldn't have because they should work like you do instead of looking at what corporate welfare and tax % for the rich started under Regan have done to the bottom 99% is like pissing in the wind.

Hoping no one is breaking their ass to do all the things and make this the most magical month ever. Slow down. It’s still going to be good, I promise. You don't have to pull off a Christmas miracle to be a good person, parent, etc. I said more on this on Instagram.

Reminding you that happiness starts with you. Not with anyone else.

Laughing at this. Distractions, there are a few.


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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gifts for booknerds

December 4. Say it with me, friends - time flies. Gift giving is not a strength of mine unless it's a Favorite Things type of gift giving where I give people things I like. Not the point, really. I'm also trying my damndest not to be a flippant consumer or buying just to buy or buying plastic shit that will end up in a landfill. All that to say these are some cool things I do love or would love as a reader, and if you have a reader in your life, they might like one of them as well.

In this gifty season, just a reminder that no one wants a gift you have to go into debt for or run to the ends of the earth to get. And if they do, get rid of them and give an extra hug to someone who is amazing in your life instead.

Amazon links are affiliate links - buying through the link costs you nothing and pennies of proceeds go to run Show Us Your Books monthly linkups and prizes to giveaways for the same.

1. Number one always is a book from their desired list if they have one. I don't buy many books anymore, but I have a list of books I keep that I can't find at the library so I'll have to buy if I want to read, a list of books I've read and want to own (small), and a list of books that are available via kindle only. If your reader is also a listy reader, inquire within.

2. If your reader is a bibliophile who collects books, a personalized embosser is an awesome idea. This one on etsy.
3. Kindle paperwhite (affiliate link) - No colored covers or fanciness, but you can 100% always read in the sun while wearing polarized sunglasses and never miss a word. Also waterproof (can verify, unfortunately for me/fortunately for you).

4. For the feminist reader: well-read woman bookmark, anonymous bookmark, badass book club tee, strong female characters tee.

5. For library lovers: a donation in their name to Friends of _________Library. Insert their local library. Library card bookmarks, library squad t-shirt, support your local library t-shirt,
6. Mugs because do you even know me? Bookish soul, Go away I'm reading, Fuck off I'm reading. I had to refrain from purchasing these three while I was pulling this together. 
7. For the person who would rather be reading than doing whatever they're doing out in public (i.e. me): I closed my book to be here t-shirt.
 8. Rechargeable booklight (affiliate link). This is the one I use. Perfect for porch reading in the summer or any time after someone else has gone to sleep. 

9. For the kids: personalized reading corner sign, personalized library tote, Readers are Leaders t-shirt.

10. A gift certificate to an independent book store. Tickets to see an author speak in person (check to see if your library or local bookstore has a series). A January date for lunch after you put a donation for the Prison Book Program together together. A donation to Room to Read.

Drop your ideas in the comments.

REMINDER! Show Us Your Books is this Tuesday, Dec 10. The Show UsYour Books Favorite Reads of 2017 is Friday, Dec 27. 

Happy birthday to my uncle Billy today!

Monday, December 2, 2019

TWTW - the one with the thanksgiving

Thursday I woke up feeling like I had slept five minutes, which is never ideal especially when you have a long day ahead. I made a homemade cranberry dish and went to Mom & Rich's for brunch.
We had two hours at home, so I packed for the weekend and painted my nails. Dinner at Mark and Sarah's, the food was so delicious I didn't even have room for pie. I packed up the car and was on the road to the shore by 8:30.
That was a long and tiring drive and I fell right into bed after turning the heaters on and walking Bruce and Ben. The last two (three?) Thanksgivings I've spent at the shore, and I was happy to at least end this one there. Bruce and Ben were too.

Friday  An exceptional Black Friday sunrise.
Dad and Carol were down before 9:30 and MFD and Gus and Mae were close behind. Ben helped Carol with her Black Friday couponing.
MFD went fishing and we went strolling downtown for the Christmas in the Downtown when Santa appears on the roof of City Hall and descends via fire truck. We love this tradition. MFD rolled in after it was over. Mae went this year and she was very popular. Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner and finally pumpkin pie.

