H A U S F R A U I N G   T I P S
My Daily Dos - If you do these things daily, your house will never be a total mess and your weekly cleaning will be short and sweet. I spend about 15-20 minutes a day doing upkeep around the house (a little longer if I'm doing laundry).
        1. Wipe down kitchen counters
        2. Wipe down bathroom sinks and toilets
        3. Assess laundry and do as needed
        4. Pick up around the house for 10 minutes in the morning or before bed. I set the house to                     rights before bed.
        5. Assess floors and do a quick sweep/vac as needed
        6. Make your bed when you get up. Everything in your room is instantly cleaner.

H A U S F R A U I N G   P O S T S

Let's talk about something glamorous. Let's talk about vacuums.  My vacuum of choice - the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe. This is the mack daddy of vacs, pet owners.

O R G A N I Z A T I O N 

My Top Five Organizing Tips

Best Organizing Resources

Stop Hoarding - If it doesn't have a place, find one for it, donate it, throw it out, or recycle it. Don't leave it where it doesn't belong.

Pick Up - Carry a laundry basket from room to room and put anything in it that needs to be transported to another room. Put them away as you go room to room. It will save you from running all over the house while picking up. You should only have to do two loops.

Muji Organizers. They are totally worth the price, which you'll balk at at first.

Organizing Items of Note


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