Tuesday, July 4, 2017

TWTW - the one with July

The safest time to leave for the shore the Friday of July 4 weekend? After 10:30 pm, which is, of course, after my preferred old lady bed time. By the time I got down and settled in bed, it was about 1 am and MFD arrived even later. The dogs did not approve either. I did manage to get a Target trip in Friday night.
Saturday I got up to see the sunrise at 4:50 only there was no sunrise. I went back to bed but was off all day sleep-wise. So after turnover work, I grabbed some shoe boxes, did a manicure (OPI Cha-Ching Cherry) and pedicure (Cajun Shrimp) and chilled with the dogs until about 3. Then I did some shopping down Asbury Ave.
I met Frank and Amanda, Brian and Michele and the kids up on the boards, which we trolled for about four hours doing rides and eating everything. MFD met us up there after fishing too. Between the afternoon shopping and the boardwalking I walked over five miles Saturday. I dropped dead into bed.
Sunday sunrise was awesome. I processed iced coffee and read in the morning, then we took refuge from the crowds at our beach down at 59th Street. The sun was hot, the water was cold, MFD fished, and I finished a book. We were beat after that, so we lounged at home and ate snacks for dinner.
MFD left around 11 on Sunday night. Monday I got some coffee and reading in at Drip N' Scoop, did some work, cleaned our apartment, packed up what I needed to take home for vacation, dropped off laundry and picked it up, dealt with the popo since someone was blocking my driveway, and drove around for over a half hour looking for parking after laundry pickup. It also took me over a half hour to get out of town. I love the shore, but not the week of the Fourth. I was happy to head home.
On the Fourth I spent time with the dogs, processed even more iced coffee, packed up, visited my uncle and cousin to meet their new dog/see my other cousin's dog/take their leftover crabs, picked up cookies from my Mom that she made for our trip, stopped to buy a stupid beach towel because I left most of mine at the shore, and picked up a few things at Giant for dinner.  I also cleaned out the pantry and fridge and we tag teamed cleaning up the yard when MFD got home from his Fourth mummery parades.
We could not motivate to pack, but we did it and most of the car was packed by 8. Then we settled in for hell fireworks night after giving Mae a benadryl.

 4 am vacation lift off. Let's do this. I don't find it easy to go away in the summer because I am mental about checking over the shore house before someone new checks in - I want it to be perfect. We are so lucky to have our BFF Michelle who is taking that on for us for two check ins. And I don't find it easy to go away ever without my dogs, but we are lucky to have Courtney the dog whisperer staying with them this week. Much gratitude and thanks to both of these women. It takes a village. I always say it and it's true - we'd be nowhere without a solid group of people around both of us.

I'll post if I feel like it, but you'll definitely see me here on Tuesday for Show Us Your Books.

As always, I'll be overusing my favorite form of social media - Instagram. Catch me there.

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  1. Have the best time!!! And good luck with firework night. We are hunkered down here for the evening.

  2. Safe and happy travels. You should have taken beach towels from here!
    Fireworks suck. I hope it pours rain on all fireworks near our furry kids. Fourth night in a row sequestered with high velocity fans blaring. Feel like I'm in a wind tunnel but it drowns out a lot. Grateful for all of the good and that we were #bornintheusa 🇺🇸 Love. Your. Momma.

  3. How you managed to wake up at 4:30 after getting to the shore at 1 am is beyond me lol. Such a fun weekend and it does take a village. Have the best trip!

  4. Enjoy your vacation - can't wait to see pictures! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Enjoy your trip! (Where are you going? Did I miss this?)

    I don't *think* our dogs are bothered by fireworks but they just perk up at gunfire because of the whole hunting thing. They hate hail storms though.

  6. LOOK AT ALL THE ICED COFFEE in your fridge?!?!?! I applaud you.
    Have a great time!!!

  7. So many great pug pictures in here. Yay for friends to help with the shore chores! Enjoy your vacation!!

  8. We always travel to our condo on the gulf over the 4th and the traffic is always a straight up nightmare no matter what time we leave, so I feel ya. Enjoy your vacation!!!!

  9. I try so hard not to be grumpy July 4th week but as a local dealing with tourists I about lose my mind every year! The only good thing is I feel like this is the peak of the tourist season, which means we're making our way to the off season now! Woo! Have a great time on your trip!

  10. Traffic is the worst, but glad you guys found a way around it even if it meant a late night. Have a fabulous trip <3

  11. Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it! I'm going down the shore tomorrow night and I'm planning to catch Friday's sunrise! Hope it's a good one!!

  12. It sounds like a great long weekend at the shore! I swear that Cajun Shrimp is my favorite shade ever from OPI!


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