Saturday Sunrise with Bruce & Ben. 
Dad got donuts and breakfast sandwiches. A little after 11 we headed to the boardwalk to stroll and do some small business Saturday shopping. Pizza for lunch, and skipped the line but still got a photo with Santa. MFD went off to fish and me, Dad, and Carol continued onto Asbury where we saw Santa again and Carol got me a new purse at the consignment store. Necessary since my zippers broke and more environmentally friendly than new. 
I took Bruce and Ben to the beach where MFD was fishing. Someone left behind beach art, Bruce was enamored of surfers, and I found great shells. 
When MFD went off to be in a parade in Stone Harbor we watched the Auburn/Alabama game because we're on basic cable down there. What a nail biter. I was dead asleep by 10:30. MFD was upstairs after me with Ben and Ben was daring enough to sit next to my dad (not a dog person).

Sunday I slept in until 8 and that was amazing. Dad and Carol and already left and MFD was close behind. I ran the dishwasher and packed up and was back in Philly by 10:30. I changed the sheets, ran and emptied the dishwasher, unpacked boxes, did three loads of laundry, and we had a snack plate and fried goat cheese apps for dinner a la MFD and watched The Irishman.

Weekly food prep: I didn't feel like it Sunday, but I took sausage out to make breakfast burritos to freeze and chicken thighs out so I'll bake them tonight and do a side of rice and steamed veggies. I've got some freezer stuff for lunch, I only need three days of packable lunches this week.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I definitely did. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. Happy December, everyone. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - from now on it's me and my sweet potato pie

Thanking the universe for the big seven - good physical and mental health, framily (dogs included), a good job at a great company, a roof over my head, food on the table, access to clean water, living outside of a war zone; as well as a never ending list of things like polarized sunglasses, the sea, libraries, the right to vote, Living Proof dry shampoo, people who stand up for what's right no matter what, sunshine, the kindness of strangers, MAC lipstick, candles, fierce women, fresh sheets, kiwi, spray paint, the truth, the existence of the Oscar Weinermobile, poop bags, Bruce Springsteen (the man), making it through another year of this exhausting and disastrous administration, the confidence & comfort to be myself in all situations, when there’s no line in a place I expect a line, Dirty Dancing, the moon, barefoot dreams cardigans (they're on sale at Nordstrom right now if you're in the market), Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the trees in autumn, iced coffee and its mugs, clarity, my ability to see the sunrise over the ocean most months of the year, fierce women, fresh berries, comfortable shoes, stained glass, finding a bathroom when I need one, the ease of communication in the age of the internet to stay in touch with loved ones and form connections with people we don’t know in person, being childless by choice, science, the color purple, David Rose, opposition to hateful regimes in this country and abroad, pie, laughter that comes from deep in my gut, nail polish, you for reading this, and a zillion other things under the sun. Life is short. Don’t take a damn thing for granted. 

Heading to my mom and Rich's for brunch, Mark & Sarah's for dinner, and to the shore tonight after it all. Elastic pants all the way, and all weekend.

Making a turkey yesterday for the sole purpose of having leftovers for sandwiches for the weekend...well also for the purpose of being able to stand in the kitchen and fight MFD for the skin, eating all of it within 10 minutes like wild jackals.

Buying my typical Thanksgiving week buys - Toms for 30% off from their site and dog toys and treats from Chewy from their annual early Black Friday sale. I keep an eye on Target too and scored some Frozen items half off for my niece and goddaughter yesterday. 

Remembering this well - well, I remember sitting in my grandmom's living room and the adults discussing it. I was a lucky girl who got one. 

Making bracelets with my niece...this is about the craftiest I get, and she told me to redo it after my first ugly attempt. LOL forever

Laughing because it's true 
Roaring because it's true

Thinking of everyone who finds the holiday season hard or dislikes it for any reason. Loss doesn't always mean death and grieving something is hard, like grieving someone is hard. I see you out there and I support you. You're not a ruiner or a grinch. 

