Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - I need a photo opportunity I want a shot at redemption

1. I just like to trot this one out once a year. Hashtag never forget.

2. Last week I was going to buy a windchime for the downstairs porch at the shore, but I didn't for some reason, walking away from quite a few. Monday I opened this awesome one from Amanda and Frank for Geege. And my bracelet arrived too. Yes, I'm that lady, and I don't give a fuck. I read something about not being the same as you were before a period of grief because the loss has reshaped you. I feel that in my physical makeup, in my bones, and it's weird. We're doing okay except for Mae who has not rebounded. She will be the impetus for getting another dog.

3. In the past three weeks I have lost a pair of glasses, a pair of sunglasses, and six bars of soap. Poof. Gone. Where the hell are these things?

4. On Tuesday morning I opened my Gmail to over 500 emails dating back to mid-July. I had read them all at some point but I didn't act on them. I deleted 375 of them. I'm sorry. I'll do better. But I had to wipe that slate clean.

4A. Speaking of emails...Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Reince Priebus, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and Gary Cohn all used private emails while serving in the White House. Probably for shit that was as boring as Hill's emails, but still SO WEIRD that no one cares. That's what everyone was upset about right? I mean, they literally ran an entire campaign against HRC for her  emails. I can't imagine why there is not more uproar over this right now. There are differences, sure, but given how fucking nuts everyone was over this I would assume the first order of business for everyone would be to absolutely not go near their personal email accounts to discuss White House business, you know? Well in any case trump supporters were really hung up on hers and we got him. So here we are. And aren't we great? Things are awesome. ps - about that voter fraud...Jared Kushner is registered as a female voter in NY. I'm sorry, these people deserve all the slag they get for the incredible general incompetence they exhibit.

5. I need to wipe a lot of slates clean. I got rid of two bags of shit this week and still am not satisfied that I've culled my wardrobe enough. I wear the same things all the time, why am I keeping everything else?

6. Puerto Rico needs our help desperately - there is little to nothing about it in the news - ask your local stations why that is. Call your Senators and ask why no aid is being rushed there. Contact your president and ask why he spent days tweeting about NFL athletes he has no fucking power over instead of working out how to get aid to PR. Nine tweets from him yesterday complaining about McCain, his made up NFL problem, and other inconsequential bullshit that is not his business but this major leadership in a catastrophic situation that is his business? Not a fucking peep. He finally waived the Jones act THIS MORNING. MANY DAYS TOO LATE. People had no water, food, electricity and he diddled around on Twitter and played a time game with their lives. PR is part of America. To act differently is nuts. USVI, FL Keys, and TX still need help also.
-HuffPost article with links to organizations to help PR.
-PBS links to organizations to help PR
-Ricky Martin also started a YouCaring fund.
-To get on a list to volunteer on the ground once infrastructure is secured in PR: PR VOAD
-For PR info: PR Informa
-Business Insider list for best charities to give to for victims of Harvey, Irma, and Maria
-One America Appeal - the five living former presidents have joined forces to raise money for the devastation from Harvey, Irma, and Maria. You can designate which hurricane recovery effort and I think you can designate where also.

7. Speaking of those NFL athletes, I have been quiet on this latest debacle. Sort of puzzled too, since we are talking about a league that knowingly harbors perpetrators of domestic violence and literally no one cares. Physical violence against women, no big deal. People kneeling during the anthem? FUCK THE NFL! Seriously, it's fucking nuts. I support #takeaknee and I'm frankly surprised at the insane backlash over the past week over something that's been happening for well over a year. Even if taking a knee is not something I would do personally, I am sure as shit not going to sit around as a white person pontificating how, when, where, and why it is appropriate for black people to protest racial injustice that is undeniable in the United States. It's a sore fucking shame when we are nuclear over people not pledging allegiance to a flag rather than wondering what we can do about them not being equally represented under that flag. I'm also surprised at how many people I know who would make really good Nazis.You stand for that flag no matter what! Just like in Germany you proved your love to the fatherland and Fuhrer or you were ostracized or sent to work camp (aka gas chambers). Then we invoke the veterans, who fought against that exact thing. Making this about the flag, anthem, OR military is willful ignorance of what the protest is actually about, and we all fucking know what it's about - it's about racial injustice and a huge need for criminal justice reform - and if you deny those things that is also willful ignorance. Forced fealty is not supposed to be American. Exercising your first amendment right to dissent and protest is very American. Be careful about labeling people who exercise the first amendment rights as unpatriotic. Be careful about demanding patriotism on your terms. Be careful about telling groups of people what they are and are not allowed to do. Be careful about speaking for others, especially those not afraid to speak for themselves.

8. At least Graham-Cassidy died before getting to the floor. Don't worry, they'll resurrect that hideous sewage of a bill. People who are under or want to be under the Affordable Care Act, open enrollment begins November 1 and is only 45 days this year. The website will curiously be down for maintenance during some of those days. Please be vigilant in getting yourself on there.
9. Reminder: If you have something you want to say, you never have to be quiet to make other people feel more comfortable.
10. E-card of the week: And even this is a stretch.


