Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - why isn't teleportation a thing yet?

1. Technology is amazing. Remember that nail in my tire? The tire sat flat all weekend. Monday night, MFD plugged this contraption in that was in the wheel well, pumped it up, and drove it 15 minutes to Tire City without a problem. So is changing tires roadside not a thing anymore unless they're shredded, or should I only drive volvos for eternity so I never have to worry about it again?

2. This sign makes me want to try this place. Even though I was on my way there to get a watch battery, which is what it was like five minutes ago. I swear, new stuff is always popping up.

3. If you're like me, you have been wondering how the fuck people can outright not believe facts, or actually see things on video and still not believe them. If you've wonder how people can not give a shit about education, how they can justify racism, how they can fear everything because they believe any propaganda you put in front of them, and how they can do all of these things and still call themselves good and righteous Christians, this is for you. An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America.

4. Remember this guy? Of course now that he is supporting a bill with draconian and inhumane cuts to medicaid he doesn't tweet about Medicaid anymore. I sure hope no one voted for him because of promises like this. MAGA, am I right? How the fuck do people still support this lying conman? He doesn't even make it hard to point out his hypocrisy - all you have to do is search his Twitter account. But you show people this and...crickets. It is okay to say no after you've said yes, everyone. You can change your mind and stop the madness. This applies to more than one scenario in life. And sure, this was a campaign promise, and sometimes they don't fulfill those...but they usually do make a show of fighting against Congress about it. Not a fucking peep about the Medicaid devastation evil Mitch McConnell and his slimy bag of white male turdweasels are serving up as a healthcare bill that is really a tax cut for the rich who don't even fucking want it because it's inhumane and insane.
5. Because this is where I am right now...this healthcare bill? It is a shitbrick for absolutely everyone. People will DIE. And SUFFER. Terribly. And some people are okay with that. I have been saying for a few months that it goes beyond politics for me in this political landscape. Here is exactly why: I Don't Know How to Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People. There is a divide that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the type of society I want to live in that some other people do not want to live in. I do not want to live in a society where people don't care if other people die and suffer terribly on their way out. This healthcare issue is killing me and I am a healthy (for now) person - I truly can't imagine the rage and fear people who will be more affected than me are feeling.

6. My mom came over last night and brought me some stuff she picked up for me at Sam's and a Lee's hoagie and took a zillion magazines off of my hands. Win win win.

7. I picked up library books Tuesday and actually managed to listen to myself and hold off on reading one for about two hours...which is as long as it took to clean up the lakes of water throughout the basement from an overflowed sink basin and have the same fight we have every time this happens once a year. By the end we were both laughing because we seriously don't have it in us anymore. I bought some vacation essentials: sunscreen and new nail polish and some other necessities and placed a panic order on Amazon.
8. I have extreme guilt right now. Geege was supposed to get his teeth done in June and the month totally roared past me. And now it can't get done for another two weeks because I'm going on vacation and I know they're bothering him.

9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week. Hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog

Happy birthday to my cousin Courtney!


  1. When my mom comes over, I always unload a ton of magazines too!!! I placed a panicked Amazon order last week and was told it would deliver Monday and it didn't get here until Tuesday. Not cool Amazon. Not cool.

  2. Lovely visit last night❣️My dogs were going nuts sniffing me when I got home. Agree with all you wrote. Exposing this selfishness and hate will end it. That is my prayer. And, YES, we are magic❣️ Love. Your. Momma.

  3. My life is a little different from you because every time and every night my mom comes and take my books away from me so that I may give some time to her and family.
    Emma Charlotte |

  4. Did your Volvo comes with the pump? Because if so that's amazingly thoughtful.
    I will now be using "turdweasel" in every-day conversation as often as possible.
    I skimmed that article you linked and it's like I'm reading about my town/area. Rural, red, small Midwest Ohio town. I come from a long line of Republicans (who are finally starting to accept that I lean a little/lot more left than them) and we debate crap every time I muster the energy. It's exhausting to fight against irrationality. The second someone quotes Rush or O'Reilly (especially that piece of shitpie) I shut the conversation off and walk away. Those men know EXACTLY who's listening to them and they base their programs and discussions on topics and propaganda (hate) that will influence and brainwash those exact masses.
    The argument that's out there for this new healthcare bill that says something about it leaving millions of Americans without coverage but saving the government a lot of money makes me want to pull all my hair out. All I imagine is ten or twelve white men in suits sitting on this huge pile of coins while hundreds of dead body litter the ground below them. WHY THE F*CK DOES THE GOVERNMENT NEED MONEY IF THERE ARE NO PEOPLE LEFT TO GOVERN? Shit is so backward right now.
    I have a pile of five books from the library that I'm saving for vacation/saving for Erin's challenge to start in July. It's SO hard to ignore them and not crack one open! Saturday can't come soon enough...
    I don't know how far south you're going, but if you pass through Sunset Beach/Myrtle Beach next week and you want to meet for coffee shoot me an email! :D
    (Whew... sorry for the novel!)

