Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - hey shorty, it's a short week


Reading Every fucking thing. I just started The Girl Before last night and it's my sixth book in the last week. I had to walk to the library in the rain for that one, but the city still looks good in the rain. I was wearing inappropriate shoes and got two awful pinky blisters just in time for flip flop season.
Watching literally not a damn thing. I don't know the last time I sat down with intent to watch TV, probably when Bosch came back. That reminds me, I need to finish that season. And I'm pumped Broadchurch is coming back too.

Cooking anything that will freeze well. What's your favorite meal to make and freeze?

Considering covfefe a gift for all the bullshit.
Unsure how people do not understand that America First is, in reality, America Only. And America Only, isolated in this global society and economy, is not a desirable place to be. America will be left behind and you won't like that either. Pulling out of the Paris Climate just us, Nicaragua, and Syria would not be members. Nicaragua because they don't believe the PCA is strong enough against climate change, and Syria because Syria is the last place on earth anyone wants to be and they have other issues. And the US because we are, what? Willfully ignorant? Greedy? Why would you leave this commitment to a cleaner environment behind? Borders don't mean shit to the Gulf Stream, the ocean currents and temperatures, and the air. It is one thing to attempt to carry out your agenda domestically and another thing entirely to roll back environmental protections that impact the entire WORLD in the interest of big business and money in your own pockets. Greed is immoral, as is what this administration is okay with doing to this planet. Pulling out would put the health of every single one of us in jeopardy. I hope getting trump in office was worth it.

Loving LipSense. If you need a dealer I can hook you up. It's literally the only long wearing lipwear product I have ever loved.

Feeling behind.

Welcoming one of my longtime loves KVSR to the 40 club today. Celebrating together next weekend.

Disgusted with Kathy Griffin. Her donald trump gruesome decapitation stunt was a fucking disgrace. See how that works, everyone? I physically recoil when I hear or see trump and hate him with every fiber of my being but I can stand up and say hey - that ain't right when it's not right. That was not right. And if you think that wasn't right and you are calling for trump haters to stand up and say it wasn't right, I hope you vocalized how not right it was when they burned Obama in effigy or hung his likeness from a noose or you're a hypocrite and I have no time for you.

Staring at my dogs. Always. How can you not? Geege has taken to relaxing like an old man.

Admiring people who stand up for others regardless of the danger. Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, a nation weeps for you. Well, those of us in our right minds in this nation, at least. If you have to go, doing something right is not a bad circumstance to go in.

Getting pretty fucking sick of fragile white men. Guess what? The world has been your fucking oyster since humans first stood upright and spoke and collectively as a race and gender you've been kicking other people down so you remain top dog. Don't give me your whiny bullshit as traditionally marginalized groups step up to take their place at the line more and more. And don't say you're "pro-feminism" to cover up a bullshit move. Go lick your wounded masculinity in a corner somewhere with other whiny baby men and for God's sake don't be proud of your idiocy, especially when all it does is show the extra bullshit females put up with. File under: nevertheless, she persisted.
Running to Sephora for dry shampoo and Old Navy to return some stuff at lunch today. Did you think this was going to be like an actual running update? 

That'll do it. What's new with you?

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  1. the covfefe memes are hilarious; kept me laughing for most of the day yesterday.

  2. Actually really enjoyed that book! I'm eager to see what you think when you finish it. Also, saw a gal with a Lip Sense table at a flea market I went to. I'm curious to learn about it - I know my sister would too. We'll have to check into it.

  3. Dear GRACIOUS. I saw the dog statue story in my facebook feed yesterday and literally thought it was satire, like from The Onion or something. I CANNOT.

  4. Oh, that Kathy Griffin thing... just simply bizarre and tasteless. I am all about freedom of expression, but believe you have to have some sense about it, too. She is free to express herself and to make her choices, as she did, but she is not free from the consequences that will follow.

    I not watching a damn thing either. My husband will turn on the TV once he gets home, but even then, I'm only half listening.

  5. lol on the 'actual running update.'
    Kathy Griffin is so gross, she always has been. I cannot stand her or her voice, it just grates on my nerves.
    The 'America Only' thing is just really stupid. Pretty sure it's day one or two maybe of a single macroeconomics class that will teach you just how ignorant it is in today's world.

  6. 45 is a piece of shit but Kathy Griffin crossed a line. I won't even get into how this now gives him and his supporters even more justification for their persecution complex and also how it helps nothing, NOTHING at all.

    I've been balancing bingeing and reading. House of Cards started on Tuesday so OF COURSE I need that and we've also been watching The Path (well, me. Scott quit on it. I think it was too weird for him) and Better Call Saul and I'm saving Bloodline for mid-June when I'm all by myself.

  7. I haven't say down and intentionally watched tv in a while either.

  8. I had forgotten Kathy Griffin existed before this. I have a hard time understanding people (on any 'side') who think that doing what she did or burning the effigy of Obama is ever ok. I'm glad that people are standing up and telling her and Trump that they won't stand for that behavior.

    And yes to the Paris Agreement. My favorite quote that has been going around for a while is it you think the environment isn't important try holding your breath while you count your money. It's so very true. I don't understand this idea that it has to be one or the other. If you're truly a good leader there must be some way to find balance in both.