Reading slowly, but just started Demi Moore's memoir last night. Where are my Will Trent series fans? I just finished Criminal (#5) last night and it was my favorite by far.

Listening to Sweet Potato Pie by Ray Charles as evidenced by the lyrics after Thursday Thoughts
Reminding everyone we don't have to hold space in our lives for one damn person who disagrees with someone's existence. It's not an opinion and it's not politics and writing it off as those things is not okay - it's people and their right to live as they are, to BE who they are; to worship who they worship, love who they love, and the expectation of safety, respect, fairness, justice, and equal protection under the law regardless of skin color or gender or where they were born or how much money they have.


Wishing you and your framilies a wonderful Thanksgiving from Lenape land. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

TWTW - the one with the relaxing

Friday I got a lunch walk in before the rains came. The sky cleared enough for a sunset so after work we went down to the bay to glimpse that, then it was upstairs to make dinner - roasted veggies and beef stroganoff - and MFD arrived with Gus and Mae around 7:30. We went down to the apartment after eating because Bruce was being a nudge who wanted to go to his space. I finished a book and fell out around 11:30.
Saturday We were up early to walk the dogs, and I did the sunrise solo which meant I could walk into the water (in boots, I'm not a sadist). The waning crescent moon was clearly visible in the sky and it was magic.
Ocean City does an Earlier Than the Bird shopping event on the main street every year and people wear pajamas or costumes to shop, winner wins a turkey. People looked freaking amazing. I also got good deals. It was my first time attending and I liked it!

I did the prep work for sweet potato/yam marshmallow casserole (let me know if you want the recipe, I don't have it up yet) and spinach casserole for Friendsgiving and started a new book. We took a family beach walk, I painted my nails (OPI Now Museum, Now You Don't - I asked MFD to bring me a nail polish from home and this is what he brought), then I took Bruce and Ben down to the beach while MFD was fishing. This weekend last year we got Ben and took him to the beach two days later. He's much more comfortable there now, frolicking like a boss, rubbing himself in seagull poop and eating shells. Bruce is as comfortable there as ever, so comfortable that he dines there on sand crabs that are alive and wouldn't stop so we had to go home.

I put the casseroles in the oven, showered, and we went to Frank and Amanda's for Friendsgiving. I love these people, friends of over 27 years, and their partners, and this tradition. There is something about being around people who were there in your formative years that is irreplaceable. Lots of laughs and seriously delicious food, everyone brought their A game this year. We got back to the shore around midnight and I was asleep soon after. Thanks Frank & Amanda for hosting this year!

Sunday I slept in until 8 and that was amazing. We walked the dogs before MFD headed off to mummery and then home to Philly, and I did a blissful nothing all day aside from read, walk dogs, address 140-ish Christmas cards, do some blogging, pay some bills, and run the dishwasher. It was glorious.
Monday I was up walking dogs at 5, then went back to bed for a nice little sleep in. I changed the sheets, cleaned up the leaves and shit outside, picked up holds at the library, and made a quick grocery store run. I got everything I need for the week down there because the store is not a nuthouse. 
It was super warm since the wind was low and I took Bruce and Ben to Surf Road beach to frolic along the jettys for a few blocks. It was so deserted and beautiful, just like I like it. Bonus, found an awesome shell up by the dunes as I was leaving. 
When we got home I packed up, took the trash and recycles out, and was back in Philly by 3:30. A quick unload of the car and popping a load of towels in the wash, then I was off to the post office and Marshalls. I did three more loads of laundry and started Christmassing, including bringing the mugs down and washing them. Since we painted the living room purple, I'm going through our stuff to see what is not red or what can be spray painted LOL. 

Weekly food prep: Hard no. I took a frozen breakfast burrito and am buying lunch today, annual Tuesday before Thanksgiving happy hour after work. I'm making a turkey tomorrow so we'll have leftovers on the weekend. I will make power breakfast muffins and breakfast burritos to freeze tomorrow as well.

This is my one day of work this week. HOLLER.

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