  5. That HuffPost article is on point. Have a great 4th, Steph!

  6. I don't claim to have all the answers to health care but these men obviously do not either. Health care is not a privilege it is a right, in my opinion. To see elderly and poor suffer because people who are lucky enough to be able to afford that coverage think they don't deserve it makes me so sad. After listening to an AARP and health insurance rep break down the bill from the Senate I realized it was worse than I thought. South Carolina, my current state, will suffer as the cuts to Medicaid come in to effect. And it will be children who suffer the worst. And they don't get to choose who they are born to or when they are born. Reading that article though reminds me that while we are similar to each other in many ways fundamental differences like that put us worlds apart. Eventually though the health care bill will affect everyone and honestly I'm not going to feel the least bit sorry for people who had their heads in the sand or who wanted the cuts so 'lazy' people would lose their Medicaid. I hope they do suffer so they realize that everyone is affected from legislation like this, not just some people.

  7. The dog mom guilt is real. I'm glad Hawkeye finally got her teeth cleaned but I still feel bad if I wait too long to get her groomed and she starts chewing the fur on her paws. They sure know how to make you feel bad. (Also, we're going on vacation in November and I'm going to leave her with my parents for like 10 days and I already feel bad.)

  8. Where are you going on vacation? I have been traveling a ton but don't feel like I have vacationed so I'm itching for somewhere fun to explore!

    I have the caring about people article open to read. I'm employed and healthy so the AHCA doesn't affect me terribly right now (should it pass, heaven forbid) but that doesn't mean that something catastrophic will never happen. I don't see how this seems like a solution to anything. I hate turning on the TV every day and wondering what kind of idiot thing has happened over night. The coffee shop is way cute - better check it out before it becomes something else! Happy 4th!

  9. Oh dog guilt. I know it well. (It might actually be all I know at this point in life because the dogs usurp everything.)

    We have a tire thing like that...I've only used it myself on the four-wheeler but Scott has used it on all the vehicles.

  10. I have so much reading to do because of this post! I listened to a podcast with Timothy Snyder on tryanny yesterday and it got me so fired up about staying resistant!

  11. My absolute favorite was Paul Ryan trying to explain why 22 million people without insurance wasn't a big deal because "they opted" out. Yes, they opted out because they couldn't afford it, not because they don't actually want it. And as a Christian, it really pisses me off how people use God and religion to justify their hate or put a pious shine on their actions. I always recall Jesus running TOWARDS hurting people, not away. I also don't think Emperor Baby Fists truly understands what's in TrumpCare and only wants the win.

  12. I think people have trust issues with videos because you see so many videos now that you find out aren't true or they're set up or edited in a different way. Now granted - police videos, a whole other level of TRUE LIFE VIDEO right there... but I think everyone is suspicious of EVERYTHING anymore. Which is sad because that just shows TRUST is GONE. This is a crazy time in our world - for sure.

    I feel like all my orders from Amazon are panic orders :)

  13. The tire thing looks magical - I have never heard of such a thing, however we live somewhere where no one should drive cars, so I'm a little behind on the fancy car toys. Also, that e-card is my new favorite.

  14. I have gotten about 3 flats this year, i need one of those. I'm a foreigner so I won't say anything about Mr. Pres but ... ugh

  15. Love the e-card; despise the Donald and Mitch. I am ashamed that Mitch represents me bc he does not. I am utterly disgusted and ashamed and disappointed in this entire health care bill.

  16. nails are usually slow leaks so once you get some air in the tires, you usually have about 20-30mins before it becomes flat again

  17. #3-5, of course you know I stand and clap. I continue to be baffled by how some people are so committed to party over country that they continue to not only disengage from, but ACTIVELY SUPPORT this cheese doodle. What happened to demanding more, demanding better from your politicians? Seriously, what has happened? Is this country still so damn racist that Obama's term sent evil old white men into a "never again!" overdrive? That's my theory. I remember staunch republicans objecting to Bush when he made mistakes. No one is going to take away your conservative card if you acknowledge that this man and his followers, both in and out of office positions, are poisoning this country and waging war on Americans.

    Sort of related to the whole "living in a country that gives a crap about doing right by other people" because hell yes I believe in taxes and universal healthcare to help my neighbors and peers and friends and strangers be well and have good lives, not only because it then helps me too but also because it's the right damn thing to do: Did you see that dumb tweet about a guy's daughter "learning about taxes" and the beautiful onslaught of responses it garnered?

  18. did you see that website that allows you to sign up to have your ashes sent to a Senator of your choice if you die because of Trumpcare? I CAN'T. This is 2017.

  19. Everything in number 5.

    Also. Ali's comment above? This is 2017. What in eff's sake are we doing?!


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