Monday, July 22, 2019

TWTW - the one with the excessive heat

Thursday I had company in the passenger seat because some dog threw up on the way to the shore and Ben and Gus were in the non-puke spots. We arrived to glorious skies and I nearly had a hanger meltdown in the grocery store but everyone made it out alive. 

Friday Work, overseen by dog bosses. MFD went to see his mom and then went home for a showing so after work I moseyed around to see what was in bloom, picked up holds from the library, painted my nails (Essie Penny Talk & OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini), and when MFD got back we went up to the boards for a stroll and ice cream. We ran into Jen & Neil & the girls and it was great to see them. It was a breezy, comfortable night, and I was surprised. 

Saturday dawned neither breezy nor comfortable. I made egg salad and after doing turnover in the house upstairs, MFD braved the beach to fish but I said fuck that and the surface of the sun heat and dicked around reading a book halfway through that I should have put down hours ago. I started a new one right before bed and it hit the spot. 

Sunday Just another morning living on the surface of the MFing sun. Do you see my pics getting less and less as it gets hotter and hotter? If it's too hot for me to go to the beach or take photos, you know there's a problem. I finished a book, dropped MFD off to fish, spent a few hours with Kim and my goddaughter and her fam, and came home to eat tomato sandwiches and start a new book. I spent the entire day as a sweaty, disgusting pig mess and I'm over it. 

Weekly food prep: My schedule is up in the air this week and so is my food. Bet on fruits & veggies and I'm definitely making macaroni salad at some point. 

And Mister Chris's birthday was yesterday. 

I'm looking forward to being able to breathe outside again. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Never be too busy for your parents

Happy Friday! I've written about aging parents and grandparents before, and my friend Sarah was inspired by that post to expand a little so is here today to do the same. Friends, I often have space on a Friday - if you are polishing your writing chops or have something to say or are trying to get into freelance writing and want some exposure and want to submit a post, email me! Have a great weekend!


You're busy, we're busy, I'm busy, we get it...people are busy. It can be difficult to find the right amount of hours in a day to do everything you need to do. There will be times when your needs will have to come first. But please don't be too busy to care for your aging parents, for a number of reasons, including...

They cared for you

Growing up isn't easy, but if you are one of the lucky ones, you had your parents to help you along the way. When you cried as a baby, they held you in their arms. When you stumbled when making your first steps, they picked you back up and guided you on your way. They gave you moral support on your first day of school, celebrated your birthdays, gave you lifts to the places where you needed to be, and they listened to you whenever you needed to talk. They cared for you, and as time passes and they need you to care for them, it's the circle of life and it shouldn't be broken.

They might feel lonely

How many people do you have in your life? From your children to your friends to your coworkers, you might have so much social company you don't consider those who don't. If they aren't able to get around because of their advancing years, your parents might not have the means to see many people. As they get older, they will also see their friendships diminish when age finally defeats their peers. And the problem is compounded if you only have one parent living today, as they won't have that other person to lift them up when they get down. So give them a call, chat with them on Skype, or pay them a visit today.

Their health could be failing

With age comes deteriorating health, and it is something we all have to face up to, including when it's our parents. If you haven't visited them in a long time, you might not have noticed the fact that they are having difficulty hearing. You might not have realized that they aren't as mobile as they used to be. And if they haven't called you, it might be because they have forgotten, not because they don't care, but because their memory is no longer what it once was. So, make every effort to visit them. They might need medical care, and if they aren't able to find it themselves, you will need to do it for them.

They might be in trouble

Older people are vulnerable, and there could be people threatening to do them some kind of harm: door-to-door scammers, cold callers who can easily take advantage of the would never know if you didn't speak to your parents. You might need to guide them on elderly fraud scams or check their financial situation and find legal help if they have been scammed. And while we hope this would never be your parent's situation, if they are currently in a nursing or care home, they might also need you to look for nursing home abuse attorneys with proven results if they have been neglected in any way.

And so…

Never be too busy to care for your aging parents. In all kinds of ways, they might need you around. And besides, while you may be out of short pants and living an adult life, your parents still have a ton to offer you too, be that moral support, a listening ear, and a hug that will do you both a world of good today.

