Friday, September 1, 2017

Shit MFD Said Vol 43

Today MFD turns 40. One of the main reasons we have been together for 15 years this month is because there is no one I've ever met who thinks quite like him. And because he makes me laugh even when things are terrible. 

Happy 40th MFD!

Watching Footloose
MFD: Steph, you know what I do when I have family quarrels?
Me: What?
MFD: I drive down to the empty warehouse and dance it out.
Me: What?
MFD: So much gymnastics.

After a midnight stop at a weird Wawa in the last three hours of a nine hour road trip
MFD: Let's get out of here.
Me: That was the weirdest Wawa ever filled with the weirdest people.
MFD: I know, and the cashier would not stop talking. I was saying I don't know what to get and she was saying how she has the hardest time and she works there and I was thinking just stop talking and let me step away so I can fart. 
Me: That's why I don't have conversations with people.
MFD: Because you have to fart?
Me: No. Because they won't stop talking.
MFD: And probably because you have to fart.

On our way fishing
Me: You got a fucking visor mike?
MFD: Yep. It's for fishing
Me: I hate visors.
MFD: I thought about that for about five seconds then thought well she's not fishing.

Me: I can't believe you were on the phone with someone and said, "Sorry, my dog is mounting my other dog."
MFD: I know...and he didn't even say anything back!
Me: What was he supposed to even say? Totally useless and weird information!
MFD: Well I was screaming my dog's name in his ear. I wanted to tell him why.
Me: I think he would have rather not known. 

Me: What did you have for dinner?
MFD: Uh...your leftovers.
Me: What!
MFD: I thought you already ate.
Me: I didn't.
MFD: Well, it was good, so that's good right?

Happy birthday to my dearest Debbie today as well as Griffin and AJ & Drew May. 

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  1. Lol lol lol. Great way to start the day. Dog mounting lol❣️ Happiest birthday to our one of a kind Mikedoyle 💖✨😇☮️🍀🦄❣️ Love you both to infinity and beyond ❣️ Your. Momma.

  2. Happy Birthday, MFD! Cheers to another trip around the sun! You're change-makers...both of you. Our world is a better place because of you! Enjoy your long weekend. I hope it's dog-drama free. :-)

  3. LMAO.

    MFD, you could have gotten her to stop talking by farting. I'm just saying.

    Gotta go. My dog is mounting my other dog.

  4. Happy 40th Birthday MFD! Also, terrible call on the visor, sir. Return immediately.

  5. Oh such a great day to read this amusing post :) Happy birthday to MFD! Have a great long weekend celebrating :)

  6. Happy Birthday MFD!!!!! Leftovers are fair game if they sit for too long. As long as they were good...right? LOL And ummmm visors are never a good idea.

  7. Haha I love the one with him wanting the lady to stop talking so he could fart! At least he was being nice about it, right? I hope that you have a great time this weekend celebrating MFD's birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday MFD, and celebrating we shall with the funniest series! LOL at all the gymnastics, and of course having to step away to fart *tears*.

  9. Oh these posts always make me laugh. Happy Birthday to MFD!

  10. Haaa!! The Wawa incident and him mentioning your dogs mounting over the phone are classic! Always a good laugh! Happy 40th MFD!

  11. Eating someone else's leftovers without express permission is a party foul. Bad form, MFD! But Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday MFD! I was dying at the Wawa one, and also Wawa makes me giggle in general for some reason, guess because I have never been to one. Happy 15 years too! Have a great weekend!

  13. I am laughing SO hard about the fart one and the phone conversation one. There are some SERIOUS gems this month. Lol.
    And happy birthday to MFD!! Thanks for making us all laugh so hard!

  14. First someone pays for my breakfast at the local DD and then you post a favorite of mine!
    Happy long weekend to me!

  15. Always good for a laugh..happy birthday to MFD!

  16. oh man...the visor comment & the dog thing. happy (belated) birthday to someone i don't know personally but respect, admire & think is pretty frickin hilarious!

  17. Oh my goodness, these made me smile today. I think one of the best things about finding your partner is being able to laugh together. It helps in the tough times, and makes every day just that much better and more entertaining. The fart one cracked me up--I could totally see my husband saying the same thing lol

  18. I love these posts so much. I needed a good laugh today.


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