  9. I can't believe Kathy thought that was okay and I agree it was a disgrace when people did the same thing to Obama. I have NEVER understood how people could think it would be OKAY to do something that depicted killing someone else [maybe haunted houses aside, but I hate those things]. We need more heroes and less idiots in the world. I need to read more, I've been so behind.

  10. Covfefe is the gift that keeps on giving. I wish spell check would stop telling me I'm spelling coffee wrong! Preach on sister.

  11. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Girl Before. Love the bullet point about running, hehe :) My favourite things to freeze: chili, soup, spaghetti sauce, lasagna <--so much work to make it though, and I'm sure none of those things I just listed are at all news to you! Spaghetti sauce is my favourite though - taco meat freezes well too!

  12. Kathy griffin made herself less irrelevant if that were even possible. Showing that type of "humor" toward any President is wrong, whether you love them or hate them and I'm so glad she got called out on it. Things like this have been swept under the rug for years.
    I never finished season 2 of Broadchurch but I really liked season 1.

  13. I'm just sitting here nodding along to everything you've said. It's exhausting being this surprised and angry every. damn. week. But when fools put an incompetent, egotistical, hateful moron in one of the most influential, powerful, far-reaching seats in the world, this is what we get. I can't wrap my head around his sheer stupidity. I honestly can't. And anyone who stands fully and confidently behind him can jump on the idiot bus and drive off. I swear I'm open-minded and respectful of all views, but I'm not tolerant of human/animal/environmental recklessness or hate.

  14. I'm totally intrigued by Lipsense. What color do you like? I cannot seem to find a listing of all their colors.

  15. An actual running update. LOL. Now that is my kind of running!!! I have heard a lot of good things about Lipsense, I need to try it out. I am obsessed with Kat Von D liquid lipstick and it is the only thing that hangs around for me but your recommendations are usually winners for me and I am not opposed to trying something new. I am with you on Kathy Griffin. Whether you support or hate Trump, and same with Obama...anything of that nature is a disgrace.

  16. GRR SO MUCH TO COMMENT ON. I don't even know where to begin-

    *Covfefe made my whole day yesterday
    *I'm so sick over the Portland stabbing
    *I'm SO DISGUSTED OVER THE PEEING DOG STATUE. What kinda insecure small dicked loser do you have to be to be threatened by a symbol of female empowerment? FUCKING GROSS.
    *Kathy Griffin = idiot

  17. Things continue to amaze me and not in a good way. Something's gotta give real soon with what's going on with GOP and DT. And I am keeping the faith that good will come of this ❣️ Happy Friday eve❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  18. Those covfefe memes have been THE BEST!!!! a little comic relief is so needed.
    I hate it because I've always been a Kathy Griffin fan & she just so disappointed me on this one. Crossing the line in such an awful way.

  19. I made a bunch of chicken in the crock pot a few weeks ago and shredded it and froze it in bags. I've used it SO MANY TIMES in recipes and quick dinners. I haven't watched much tv lately either but we just got cable again and it's overwhelming. We haven't had it in a few years but Matt got a new job at Comcast and cable is a perk, so we got it installed last weekend. It's like a whole new world.

  20. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. On the internet that's rare so thanks! The news about the Paris climate agreement made me want to just crawl back into bed this morning. Nope.

    The covfefe memes are cheering me up though!

  21. Feeling you on so many of these!!

  22. I recently finished The Girl Before and really enjoyed the story. Ouch for the blisters. I got some from all the walking we did in Boston. Kathy Griffin is a train wreck.

  23. I thought the first season of Broadchurch was perfection :)

  24. Re: "America First," the fact that what you point out is lost on SO MANY PEOPLE is just another piece of evidence that shows me that Trump supporters can't possibly know anything about politics or government. Not surprisingly, since he doesn't either, quite clearly. It goes along with the whole "he says what he means!" as a reason to vote for him thing... utterly ridiculous if you consider the implication of that "reason."

    Fragile white men need to take several seats. They still have the greatest advantage in this country, and think that groups who are closing the gap ever so slightly are now oppressing *them.* I'd wonder if they could realize the implication (and OH THE IRONY) of that thought process, but I know the answer. Did you see the letter the mayor of Austin wrote re: the Wonder Woman screenings? Finally a piece of commentary on the subject I could stomach.

  25. Everyone loves LipSense and I need to try it, but I hate lip products in general so I'm skeptical. Can someone give a sample or do you just have to pull the trigger and buy it? Kathy Griffin's stunt was gross and her tearful apology was so stupid. I was drafting a post (called Just Jeers lol) and ended up deleting the whole thing because it was bumming me out. When you take an "artistic" risk like that, be prepared for the backlash, idiot.

  26. oooh what is that book on your kindle? the ocean swimming mistakes one. looks interesting. the girl before is on my list, hoping to get to it soon. i have not watched Broadchurch but i love david tennant so maybe i should. KC and I have been watching twin peaks. i suck at freezing meals. but shepherd's pie or ratatouille freeze well i think. i agree about kathy griffin. and that artist. what an absolute idiot.

  27. Kathy Griffin did so much to hurt the liberal cause with her bullshit. Don't think I don't know it was a PR stunt, little girl. I see you and I loathe you for it.


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