Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - I try and comprehend you but I got a dyslexic heart

1. Have I mentioned that I have been caught in an early 90s listening pattern? The title might have given that away. It's fitting since I was in Target last night and the clothing section was like walking into my closet in 1997. There's a lot of inexplicable crushed velour out there right now and someone needs to answer for it.
2. I want these signs posted everywhere.
3. I  have a problem with athleisure shoes. Whatever they all have homes, I wear them all, and I got rid of 10 pair of shoes this week. I would still kill a small woodland animal to get these TOMs in a 9. They are out of stock online. I know because I check every day.
4. Flowers make things better. Thanks Peters!

5. It was my youngest brother's 23rd birthday on Tuesday. Kind, smart, and funny. Happy happy kid. I can say kid since I'm almost 18 years older.

6. This cretin, retweeting a GIF of himself striking Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball. He is the most unpresidential woman hater ever. This slimy maniac exists fathoms below the dignity of the Office of the President of the United States of America. You don't get a pass to make light of violence against women because you sit your ass in the Oval Office or because you think it's funny. Go to hell. Wait, you're in charge...we're already there. MAGA!

7. This stopped being about healthcare a long time ago. It is about money and power over people, making the rich richer no matter how many people have to suffer or die for that to happen. The GOP needs ONE vote to flip by the last week of September to ruin healthcare for all of us - every single one of us - including those of us insured under employer healthcare. Get on the fucking phone, send a fucking letter, use ResistBot to text a fax, hire a fucking skywriter, show up at your Senator's office, I don't care. Do something, anything, everything to kill this fucking Graham-Cassidy bill from hell. This is your responsibility.  And mine. And theirs. Everyone get on the fucking phones.
8. I'm off today and tomorrow. I'm going for the salt air cure: sweat, tears, or the sea. Probably all three. I'm going to eat bad things if I want to, sleep when I want to, and read. Peace.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:


  1. OOO I love those Toms. I also think that sign should be posted everywhere. I hope you have a good Thursday!

  2. Goddess speed for a wonder-filled long weekend by the sea. Best place to spend your anniversary ❣️ Sea and sun. So much fun. I'm a rhymer❣️ Love. Your. Momma.

  3. "Mommy still cleans up after me" <--THAT.

    The clothes at target terrify me, in that we do not need to go back to the mid-90s with our trends.

  4. That sign is everything.
    I have been using resist-bot to send messages about Graham-Cassidy. It's horrifying.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Steph!

  5. The sign, fabulous!!!

    My little sister's birthday was Tuesday, too! <3

  6. 2- YES. Littering is something that makes me instantly rage. WE ALL LIVE HERE; WHY ARE YOU POISONING OUR HOME?! Especially cigarette butts. I get SO PISSED.
    3- I think we have the same pair of TOMS. I have those pastel-ish stripy ones.

    It can hardly be called "healthcare" at this point... It's barely about health at all and the people running the show have made it quite clear they don't care nor do they want to care for others.

  7. The 90s kid in me still likes velvet. I mean, 'crushed velour.' sorry...
    I hope your days off are as peaceful as they can be at this point. Or strangle someone littering on the beach, whatever makes you feel better, I'm on board.

  8. LOL at anyone even attempting to describe this bill as health care. Is it health care if it makes people go bankrupt in exchange for not actually even covering their medical costs? This is a disgrace and everyone who votes yes on that dumpster fire should be ejected from office immediately. If only.

    Here's hoping the salt air treats you well this weekend.

  9. omg the freaking 90's velvet. I hated it then and hate it more now. I still remember mum bringing home a blue velvet jacket for me that everyone loved - got so many compliments. I HATED IT. lol. That's one trend I will ignore the revival of.

    Have the best weekend at the beach Steph!

  10. I love that littering sign too and wish it was everywhere. The GrahamCassidy bill is such a freaking joke. And it slays me, slays me, that they will vote on it without a full CBO score, without real understanding of what the bill means or does to the people just because they pinky swore they would repeal and replace Obamacare. How can anyone with a soul do that? Oh wait. Because every single one of them have Cadillac insurance through the government - that's why. Chill out at the beach and feel all the feels.

  11. I still cant get over the HANDSHAKE between Trump & his wife... he really is a different kind of human, isn't he?
    That littering sign is EVERYTHING!!!!

  12. Nope. Not going to discuss healthcare right now. My blood pressure is high enough. I still cannot understand how they can hate the poor and the sick so damn much or why their mere existence is offensive to these fuckers.

    I hope you get what you need at the beach and please eat one of those ice cream sandwiches because OMG.

  13. There's a lot of inexplicable crushed velour out there right now and someone needs to answer for it. - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yes, someone please answer! The healthcare in this country is a freaking joke. It has been for quite awhile and it continues to only get worse, apparently. I think we just need to start from scratch.

    Enjoy your time at the shore for a long weekend!!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that those Toms come back in stock!

  14. Well Cassidy is one of my senators so those calls don't work like last time when I got on a first name basis with his health care staffer. And my other senator, who I used to work for when he was a competent smart democrat back when crushed velvet was popular the first time (he wrote my rec letter for law school, how embarrassing now) is now an empty suit typical southern red state republican who also takes his phone off the hook. Ugh. Have a fabulous time at the shore, you need some relaxation after the hard thing you had to deal with this week.

  15. I hope the beach works it's magic. I heard a song the other day and the refrain was my life's motto.

    Hey I go down and sink my feet in the water
    And I soak up that sun and I watch it set
    Yeah, I can feel the power of the saltwater gospel
    I'm as close to God as I can get.

  16. lolz @ the litter sign. if you just straight throw your garbage on the ground? *you're* garbage. toms are the best -- i need to go peruse for a new 'fall/winter' pair.

  17. Challenge accepted. I'm going to find those Toms for you. In a 9.

  18. and now you have competition for those size 9 toms.
    major fist bump for everything else. the resurgence of overalls baffles me.

  19. That sign...yes! Happy to be a Duke Energy customer!

    Also, beige slacks are the physical version of the “womp womp” sound. :)

  20. I'm on board with most '90s fashion comeback, but not the crushed velvet!!! I want that litter sign and those TOMS!


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