  1. Amen to all. Rosa Parks. Taking a knee. Freedom of speech. Geege gifts💙💙💙☀️
    Katrina all over again with Puerto Rico, but worse. TRump attending a fundraiser for himself, tweeting. Ugh. Good really is surfacing more and more because of him. It was just on the news that elected officials- mayors, senators, governors,etc are rallying to get help for Puerto Rico. I can't help but think self-centered and selfish with GOP and their supporters. God bless and help and heal all. Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Yes to the ecard!

    The taking a knee bothers me because, like you said, no one seems to notice the fact that a lot of NFL players have had actual criminal charges against them. If you beat your wife or girlfriend (or if you've been charged with murder, Ray Lewis), you don't get to pontificate what your rights are in that way. The owners and commissioner are just as bad, if not worse. Taking a knee, I agree, is NOT about the anthem but the NFL is a poor moral forum to try to show this.
    Chris Kyle's widow wrote something about it that was on Facebook last night and it made sense.

  3. LOL i laugh at that photo every time i see it...isn't that also when JT had ramen noodle hair? hahahaha

  4. I went off the other day about the NFL being a haven for murderers and wife beaters and dog fighters and all kinds of other pieces of shit but let's raise holy hell because players are exercising their right to protest. The priorities in this country are so royally fucked up.

  5. Keep calm, nope, I can't keep calm.

    Oh that denim JT/BS picture. Helllllo TEENBEAT!

  6. CALL ME AL, call me Al.
    Taking a knee is not in my repertoire but I'll defend anyone else's right to do it.

  7. Man. So much good stuff here today. First of all, I love your new bracelet. LOVE.
    Thank you for the Puerto Rico links! It's hard to find the *right* places to donate.
    Not getting into the email shit because we're literally the United States of Hypocrites right now. F*ck that f*cking self-righteous family of haters.
    Ahh, the NFL. Man... I have been SO angry about that all weekend. First of all, everything I've read has stated that taking a knee in protest is incredibly respectful to the flag and veterans/soldiers, but still a form of protest. I think that's awesome. Personally, I probably won't be taking a knee at the next football or NASCAR event I attend, but I will absolutely defend people who choose to do so. It's peaceful, it's gaining attention, and it's making an important statement. THAT is how we change and improve and grow as a country- it's how it's always been done; taking a stand- or rather a seat or knee- to protest injustice.

  8. So many good things in this email. Fired up now and I love that tweet about Rosa not protesting about the bus. Thick skulls will never get this, so frustrating. OH MY GOD that britney and justin photo! Seriously, #neverforget.

  9. I'm so dreading open enrollment... sick over what its going to look like - sicker over what its going to cost me...

  10. I got back on ACA last night, luckiky I had a life change event that opened up enrollment.

  11. I almost peed myself laughing when I saw how many white house employees were using personal private email accounts. I mean seriously – after all the shit you gave Hillary? As we knew then and for sure know now - it was never about the emails and always about her having a vagina. And I think it's super funny that Jared apparently wishes he had one too. He really must truly be incompetent at paperwork. I mean how many times has he had to amend his forms on his contact with foreign officials? I so frustrated with the whole NFL thing. It was never about disrespecting the flag or the anthem and always, always about racial injustice and police brutality. But that doesn't play to his base, so he makes it about disrespecting soldiers. He ignores suffering and dying people in Puerto Rico so he can stir the shit-can here. Godspeed, Robert Mueller because I cannot take three more years of this crap.

    Love the Geege bracelet and wind chime. Beautiful mementos to honor him.

  12. I love the Geege bracelet!!! Such a special way to carry him with you. I never tired of seeing that Britney and Justin picture!

  13. Sorry that Mae hasn't rebounded yet. I know dogs grieve deeply as well and I meant to ask how Gus and Mae were doing.

    #4A - I've been shaking my head all week over this. Still shaking it.

  14. That Obama cartoon is exactly what was on Vox this week. EXACTLY. Except in real life. Sad. The NFL thing is out of control. The lack of outrage about emails (I'm looking at you, media) is ridiculous. The fact that the NFL is taking more air time than the (lack of) relief efforts is appalling. This can't be my America. But it is... in 2017.

  15. First, the denim many laughs!
    I love the wind chime and bracelet! I hope Mae starts coming around soon, but I totally understand why it's tough. And a big of YES YES YES to 6, 7, 8. I couldnt have said it better myself!

  16. I love the bracelet in remembrance of Geege and so sad for little Mae. Poor girl!

  17. As usual I'm so on board with everything you say but this line was really powerful: "I'm also surprised at how many people I know who would make really good Nazis."

  18. This must be wipe the slates clean week - I'm currently catching up on blogs (only eighty billion unread posts) and email (an unholy number.) Speaking of, the "but her emails" image is amazing. I've generally found that if you take any accusatory thing President Micropenis ever said about HRC and just replace her name with his, it actually becomes true!


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