Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - I feel a change in the weather, I feel a change in me

Wishing every Tuesday was as great as this past Tuesday. I don't think I've ever said a nice thing about a Tuesday before. I thought I would die on that roller coaster so it's all gravy since I lived.
Drinking La Croix on the beach. It's awesome. My favorite is grapefruit but I also like passion fruit.

Raising money for pancreatic cancer research. My family is walking in the Purple Stride walk on November 4th in memory of my grandmother. We are Madeline's Marchers and you can donate to me here if you are so inclined.
Getting my poop in a pile after the summer season at the shore. I had someone out to measure for a stair runner on Tuesday, took all the quilts to the laundromat yesterday, and went to the carpet place Wednesday to look at carpet (while my shirt was on inside out the whole time). Our wall heat/air unit is being serviced today, I have an email in to my electrician about changing the lighting on the ground floor, my Dad is installing new smoke alarms this weekend, I ordered a new box spring and bed frame for one of the beds and new lamps for the living room, and my list making is off the charts. Now that most of the big stuff in the house that we wanted to do when we bought it is done, we can work on small improvements. It wasn't all work on Wednesday. I also hit the library and had lunch at Jon & Patty's.

Worrying about the Dreamers. About our humanity as a nation. About the intentions of a president who would make an announcement like this as so many are devastated by Hurricane Harvey and so many more are bracing for Hurricane Irma. The Dreamers came here as children. This is their country. There is nowhere to return to. Congress had eight years to bring this into law before Obama stepped in and did it for them. If he was overreaching, aren't all current EOs overreach? These people are not only not a problem, they are our freaking neighbors. They are the people we sit next to in church, the person who picks up a bag we dropped on the way to the car, the guy we sit next to in class, the woman who tells us she read that book and it was good. What was wrong with letting Obama's work stand here? Or anywhere? Stop the fucking insanity. Why would you support someone who wants other people to live in fear? If you want to defend the Dream Act, please call your congress person today. If you don't like phone calls, please text RESIST to 50409 and fax your message for free using ResistBot. If you would like to do more, visit United We Dream. And after saying all that, it seems crazy that so many of us white people are arguing about who has a right to be on this land we outright stole from indigenous people in a ruthless and bloody manner. We all need to sit the fuck down.

Sending MFD off to Houston tonight. He's signed up for shifts with the Houston Food Bank. We had an American Airlines voucher that was about to expire that covered the flights, he's splitting time between a cousin and a fraternity brother, he used points to book his first night hotel and a car rental, and has some birthday money from my parents for spending so he's all set. This is what he wanted for his 40th birthday so this is what he got.

Reading The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday!

Packing up to leave the shore only to return again very shortly. I got home at 8:00 last night and will be heading back there by 6 on Friday.

Reminding everyone, even though I have shared this a lot...

Sharing an e-card like every Thursday

What's new with you?

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  1. Omg. Our Mikedoyle is an earth 🌏 angel. Godspeed to him. God bless and help and heal all. No one is illegal❣️ Lol on the shirt inside out. I have been doing that occasionally ever since my shorts were on inside out at the kickboxing ❣️ God and Goddess speed to all. May these hurricanes go out to sea and do no harm. Love. Your. Momma. What you put out is what you get back.

  2. Good luck to Mike in Houston! One of my friends is friend with a dreamer in Charleston who is scared to evacuate (no evac orders have been given yet thank goodness) for fear she'll get arrested :/ Makes me so mad and sad.

  3. MFD--you're a good man! Can you thank him for me, for being one of the people who rush in?
    I'm glad you survived the roller coaster! My BIL has a family friend who does the inspections for those rides and told him not to let their kids go on them...eep! You know the ride that has the little rocket ships? Last year when I was there kids got stuck on it upside down. So yeah, I'm glad you survived hahah
    And as for DACA and our president...I continue to be at a loss for words and wonder how this could actually be our reality.

  4. That's what MFD wanted for his 40th? My lord, is he even real?!

  5. I love that MFD wanted to volunteer in Houston as his birthday present. That is so awesome and what a good man!! My heart breaks for the dreamers. This is their country. They are Americans. Their lives are being cruelly toyed with by a man who makes decisions based on diminishing Obama's legacy and dog whistling to his racist base, because even the majority of REPUBLICANS want Dreamers to stay.

  6. That is awesome that MFD wanted to go help for his 40th birthday!!! That is awesome that you have most of the big projects done at the shore and can focus on little things.

  7. MFD is so awesome!!!! My husband is getting things together to go down there and help soon. Helpers are everywhere!

  8. We just had the Purple Stride here a few weeks ago that we did. Pancreatic cancer needs more attention

  9. WWhat a good man wanting to do good for his birthday! Sounds liek you are getting a lot of stuff done on the shore house! It is a never ending project to have a property like that. Mmm La Croix, I have a tangerine one to go with my lunch!

  10. That's awesome MFD is heading to Houston to help out and lucky he has places to stay. The passion fruit La Croix sounds good. I need to try that one out!

  11. When I went to August commencement for the university I work at, a student decorated her mortarboard. It read "They crossed the border. I walked the stage." She is one of our dreamers and it breaks my heart to think she might be deported.

  12. Aww, so nice to hear about MFD's Houston trip. What a guy!

  13. MFD has the greatest heart. What a wonderful human.
    On the flip side, I can't even begin to talk about the p.o.s. potus. Such a piece of garbage.
    Have a wonderful weekend at the shore!

  14. What a good egg MFD is to want to go and volunteer for his birthday. It's people like him that give me hope for humanity! The Dreamers thing is just so shocking to me. I haven't heard a whole lot about it but everything I have breaks my heart. I almost wish I were a US citizen just so I could start ringing up congress people and registering my disgust!

  15. Good luck to MFD!

    I can't imagine having a to-do list for a rental house and trying to keep a shore house in order.

    A good Tuesday is like a unicorn.

  16. Yay for MFD! There should be more like him in this world.

    I'm a to-do list fanatic - give me a pen/paper and I'll make a list for no reason. Actually COMPLETING those items on the list is another story ...

  17. All the best to MFD!! I love grapefruit sparkling water too. That roller coaster looks pretty intense and I would have loved it 10-15 years ago!! haha

  18. Best wishes to your husband as he embarks on this endeavor.

    Speaking of Tuesdays... This past Tuesday was the Mondayiest Tuesday that ever happened, so much so that it might as well have been a Monday! LOL! (That's what happens in an elementary school the day after Labor Day during a full moon!)

  19. omg that roller coaster!!! where is it? looks SO fun. i want to go there. i love roller coasters. 'poop in a pile' lol. i feel like the to do list on our house is never ending, i feel you there. goodbye money. yay for helpers though. i think it is so awesome MFD went to Houston, and on his birthday too. my heart is breaking for the dreamers, thank you for sharing all the ways we can resist. texting and faxing now. i don't think i've ever had a good tuesday. ha kidding.

  20. I'm really struggling with our Dreamers. I'm trying not to show panic (and believe in hope), but I'm panicked in the worst possible way. I want to scream at everyone who doesn't understand. I don't know what to tell my staff or our kids. I got blasted for being irresponsible for telling them to "wait and see".... but really... I don't know what else to tell them. Thanks for calling your congressman, too.


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