Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - things I want you to know this week

1. It's my Friday and I know, it's obnoxious to gloat that it's your Friday when it is not most of the world's Friday. So I say join me...take tomorrow off. The weather is supposed to be June-ish here and not April-ish like it was earlier this week. As you may have guessed, I'll be at the shore. This time it's with my girlfriends of over 25 years celebrating our collective 40ths. They're actually not my friends at this point and they haven't been in a long time. They're my framily. I will be pushing them to take 4792084 group photos because it's rare that we're all in the same place at the same time. There are a lot of years and miles between us.

2. Friends - I am hosting a KEEP Collective fundraiser for - an organization working in more than 180 countries to keep carbon in the ground, help build a low-carbon economy, and pressuring the government to limit emissions. If you'd like the link to peruse with no pressure to buy, it's in the comments below. If you'd like to be added to the FB group, please let me know. This photo is some of my favorite keep stuff - bracelets and charms shown here, interchangeable and you can essentially wear something new daily. They also have necklaces and keychains. 50% of commissions will be donated to If you'd like to peruse, click here to shop my link.  A few of my personal totems from Keep: 

3. In other environmental news, I've weaned myself totally from plastic straws even with takeout iced coffee. I also bring a reusable cup and attempt to have it filled. Most places will fill it. It's such a habit to grab a straw, so it's taken me a while. 

4. The making and freezing of things continues. This week it was pork fried rice. I made extra rice so I could freeze some of that too. Take that, steam fresh bags of rice. 

5. For the second week in a row I'm stuck on male rompers and covfefe. I'm still laughing about these things.

6. Fake News hysteria must go. I'm resigned to completely cut people out of my life who think the New York Times and the Washington Post and anything that doesn't have a named source is fake news. Like, are you familiar with the free press and its function, and journalistic integrity and protecting sources? Do you know that Watergate was broken with an unnamed source? NYT and WaPo are solid sources of news. Learn the difference. Maybe also learn the difference between editorial pieces and reporting. Editorial pieces are like this blog here - my opinion backed up with whatever facts I want to give you. By all means, share that, but know that that's what it is at the end of the day. Maybe be a critical thinker and examine the sources you read and share - both liberal and conservative outlets participate in fake news/clickbait headlines and both liberal and conservative people share that shit out in the world because it plays into their confirmation bias. Also, maybe READ the article or piece before you share it - don't just share shit because you like the headline. It's ignorant regardless of how you vote. Get your shit together.

7. Comey testifies today. A primer on Obstruction of Justice.

8. I forgot that I had Mae scoping out the bay last Sunday. She was like the Queen of Sheba up there. She loves being elevated in any way so she can see it all. She's nosy AF and it makes me laugh. I want to film her at the shore and show it to you. She's insane.

9. Tuesday is Show Us Your Books with me & Jana!

10. This made me laugh as it is straight up truth for at least half of the people who rent from us at the shore - our apartment is on the ground floor, so we hear the cement shoes all the live long day.

11. E-card of the week. This is so me in all disputes: I always go right to setting shit on fire. Hide yo' belongings. Hide yo' matches.

What do you want me to know this week? 


  1. Lol on Adele card. So awesome for you girls to have a weekend together at Stephanie's beach house. A dream come true 💖 Looking forward to all of the pictures. Amen on the fake news people. Jesus. Happy your Friday to you.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend on the horizon!! I hope you have a blast!! LOL at those concrete shoes...I had someone living above me once who was like that. Drove me crazy!!! Mae is adorable...I love that she is nosy. Too cute! Happy "Friday"!!

  3. Recipe for the pork fried rice, please? Have a great girls weekend!

  4. You absolutely need to film Mae at the beach, I need to see this! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, can't wait to see the photos on Instagram.

  5. Yay for an early weekend and an amazing girls weekend on the horizon! Your fried rice looks delicious, and I've been trying to cut back on plastic straws too-- like you said it's just a habit to use when, especially when you're out.

  6. Jealous of your girls weekend! Have a blast - can't wait to see pics.

  7. HAHAHAH OMG those brick sandals. Totally sounds like my mom when she walks around the house!

  8. The brick flip-flops remind me of college apartments. UGH. Hahaha! Enzo likes to be above stuff and look down, too. Haha. He hates when the floor is his only lounging option.

