Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - cause a little bit of summer's what the whole year's all about

1. I felt like Ma Ingalls hand washing masks every night. I have expanded from my initial ones Lori and Beth made so I can batch wash every few days instead. I obviously wear them in stores, but always have one in my pocket for when I might encounter people and cannot be socially distant. Please do not make masks political and mask up when you cannot maintain distance. On the other end of the spectrum, if you wear a mask outside 100% of the time even when no one else is in sight, please do not shit all over people who do not do that. We are trying to get people to wear them around others first and fucking foremost.

2. I meant to write posts on Tuesday and Wednesday and did not realize today was Thursday until 7 am. This week has been...woosah. Coming off an expensive, anxiety filled weekend. Dealing with guest issues upstairs and so thankful to have people who are gracious about things when they are not perfect. A last minute Covid cancellation for this Saturday and rebooking within 24 hours. Trying to motivate to work. You know what does not help the normal summer slump? A global pandemic. I love this house. I believe it was a smart move retirement-wise when we bought it and I still do but managing a vacation rental in Covid summer has been like loving roller coasters for years, then one year you get on and you’re like oh wow my stomach is doing bad things my body feels like it’s enduring abuse let me off this ride before I throw up all over myself and everyone else. But being here daily, going to the beach after work every night...I don’t want to go back from this. Everything else we'll deal with. I am learning so many fucking lessons this year. 
3. Coworkers with zero regard for personal space. 

4. I am obsessed with Tabitha Brown. She is a great cook, hilarious, and I love her joy and her relationship with Donna (her hair). I hope you are following her. She brings me great joy, I learn a lot from her, and she also talks about things like The Crown Act. Please sign The Crown Act - currently it is legal to discriminate against a person in the workplace or in schools because of their natural or protective hairstyle in all states except for California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, Washington, and Maryland. Hair discrimination remains a source of racial injustice with serious economic consequences for Black people. The CROWN Act corrects these racial injustices by making hair discrimination illegal.

5. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. For real this time. I am behind on Netgalley reads so I’m working through those. including the newest Kate Burkholder novel from Linda Castillo that was released this week. 

6. Flash flooding excitement from Monday night. It's the worst I've seen it in a few years. 

7. I hate wasting time. Via - bookmark it!

8. This, that, and the other. Phoning it in this week and just sharing images/ words of others. And don’t get me started on the birth control decision that allows employers to dictate employee healthcare. I do hope the republicans out there who swore they were not for trump and the people who uphold trump are paying attention to The Lincoln Project. 

9. Reminder: not sure where this image originated, I stole it from Amanda. 

10. Ecards of the week: over it

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Wildfire by John Mayer

Monday, July 6, 2020

TWTW - the one that didn't go as planned

Thursday MFD left in the morning and blew a tire out on the way home, stranded for a few hours. Thank God he left the old dogs here instead of taking them. That was an unexpected and very expensive problem. After all that drama I was really looking forward to a three day weekend. I cut up some fruit, read and had some ice cream, walked the dogs in pairs of two, and came back from walking Gus and Mae to find Bruce had gotten into the trash, which was behind a gate to keep him out, and eaten a bunch of corn cobs. Cue a night of vomiting from him and shitting from Gus. 

Friday I decided Bruce had to go to the emergency vet. Five+ hours in the parking lot and close to $1000 later, Bruce came home with me to be monitored instead of spending an additional $1400 on overnight stays/monitoring. Meanwhile Debbie was supposed to come down this weekend - we haven't seen each other since New Year's thanks to quarantine life, and her cat got sick so these animals totally screwed us. Between Thursday night and Friday night I got nine hours of sleep. 
Saturday Back at the animal hospital for more X-rays to find out things were moving as they should and no obstruction had happened overnight. I gussied up the house for the Fourth and busted my ass on turnover changing bedding and a bunch of other shit. I was just fucking done after that. I turned the air on and lay down and did nothing for hours aside from monitoring Bruce and walking dogs. I headed to the beach later. There were a lot of people out and a lot of errant fireworks since the big show was cancelled. The full moon was awesome. MFD returned and took over dog monitoring and poop collecting. I finished a book and fell out hard. 
Sunday I slept in and woke up late, feeling refreshed. We rode our bikes down to a beach where MFD could fish but it was too windy and there was a passing shower we waited out under an umbrella. I started a new book. We came back to snack and lounge, then went back to our beach after hours to read and fish. It's so nice to not have to worry about when I'm going back to Philly and preparing to leave the house every day to go to work and instead just opening up my laptop and working. 
I tried cobb salad dip this weekend (meh, will not make again), and made a salad, which is basically what we've been eating. 

That's that! Hope you had a better and less expensive one than we did! 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Tell the ol boys in the white bread lobby what they can and can't do with their bodies

Assembling my vitamins, and taking them every damn day, which makes me feel like a grown up.

