Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Three Things - September

Three experiences I recommend 
Getting up early enough to see the sunrise every once in a while
A lot of alone time
Volunteering for something you truly care about

Three pieces of advice for everyone
Show up.
Say no when you want to say no. No excuses.
Know your strengths and never stop feeding them.

Three things I'd give up in a second
Hot coffee since I mainly drink iced 365/yr now
Cleaning baseboards

Three things that are always in my fridge
Half and half, full fat  -  you can pry it from my cold dead hands
Organic pumpkin for my dogs
Sliced jalapenos

Three things that are always in my freezer
Broccoli florets
Power breakfast muffins
At least two meals I have made that can be thawed and eaten

Three things that are always in my pantry
An extra bottle of Simply Heinz ketchup
Peanut butter

Three most often used makeup products*
undereye concealer
*most days it's just one and two or two alone

Three things I'll spend money on
Polarized sunglasses
Shoes comfortable for 80 year old lady feet
Dining experiences

Three things I won't spend money on
Cable, except at the shore where people expect it

Now you go.

Happy happy first birthday to my goddaughter Libby today! 

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  1. Funny about curtains - we dont have them either only blinds! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. No Curtains ❣️Agree. Always milk. Always a good bit of lots of stuff so I can make or bake in a whim. Eyeliner. Eyebrows.mascara. Scant foundation. Always underwire bra. Sunglasses always. Newest for me- nuts stored in the freezer. No more stale nuts. Fun blog. Love. Your. Momma

  3. Agreed on hot coffee, I drink iced year round. My most used makeup is lip balm, if that counts, and then mascara, for sure.

  4. haha about curtains, I only have blinds and that is fine for me. I too drink iced coffee year round even if it is 10 below outside.

  5. I drink iced coffee year round too, but I do have hot coffee as well. Simply Heinz is the only ketchup that is acceptable in my mind. And same with having cream, jalapenos, and peanut butter on hand always.

  6. Yes - same on the curtains. Good prompts - they're making me think!

  7. I want to get into the habit of having more meals in the freezer. Love your experience and advice answers!

  8. LOL i have no issues saying no when i don't' want to do something because old ladies DGAF :D

  9. I completely agree about the full fat half-n-half. And I love "know your strengths and never stop feeding them". I still mainly drink hot coffee, mostly because my apartment provides it, but I finally made a big pitcher of iced coffee and promptly caught a cold. I ended up throwing it out and am seriously jonesing for an iced coffee right now. :D

  10. Broccoli is always in my freezer too - I panic without it.

  11. Yes to all three things you'd give up! Ice coffee 24/7. Effing baseboards. WORST THING EVER!

  12. Libby is so cute! happy birthday little miss! Oh yes to saying no, no cable, iced coffee and now I need to clean my baseboards this weekend since I've never done it...

  13. I like your twist on 3 things about you! Please baby Jesus, could commuting just be banished!!!

  14. Ugh, yes about cleaning the baseboards. Also the ceiling fans. I always wait to long to do it and then they're disgusting and I'm so ashamed of myself!

  15. well crap, I've never thought about my baseboards before...

  16. "Say no when you want to say no"... words to live by. Love. I must try some organic pumpkin for my hound dog. I don't know what you are doing but you are looking younger in all of your pics. Keep doing it. You just look so pretty in the one with baby:)

  17. Happy Birthday Libby. So adorable. I was all I won't spend money on curtains either but I did. Blinds don't work as well on my huge sliding glass doors & the thermal curtains I got are amazing.

  18. Giving up commuting is something that makes so much sense to me. It's such a normal part of most of our lives that we don't think about what a tremendous waste of time it is and how unnecessary it is in many cases. I don't know if I'll ever feel compelled to commute again.

    The majority of our budget spent outside of home stuff (groceries, toiletries) is on food. Going out to eat is just something we love to do -- dining experiences nails it exactly. Will never give that up as long as I can help it!

    Same three things I won't spend money on. All pointless.

  19. I find it amusing that you have sliced jalapenos in your fridge at all times. Blech! Haha!
    A lot of alone time is definitely something I agree with :)

  20. I might have to copy this post! I'm totally with you on the shoes for old lady feet. I have a pair of Asics that fit just right and have been buying the same pair to replace them for 4 years. I'm paranoid they are going to stop making them, so I just bought two more from Amazon. Haha!

  21. seriously, spending money on curtains!! we have curtains in our living room and that is it, because of the glare and stuff. blinds everywhere else, i'm not wasting money on curtains. i've never had cable, so expensive. i have to hide the peanut butter in my house because someone eats the entire jar in one sitting. rage.

  22. I loved this post so much and ended up answering these questions on my blog! Great idea- Thanks so much!

  23. Love that picture of you and Libby!! She has beautiful eyes!


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