  9. Yay for today being your Friday! Have an amazing weekend!

  10. That covfefe cup. OH MY GOSH - that's the funniest.

    I love my steel straws. I need to try & find something to carry them in my purse though so I have them for being out.

  11. Enjoy your long weekend!!

    Do you use regular pyrex to freeze? I need some reliable containers.

  12. I wish today was my Friday, enjoy it! I had a neighbor with those shoes and the rice, yum! I drink all my coffee [hot/cold] out of straws to help protect my teeth, but they are plastic so world fail. I couldn't justify the glass ones awhile ago [Had them on my wedding registry, no one bought them], but think I will investigate further for the planet.

  13. Lol. I really hate Adele's music. Have fun with your friends this weekend, that sounds amazing! I am inspired by your straw thing, I am bringing my own cup tomorrow for iced coffee now! Thank you for the obstruction of justice primer, so many people need to wake up!

  14. Hahaha I love that e-card! I'm positive my upstairs neighbor owns those sandals. I want to see a Mae shore video! And I planned to take tomorrow off, but got denied. Grumble. Enjoy the weekend with your framily! Hopefully the sun will actually show up for you guys!

  15. I hate when people walk like they're wearing bricks. That used to happen to us in our old condo ALL THE TIME and it would drive me nuts. I've been watching the Comey testimony (between infant cries)'s pretty obvious which people are democrats and republicans based solely on the types of questions alone. Curious to see how the rest of it goes.

  16. It's my Friday too and things keep coming up at work today and people are discussing how to handle them and I'm all "I'M OFF TOMORROW, DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME!" I have to send one text message reminder to an attorney and I already typed it in my phone and scheduled it to send at 9:00 tomorrow so I don't even have to think about it. Cracking up at those cement shoes. My brother has the loudest footsteps in the world and I think I heard my parents call him "leadfoot" more than his actual name growing up.

  17. Nice on the straws! I always have a mini-celebration when I realize I've totally kicked another wasteful item from use. Most recently it was cotton rounds in my bathroom; why did I not realize for so long I could take mascara off with some eye makeup remover on a washcloth??

    I had a discussion recently about male rompers, and my big question mark is LITERALLY WHY? I love rompers, but that's because I love the laziness of dresses minus the flash risk when a mild breeze comes along. Men have no problem to solve by rompers, so I am SO confused!

    As someone with a journalistic background I am so saddened by the state of public opinion re: media and "fake news." Unnamed sources are completely fine; in fact it's the ability to promise anonymity to people when necessary that allows comprehensive reporting to exist. Headlines are not news stories, and I'm not usually one to shake my fist at the way things are, but our eagerness to reduce everything to its most digestible form has made people believe you can glean everything you need about an article from its headline, and typically the worst of the worst media outlets capitalize on that. Heavy sigh.

    1. You have just given me a cotton round epiphany. I have a stack of the cheap Target washcloths in the bathroom for face washing. Why...why have I not used it for eyes? Anyhoo, chalk me up as your good deed for the week. Thank you!

  18. The meal that you have shared, seems much yummy and delicious to eat. Can you suggest any restaurant in London where I may be able to taste that kind of food? Buy dissertation online

  19. Your weekend sounds amazing! Happy 40th to you all! I love your crowns beside your persisted bracelet! I want to actually link up for Show Us Your Books so, as Jacob says, I better get started on my book reports.

  20. OK I'm going to sound like an idiot but I had no idea that you could freeze rice like that! Like I understood that you could buy the frozen rice packets at the store but I never thought to make my own! I must do this immediately!

    I love Mae. Seriously she just makes me happy when you post her pictures.

  21. I hope you have a great weekend with your friends!! Such a great thing (and great place) where you can all get together!!

  22. I'm back! Sorry I've been such a bad blog friend. Life, ya know? So-

    1. Straws - yes! It's a wasteful thing a lot of us don't think of.
    2. If I never hear the phrase "Fake News" Uttered ever again, I'll be a happy camper.
    3. OMG THE LACE SHORTS PIC. Hahahaha
    4. Um, that meme about upstairs neighbors is ACCURATE AF.


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