Painting my nails with one of my favorites - OPI My Private Jet

Having a how is this my life moment Tuesday night.
Sharing Monday sunset photos too. Wednesday was awesome cotton candy skies after a stormy afternoon but I was happy to see it from my porch after a brain busting day and didn't get good photos. 

that a lot lately: watching the world go by from the front porch of my shore apartment. Especially when it's too peopley, which it definitely is on the weekend. I am still not going many places, beaching at off hours, jamming on curbside pickup, getting delivery, masking up, stepping far wide of people on sidewalks, and washing my hands. We are back to living a little but we are still in a global pandemic and need to live a differently than we were. Everyone's risk/reward is different and I trust everyone with a brain is weighing those things carefully. Debbie is coming down this weekend. Kim and fam will be in town in a few weeks. Laura and fam a few weeks after that. I'd rather see my people than be on the beach at high noon, roaming Target, eating out, etc. Maybe the reverse is what is keeping you sane. When you are pissed at what other people are doing, think also about what you're doing that they might not be. There is no prize for the best quarantining. I just hope we're all being safe and doing what we can in regards to the safety of others. Like masking up when we need to.

Wondering if people who accused the government of tanking the economy over the Covid shut-down but now refuse to wear masks indoors and/or when they can't maintain six feet outdoors as we open back up know they are also tanking the economy as cases rise? Refusing to wear a mask puts businesses where there are mask mandates indoors (and there should be, everywhere) in untenable positions. Not to mention 1) you are now the ones who are going to tank the economy forcing another shutdown - if you are that economically motivated, here's something pertaining to Goldman Sachs and the economy of masking and 2) It is such a small, simple thing to do. This is a GLOBAL pandemic. We are the ONLY country in the world that has been unable to manage this. No one else is bitching and whining about masking up, thinking it relates only to their country, or about politics. We are still in slow the spread mode here. How do people think shazam the virus is gone when we never fully shut down? Come on people! Act right!  Those who do not want to wear mask could take their own advice - if they don't feel safe out in the world wearing a mask, they can feel free to stay at home as the rest of us try to navigate the world as it is right now. DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO FULL LOCKDOWN? NO? Then wear a mask when you are in stores and outside in public with people outside of your group in areas or situations where you can't maintain six feet of distance. Always have a mask with you. They are the new sunglasses/water bottle/keys/wallet. Thanks, bye.

Recommending Aunt Mary Pat's most recent video on the cornteen 15 which is fucking hilarious (non Philly-area people, that's a solid accent),  this video of the black lives matter marches in every state, this powerful OpEd You Want a Confederate Monument? My Body is a Confederate Monument; What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? (full speech by Frederick Douglass here); author Kimberly Jones on David Jones's video How Can We Win talking about how black people are related to economics in this country using an example many people should be able to relate to and how we have broken every fucking social contract we have.

Reading number 7 in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter, who liked my tag of her on Instagram causing me to squeal with glee. Author fangirling is my favorite fangirling. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. I should finish the Will Trent today, then I have eleventy billion other options at my fingertips, both hard copy and electronic. I'm not sure what's next. 

Forgetting, all week, that we are closed in observance of the Fourth tomorrow. MFD is heading home to work today and I am planning on just fucking off doing a lot of reading and nothing. Holler. 

Using whatever I can get my hands on to tame this hay bale hair 

Eating a Monday night pick me up
Hoping you're all committed to voting these people out in November. Also, go ahead and tell me they don't resemble each other or they didn't know, then attempt to live a life where you have any integrity. I dare you.


Listening to March March by The Chicks - have you seen The March March video? Powerful AF and very well done. Lyrics that come after the hyphen in the post title are from that. 

Reminding you

Laughing because it's me, on the porch

What's new?

Linking up with Kristen

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 2020 Recommendations

Amazon links are affiliate links

Doesn't this feel footloose and fancy free, sharing recommendations on the last Tuesday of the month as if we're in The Land Before Corona Times?  

1. Wear a fucking mask indoors, in lines, and when you can't maintain six feet of distance outside. If you're afraid to, it's fine, stay home. Let the people who are not afraid to have regard for other people be out living life and social distancing like bosses if you are afraid to wear a mask. Do not make life harder for people working who have to wear masks and then also get after your dumb ass to put one on when you know damn well you should. 

2. Curbside pick up from your library if they're doing it. No, it is not the same as being in there but it feels damn good to hold a library book!  