Make the time!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday Thoughts: Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do

1. What is personal space?

2. Should we talk about the weather? Or just roast silently? Unless you're in my house, in which case you need blankets once MFD gets in front of the thermostat.

3. The kind people at Maple Holistics sent me their Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo to try in mid-June. You know I never report back on things until I've had them in circulation for at least a month. I like this one as much as I like the tea tree shampoo, and I used the ACV with the tea tree conditioner. The apple cider vinegar shampoo is of course free of sulfates and parabens and is great for color treated hair - it does a great job of clarifying without stripping your head of color. My hair and scalp feel super clean post-wash. And one of my favorite things about this company is their recycling program - for every six empty bottles you return by mail, you get a free shampoo or they make a donation to the environmentally friendly charity of your choice. The returned bottles are chipped, melted down, and re-formulated into new bottles for their products., beauty companies. Come on. Get with this.

4. Steph and I will post about ways we're struggling with sustainability on Wednesday, 7/24, and how we did overall for Plastic Free July on Wednesday, 7/31. If you post about those things on Instagram, use the hashtag #sustainablestephs and tag us! Steph is here and I'm here.

5. I love seeing a Mural Arts project in progress in Suburban Station.
6. Love this sticker I saw yesterday while running an errand at lunch.

7. I've gone back to using old school blue tub Noxema on my face a few nights a week. I slather it on and let it mostly sink in for 15 minutes before rubbing it in and washing the remaining off. Bruce and Ben are so confused when it's on.

8. The demonization of brown people by this administration and the lengths that GOP congresspeople will go to avoid it and regular citizens will go to ignore or excuse it is fucking vile. Go back to your own country...said by a President of the United States, to members of Congress with the implication that it trickles down...while trump holds a rally and American citizens high on hate and what they have been told is righteousness chant send her back. It is so fucking fascist I have no idea how Congress is standing for it and the American people are not alarmed by it. Ugly and un-American too.

9. Reminder:

10. Ecards:

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Space Oddity by David Bowie

Wednesday, July 17, 2019's complicated

We're in the thick of it now, and as it is every year, my relationship with summer is complicated.
There are things I love about summer, like

-long days filled with light that manage to simultaneously feel timeless and fleeting, so you are conscious of marinating in them and appreciating them
-better commutes without school in session
-ocean water warm enough to swim in
-the smell of sunscreen, summer rain, freshly mown grass
-no need for fleeces or coats
-ocean breezes
-spending a lot of time outside
-fresh fruits & vegetables
-everything feels possible and everything feels brighter
-being one with the sand
-shoes are optional
-dresses without leggings under or cardigans over=one stop dressing
-stepping into air conditioning and feeling instantly cool
-riots of colorful flowers everywhere

But there are things I really don't like about summer, like
-excessive heat
-too much sun. Sun is great but too much sun is not great
-city stench sets in: hot trash, BO, and ripe pee
-people whining about their allergies like no one else has ever had them and certainly no one has had them this bad as they are experiencing
-first light is EARLY in the summer, like before 5 in the beginning of the season. spring and fall sunrises are much easier to be up for
-pugs and heat don't mix
-trains with struggling AC (like today’s)
-bugs in general
-must remain on high alert for ticks
-much more leg shaving than in other seasons
-weeds grow like, you know...weeds
-people wanting recommendations for beach reads...any book you read on a beach is a beach read, Susan
-beach body talk...any body that is on a beach is a beach body, stop ruining people’s enjoyment of ice cream
-driving at the shore
-hot leather car seats
-photos of temperatures in cars
-other people's blaring beach music
-people acting like s'mores are new

What are your summer likes/dislikes?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Salami Roll Ups

I love appetizers that are easy, especially in the summer months. I've made these twice so far. It doesn't seem like it would be a good combination, but it is.

1 lb salami (if you're making a lot, get 2 lb)
whipped cream cheese
A jar of pepperoncini or banana peppers or both (you'll need two jars for 2 lbs)

Drain pepperonicini/banana peppers of liquid. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on salami. Add pepperonicini or banana peppers and roll up. Use toothpicks to secure or lay carefully with seam side down.

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