Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer is...

Early morning bird chatter

Grilled chicken all the time

Walking barefoot

Tomato sandwiches

A sea breeze saving an afternoon

Hanger having two meanings: hungry and angry& hot and angry

Woodsmoke on the wind on cool nights

Shore traffic
Realizing bugs are coming back

Shedding dogs / Panting dogs

Peaches, plums, watermelon, cantaloupe

Fucking fireworks

Eau de city: hot pee and hot trash

Flowers in bloom

Throwing on a dress and going

Thrum of cicadas

Soft serve ice cream

Saying fuck it a lot more


Losing track of time

Graduations and the feeling of in between that follows you even into adulthood

Skies on fire morning and night

Many hours on the beach

Open windows

Huge hair that humidity has turned into a planet with plenty of Uncle Larrys curling around it in the swampy steam

Lawnmower chorus producing a freshly mowed neighborhood cologne

Clicks of roller coasters and excited screams

Bike rides

Flags waving

Bug spray

The scent of Coppertone riding the back of seaspray

Sand everywhere

Reading outside

What is summer to you? 


  1. Oh the bugs, heat and humidity - bring it summer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Eau De City hahahahahaha. I love the carefree days of summer and throwing on a dress and going. But man I hate the bugs and humidity. Our bugs never really went away from last year because it never got cold here this winter so that should be fun!

  3. The best. I love everything about this and summer. Except maybe the humidity and shore traffic.

  4. Pool hair. Healing ocean oasis ❣️ Lots of neutrogena sunblock. Summer nights and mornings. Bug zapper. Ugh on the dreaded fireworks. Camp Mommom. Lots of dog brushing. Ice cream. Wet nuts. Caramel and hot fudge ! Salty pretzels. Sun hats. Glitter spray. Friday concerts at the vineyard. Now through most of October weather. Thanks to the universe ❣️😇 Hot fun in the summer time. I need to make play lists. Love. Your. Momma. Happy summer solstice 🌞

  5. Summer is the only season that I like most because not only I am able to have awesome fruits, but I become able to enjoy the long holidays in my university life.
    Emma Charlotte
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  6. Eau de city... I'm still cracking up, but I know exactly the smell you are referencing!

    Summer to me is... simplicity, no alarm clocks, no commuting, waking after the sun has risen, time out on the deck, time in WV, not being called "Mrs. Blankenship," "Mrs. B.", or "speech teacher..." LOL!

  7. HAHA, I hate fireworks too. For me summer is the scent of sunscreen, bug spray (and subsequently just feeling generally sticky), packing coolers, sun dried beach towels, ruined pedicures (!!), freckles upon freckles, fresh flowers, American flags, hats, humidity, natural texture hair, rain storms, hammock reading, pool floating and tank tops!

  8. I love the hangry one because it's so true! I find myself getting hangry a lot lately since it's SO HOT outside in Texas!

  9. Yes to it all! I can't help but love it, the good and the bad.

  10. The feeling of sea salt on your skin after you've spent the day on the beach. I love that feeling.

  11. HA hot pee. The worst. The subways are so bad. There's always one day (a few weeks ago) a year before the heat starts that they literally just douse everything in bleach. You can smell it. I love that day. Pretty sure they use a hose and pure bleach, and I'm fine with that.
    Hangry is real. The hot and angry part. I hate being hot.

  12. Summer is here and I love it and I love this post!

  13. I love love a cool breeze on a hot summer day!! It's the best. I love all the sunshine but I totally hate the heat and humidity and so doesn't my hair.

  14. We were on our back patio last night and every time we touched a dog it was like a hair-sandstorm. Ridiculous. Also, we hate fireworks in our house, too =/ We used to love them, then we got Lylee...
    We haven't had grilled chicken yet but that sounds delightful! How do you make tomato sandwiches? Tomatoes and mayo?

  15. Yes to all of this! Now I'm totally craving a tomato sandwich! Nothing is easier than throwing on a dress and just going :-D

  16. Reading outside & being barefoot - my life ALL of summer.

  17. LOVE this. I smelled freshly cut grass this morning and loved it. For me summer is later bedtimes, rolling around in the grass, watching out for ticks & mosquitoes, easier reads on the deck, and birkenstocks :)

  18. I wish I only had bugs in the summer! Flip flops, burnt shoulders, rose', summer reading even as an adult and beach time. What a great time of year!

  19. The bugs are the worst. My latest Amazon Purchase is all sorts of bug killers and zappers. Actually K got a bug zapper tennis racket thing as my anniversary gift to him. HA!

  20. Happy summer! I love all those things - even the negative ones :)

  21. So glad summer is officially here! You definitely captured it so well in all of these photos!

  22. I just tweeted my old "Summer Means" post because now that summer is here, I'm about ALL THE SUMMER THINGS. Well, minus the bugs, sunburns, traffic and swamp ass.

  23. Summer is stress.
    And stalking you at the shore. From the digital world, of course.


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