3. Book direct instead of using VRBO or AirBB. If you are looking at a house on one of those platforms and the house has a name (like ours is Home Sweet Shore Home), google House Name Location and see if a link to book direct comes up. Do not book anywhere without a rental contract that protects both you and the owner. Let me know if you are looking to do this and have questions. Also: if your flying vacation got cancelled and you are planning to drive somewhere, DO NOT TRAVEL if you want a guarantee of safety in regards to Covid. No private or hotel owner can guarantee that for you. Also do not travel if you think you are the only person who wants to travel after months in your home and will then complain about how many people are around at the destination you are in, as if you are the only person who has the right to go and be there. Final also:  do not travel if you want to act like there is no pandemic. The same mask up, patience with small business owners, awareness of new ways of doing things, etc you have to do at home you have to do elsewhere. Do not make anyone's life harder because you have an expectation of a normal vacation.

4. These baskets have been awesome - I have kid books hanging in them in the main house at the shore, and snacks in our apartment here. If you are short on space and need additional storage, these work great. 

5. Kid books. I try to add new books to my shore collection every year. This year was Kindness Rocks by Sonica Ellis; Celestina the Astronaut Ballerina: A Kids’ Read-Aloud Picture Book About Space, Astronauts, and Following Your Dreams (Big Ideas for Little Dreamers) by Donald Jacobsen;cele Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach by Kenny Harrison, and Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beatty. My niece and nephew donated some of their books too. 

6. Leaning into this unpredictable time. I know. If you are like me, you hate unpredictable. Try to use it as a time to really examine everything - even things you think you enjoy - and only keep the ways, activities, things, and people that really make your life. I spent almost five years forcing myself to get up at 4:30 in the morning for sunrises at the shore when I don't even like them that much in May, June, and July...much preferring end of August through December. Why was I doing that? When I asked the question, there was no satisfactory answer. Even though I enjoyed it eventually, I'm not doing it anymore. And my days flow much better this year than they used to down here. I can actually see sunsets and sit on my porch and enjoy the night quiet at 9:30 pm because I'm not dead tired/angry trollish by 8. The sunrises will still be there later in the summer and through the fall, when I can get up at 6 or later. 

7. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella. The only umbrellas I will buy or use. Do not buy a cheap ass $20 umbrella with no anchor on it and expect it to stand up to winds by the ocean. Under no circumstances should anyone ever purchase an Amazon Basics umbrella. You'll kill yourself or someone else.

8. Buy from a black-owned business. Try, We Buy Black on Instagram, download the Black Wall Street app, if you are in a city who has it (Philly, you are), use Black & Mobile for food delivery service for black businesses, google buy black. 

9. This vacuum attachment is great on baseboards. It fits both my Eureka and Shark vacuums.  

10. Stay hydrated and take your vitamins.

Last day of June. What.

Monday, June 29, 2020

TWTW - last one in June

Friday MFD and the old dogs headed back to Philly early. I had morning calls and work was popping but I escaped at lunch to pick up freaking library books curbside and I was so happy.  I did a fun plate lunch and had a Ben lap dog. I read and changed my recurring monthly donations. 
We spent the evening on the porch and trolling around creeping on other people's flowers, catching a watercolor sunset back at the bay. It was a long walk and we all slept like the dead.
Saturday Unexpected rain showers in the morning had me making shower spray since I located hydrogen peroxide, then having coffee on the porch with the best friends. I hit the beach for an hour and a half, had to tell a group who plunked down too close to move. I got takeout lunch from Farmstand at 14th which was delicious. Verbal altercation with a maskhole there (I did not coin this term, first heard it from Ali, but have seen it numerous places this weekend and it fits - wear the fucking mask when interacting with people working, people!). I also got into it with a lady who let her two dogs approach mine without asking and dropped the leash, causing a major situation on a busy road. Since I was 0 for 3 with peopley things, I retreated to the porch to the afternoon and finished a book. I had the totally underrated fish sticks and salad for dinner, then another long bayside walk with flower creeping. Not much of a sunset but you can't win 'em all. 
Sunday I swear there was literally no air to be had on the island in the morning. After dog walk duties, I went to the grocery store, then did some food prep for once (chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, rice, chopped kale salad), cleaned and organized the apartment including moving furniture and mopping (small space living is totally for me), more dog walking, and general lounging because it was hot AF. I can't read Hood Feminism as a library book, I need to highlight and write in it, so I found it on bookshop at 11:30 pm Saturday and bought it via Harriett's Bookshop, then started back up with the Will Trent series. 
MFD and the old dogs rolled back into town around 6:30. After a walk we headed to the North End for him to fish and me to read. It's relaxation station down there and the sunsets are nice. We were back around 9, ate, dog walks, and fell out around midnight. 

Happy birthday to Kim's Steve Friday, my brother in law Mark Sunday, and my cousin Courtney today. 

Easy weekend and outdoor showers daily. And a four day week since Friday is the observation of the Fourth. My kind of life. 

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