Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shit MFD Said Vol. 8

Opening a Wawa hoagie
MFD: I asked him if he cut this. He lied to me. He said yes and lied right to me.
One minute later from the kitchen
MFD: Hi, is this the manager? I get hoagies there all the time and it's never cut...oh my God this is totally cut. Please forget I called. Goodnight. Steph, this thing is beautifully cut. I feel so bad now.

On an outing, handing me glasses and wallet:
MFD: Can you hold these?
Me: Come on! I have so much stuff in here.
MFD: Like balls?
Me: What?
MFD:  Do you have balls in your sack?
Me: Oh. 

At the diner
Me: Who goes to a diner and gets fajitas?
MFD: This guy.

After getting a Roku, with all of Netflix and Amazon Prime at our fingertips:
Me: Let's watch something. 
MFD: COPS is on. 
Me: We've seen this one! Record it and watch it later. 
MFD: Can't. It's a good one.

After just arriving home at 11 pm on a Monday
MFD: Man, it's been a day. 
Me: I can see, as you're disrobing in the living room. 
MFD: I just have to. 

On a walk
Me: Why are you throwing rocks in the air where we're walking? 
MFD: I'm hoping they make the bats (flying overhead) come down.
Me: Seriously? Am I walking with a 10 year old kid? 
MFD: Bats are cool, man.
The Lost Boys were bats...
who were really vampires  
In Santa Carla.
I hate ending something funny with something sad, but rest in peace Robin Williams. Life is hard, for everyone. Whether you see it or you don't. Look out for each other as best as you can. 
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  1. hahaha instead of cops, it's Friends for me. even though i have the whole DVD set of all seasons, if i'm flipping channels and Friends is on, i *have* to watch it.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. He seriously cracks me up every time! The balls sack is the best one though. Disrobing in the living room because he just has to, kills me! COPs is a really good show, sometimes it's like that with me but with the show the First 48 Hours.

  3. Lol - the hoagie story!!! I'm glad he figured it out while on the phone instead of after.

  4. The first one is so freaking funny I'm laughing out loud and grateful no one else is at work yet... "please forget I called..." Amazing. You go, MFD!

  5. I don't know why, but sometimes when I read these installments of Shit MFD Said, I feel like I'm right there! Love it.
    Thanks for the Tuesday smiles...

    1. I'm glad! I hope everyone feels like we're old friends and you're in on the conversation.

  6. he called the hoagie store?!? that is amazing. also i rarely get jokes about balls or haha

  7. I was listning to news about Robin on CNN while reading this and just had to laugh. Thanks again for the hilarity! :)

  8. OMG, the sack story - I laughed out loud at my desk. Hysterical. I don't know how you keep track of these conversations but keep doing it. They are so funny! Also, I love the 'Merica picture.

    1. I think ball sack will always be funny, even though I feel like I'm 10 when I laugh at it.

  9. Bats are NOT cool. I love the hoagie story. Also, Aaron is ALWAYS asking me to put shit in my bag for him. I say "get your own man bag."

  10. I like what you had to say about RW. And your husband is a funny, funny guy!

  11. oh my gosh i am laughing so hard at the 'oh its beautifully cut' that is hilarious and totally something i would do.
    bats are NOT cool. ok they are ridiculously absolutely awesomely cool, as long as they stay the heck away from me.

  12. again, this is fantastic. I love that he called the hoagie place, and the ball sack joke.

  13. I love the Mike Doyle blogs!!!
    May your soul heal
    Robin Williams
    Laughter is really the best

    Love your MOMMA

  14. I laughed at the balls in the sack. I couldn't help myself.

  15. Balls in your sack...bahahahaha!

    Also throwing rocks at bats, ugh. Bats are not cool, nope not at all.

  16. lol i cannot even pick a favorite this week, I'm cracking up at all of these! the bats omg.

  17. He's so funny. I want to be a man in my next life just so I can feel comfy taking off my clothes as soon as I get home... anywhere in the house!

  18. Haha. This cracks me up! I love the balls one best.

  19. LOL!!!! Calling the restaurant then realizing its cut. That sounds like something Chris would do!

    Cops, what is up with boys and cops?!?!

  20. This is a sad day
    no Robin and no Florence
    but so many bats!

  21. haha! The shit he says cracks me up everytime. Keep them coming!

  22. I love that he called to complain about his hoagie not being cut. Do you guys not own a knife? ;)

  23. I find the Wawa quote so funny! I don't know why except it's just so funny to me. Can I tell you how much Cops we watch?!

  24. I love these!! The hoagie story is awesome. He was actually calling about not cutting a sandwich! Awesome. The "sak" LOL! I think all men are children. Their bodies grow up, but nothing else.

  25. His shirt is my favorite part of this post.

    I adore that he called the Wawa because who does that? It's spectacular.

  26. HAHAHAHA! I needed a good laugh! Men say the weirdest things!

  27. hahaha do you have balls in your sak. Love MFD! haha also I dont blame the man for disrobing at the door at 11pm haha

  28. Bahahah... I love how you just say "Oh." to him at the ball sack comment!!!!
    COPS is a GREAT show. Some of my favorite quotes of all time have come from that show.
    So sad about Robin Williams. You're so right... you never know what's going on behind closed doors. A huge loss. :/

  29. I wish we lived closer, because I want to hang out with MFD (and you of course!). Ball sack will never not be funny, no matter how old you are.

    I love that he was so fired up about the hoagie. John's great life struggle is pizza, because MI does not know how to make pizza like eastern PA. There is always not enough sauce and too much cheese and he threatens to throw it off the wall. I think that if he every actually did it, I would cry with laughter.

  30. For some reason his cops comment totally reminded me of step brothers.

  31. To be fair, you can't go wrong with fajitas!

  32. The hoagie one made me laugh. Also, yayyy for the word hoagie! It reminds me of my PA days.

  33. Some of my favorite posts are the Shit MFD Says! Good lord, the hoagie cutting thing. Womp womp!

  34. LOL...it's cut beautifully, forget I called :) Too funny!

  35. Aaaahhh. I can't get over the bats story. They just fly above you like birds? Creeeeeepy! And why would he want one to come down? Haha!

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