Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.22.2023

Friday amidst working I finished painting the last freaking wall in the efficiency apartment, walked into town to get the beach tags for the season and picked up some OPC on the way back, sat out on the porch for a spell at the end of the workday, and started doing my upstairs main house chores in sections, starting from the top floor and moving down. MFD had his own list for the weekend. I took a solo walk down to the beach close to 8 and read the rest of the night.

I knew Saturday would be an assbreaking day so I eased in with some coffee and a book before continuing my room by room wall cleaning/repair/touch up painting, general furniture moving cleaning, room refresh, ordering shit we're missing, baking soda to absorb odors, replenishing supplies, etc. It's hard to show this process in photo or video because you're just moving from one thing to the next and it looks like a lot of nothing or mess in photos. 
MFD was not feeling well so was down for the count. I took Ben for a long walk in the fog at night - tough weather for a late May weekend at the shore, I feel bad for merchants - and peaced out reading at the end of the day. Exhausted. 
Sunday was another day of doing the same things as Friday night and Saturday, only add in Target pickup, hunt for two beach chair replacements (unsuccessful, will limp through MDW), and MFD was back up and around with a longer list than me because somedays it's just like that. I peaced out around 6 and read and painted my nails. 

Friday, May 19, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.15.2023

Friday afternoon Melissa & I hit the beach, then back home to eat and back up for a few more hours then onto the porch for a while. It was a lovely day.
Saturday I painted the apartment in sections - it's so small in there that everything has to be prepped and moved in pieces. MFD was not pleased because it rained all afternoon and he just wanted to have a lie down with TV but I had ripped shit up. Most walls are Sherwin Williams Jocular Green (SW 6736) but two small ones are the darker green seen in the first photo below which is Sherwin Williams Dancing Green (SW 6716).
I cleaned up for the day, Melissa put out a spread, and we hung out on the porch for a while and people watched and laughed about nothing. It was a nice relaxing night. 
Sunday morning and afternoon another trip to Sherwin Williams and more moving furniture and painting in sections. This was a tiring project. When I was done I headed up to the beach and got a few slices of pizza and Melissa met me there and we sat for a few hours. An inexperienced kite flying lady let her kite gently bump into me and I nearly choked with laughter. Another great day. I did a house walk through with Melissa for summer prep, packed my car up and left around 7.

So great to spend the weekend with forever friends and their kids friends who we also enjoy. Thanks for the time, laughs, gifts, and spreads. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A few weeks of miscellaneous shit II

I started drafting this post on 5/4. Here we are on 5/17, and last weekend's post is nowhere in sight. My brain is a sieve and I have used this blog for so long to tell my own self what I did that week that when I don't I feel untethered. We can only do what we can do though. Good reminder.

An impromptu sleepover at Laura's at the beginning of the month thanks to a late scheduled work meeting that's 20 minutes from her house and would have taken me over two hours in the morning. So nice to have facetime with my forever BFF.
A test at Target since I have stopped purchasing items at stores that are under lock and key. Everything under lock and key pisses me the fuck off. Preference to living in a country that values individual people over corporations and has a federal minimum wage people can fucking live on. Fucking soap that costs $6.49 locked up in a state with a $7.25 an hour minimum wage. Get fucking real, Target. Allegedly secured shelves keep products in stock so I can complete my Target run, during which I wasted over five minutes after hitting the sensor to activate and had to call the fucking store for someone to unlock access to a $6.49 pack of Dove. Sure, maybe people shouldn't steal. But maybe we shouldn't make things so unlivable and hopeless that they feel that that's the only or easiest option

Star Wars Day AKA May the Fourth is also the birthday of Billy Hicks, munchkin cat dog extraordinaire
Picked up a few bags at the Ocean City block party and laughed my ass off the entire time - you can find these and more here

No, YOU called the manufacturer of your morning face wash when you couldn't find it anymore and had them open a case on it to see if it was being discontinued then had a mourning period for it when it was like an unhinged person
This Mercury in Retrograde that just exited really fucked me up tech-wise, and it's not always like that. 
Freecycle is my favorite. I am part of a robust Freecycle page at the shore. Keep things out of landfills in any way you can!

Back on the monthly pedicures. Still on the monthly massage at Blossom. Need to get back to monthly chiro and acupuncture. Annual mammogram and skin check both coming up. Minding my mental health by taking care of these things, holding my boundaries, looking at the world without the lens of a screen, and peacing out when I need to.
Shore scenes: a bay sunset, the painting our old neighbor Paul did for us, and the boardwalk before the season frenzy begins. We were supposed to have family down this weekend but are leaning fully in to prep for our first renters on Memorial Day weekend. Our first rental always comes hurtling toward us like a freight train. I have many things I'd like to get done before I leave the shore Tuesday or Wednesday. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us
Philly scenes - I was out and about taking pics for work yesterday and it was glorious.

This about sums up my in-home eating recently. Not in the mood to make meals that are balanced and amazing. I am on the throw a bag of frozen veg in with ramen train at the moment and that's fine.
Random t-shirts of the day and nails
The Ben and Billy show
Dinner with Mom for Mother's Day Monday. We also stopped at DSW & Nordstrom Rack so I could return some shit. It was a nice night out together!

Dinner with Melissa last night at Glory Beer Bar & Kitchen. The grilled octopus was magnificent. A nice night to sit outside and catch up.
The sunset reflected in my door was a spot of unexpected beauty
Survived the dentist yesterday, rewarded myself with a new pair of Birkenstocks for our upcoming trip

For your review:
How to not get arrested after killing someone in publicFascism in Florida: what DeSantis is signing in to law should make you run very fucking far from him in a national office, even if you do identify as republican; Judy Blume's Unfinished Endings
Voted yesterday while I still have the right to
I think that's the extent of the dump for this go round. The carnival is in town this week and so am I and I am unwell. There is no parking to be had and it is fucking mayhem

Peace in the east

Fuck these idiot people on the debt ceiling too. 


Tuesday, May 9, 2023