Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - in this time of introspection on the eve of my election

1. Yesterday was the first and probably last time I took two dogs in at once for dental surgery. I used a new vet  and was quite pleased when Mae came out first super alert. She had six teeth extracted so I expected much worse. Then she started crying and wouldn't stop until Gus cane out. The vet tech told me they were "talking" to each other all day through their crates in recovery.  Weird as Gus typically had no time for Mae. As we were walking out Gus just started peeing and walking. Hmm. Maybe just still woozy but he seemed otherwise alert and jackassy like he usually is. Another vet tech said oh Gus and Mae they were in cahoots through their crates all day we couldn't stop laughing. I see. Collusion. I walked them for a while. Mae went to the bathroom. Gus waited until we were driving to shit in the backseat, which he then walked through and Mae sat in. I was in hysterics by the time I got home. They were quite pleased with themselves. MFD took care of car cleanup while I cleaned myself, them, and their leashes. Then I hand fed Geege wet food which was, as you can imagine, the cherry on top of a gross shit sundae. It takes a special kind of asshole to have two vengeful dogs go in for dental on the same day while the third dog still has pneumonia.

2. For that and other reasons I have failed at life this week. Kicked ass at work but otherwise sorry, self. Try again next week so you don't have to eat Lucky Charms for dinner two nights in a row followed by chocolate chip cookies on the third while your house clutters and dirties itself around you. 

3. Cookies and other goodies delivered by my mom last night who came to see MFD for his birthday eve eve.

4. My nails have taken a beating this summer. I freshened up last night with OPI Gelato on My Mind.

5. I love the show Billions. I have been obsessed with this song from its season finale for months. I feel like I've shared this here before but I don't care. Besides, it's an awesome fall-ish song and we all know fall is coming by the pumpkin shit everywhere.
6. We're on our way back when we were so recently making our way out. Also, please don't be an anti-Democrat. I will not survive it.

7. I'm relying on General Mattis right now to keep shit together (watch the video in this article if you haven't seen it yet). You hold the line too, Mad Dog. You too. I sure as shit cannot rely on the president to do so when he shows up in Texas and comments on the size of the fucking crowd there like this is a goddamn fucking victory tour instead of a visit to the state that has just been fucking ravaged by a crazy hurricane event and endured chaotic decimation. His entire response to this disaster has proved how fucking tone deaf he is. It would be nice if you would be a president but even nicer if you'd be a fucking human being and provide comfort and leadership instead of talking about your goddamn crowd size.

8. Can we make a promise to each other? Can we not shame anyone for how they choose to donate to hurricane relief? I am coming from the same place as Elizabeth Gilbert here. My only caveat is that if you are sending physical supplies, do not send whatever you think they might need or use it as a way to get rid of your stuff. Find an organization you support that is collecting and distributing supplies and stick to their list of requested supplies. Please please PLEASE do not let anything stop you from giving. Do your research if you need to. Get on charity navigator. But PLEASE do not be that person who is so suspicious of what is going to come of your $20 donation that you just don't give one. Please. And if you don't have money but maybe have some unused items that are on supply lists or a gift card where you can buy stuff to send, consider doing that!
If you want to but are unsure of where, here are some options:
The Black Women's Defense League: Accepting physical supplies and money
South Texas Human Rights Center, working with immigrants
Transgender Foundation of America Disaster Relief Fund
Portlight, assisting people with disabilities
Austin Pets Alive
Austin Disaster Relief Network - A network of churches and volunteers mobilizing on the ground with supplies. If you are mailing supplies, please call them to get an address. There is a supply list on their website.
Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce: Go fund me to help rebuild coastal bend businesses and communities. If you are interested in sending supplies I can get you the suggested list and also the address.
Native Dave: My friend Christy and her family live off the grid pretty and work their native plant business in Aransas Pass/Rockport/Fulton. Sixty to seventy percent of their town has been destroyed. You can see their live videos here on the Native Dave facebook page. If you are looking to give specifically to people, I know these people and they are good people. Here is their gofundme page. Their website states "In business and in life, we are inspired to conserve, preserve, restore, and celebrate Nature." And I know they will do that.
Together Rising: Text to donate. And remember...we belong to each other

Texas Diaper Bank providing emergency diaper kits for babies, seniors, and people with disabilities - these are not distributed by relief agencies
The Homeless PERIOD Project - tampons, pads, etc
Corpus Christi Food Bank
Galveston Food Bank
City of Houston Relief Fund
SPCA of Texas
Coalition for the Homeless
United Way of Beaumont & North Jefferson County
JJWatt's Houston Flood Relief Fund: This man set out to raise $500,000 and as of this morning has raised over $9.4 MILLION.
9. Reminder in this back to school time:

10. E-card of the week: I'm hoping this is me this weekend. I need to disengage for 48 hours.


  1. Lovely visit last night. Amen on caring presidents, donating, school days. I asked the universe to send my donations and all to those who are supposed to get them. Continued Godspeed to our Mikedoyle to infinity and beyond ❣️ A glorious long weekend to all and may all be happy and safe and sound. Love. Your. Momma.

  2. #1 made me laugh really hard, I'm sorry your struggle is so hilarious to me.

  3. It's almost like Trump was giddy about the impact of the disaster. It's like he wants to brag that he had to deal with a larger disaster than other presidents? So weird. He made a really strange comment while in Austin about "Harvey sounds like such an innocent name." WTF does that even MEANNNN?!

    May I add one more to your list? This one was set up by City of Houston and it's where they're asking folks to donate for the Houston flood victims:

  4. I LOOOOOVE number 9. I wish I could post it otuside of every teacher's door tonight for Back to School Night.
    I legit can not with this President...crowd size? Are you effing kidding me? Is this reality? Some days I find it hard to believe that it's real because it's such a shit show.
    I'm sorry about the dog sounds like it was a shit sandwich (or backseat) kind of day. Hoping it only goes up from dog poop in the back seat and hand feeding wet food!

  5. Oh no, all three doggies at once huh??? It sounds like Mae and Gus were in collaboration on the car ride home long in advance. That shit was premeditated. Pun intended! Off to listen to that song, I need some fall in my life. Come on fall, I am ready!

  6. I've been pretty disengaged for nearly two weeks, and it has been blissful. I think the most noticeable thing about #7 is the picture. Physical touch vs. speeches from a ladder and a seemingly "no touch" policy. And I completely agree with #8. I found a local VFW that set up a collection center and bought some stuff from that list. Every little bit helps! Hope your pups are feeling a little better today and you're able to recharge over the long weekend!

  7. JJ Watt's foundation and the people donating blow my mind in the best way possible. Good on him, love that he keeps everyone updated and continues to raise the bar.

  8. Still chuckling about the vet visit and return home - but I've been there. I hate taking the dogs for dentals - it's like they know how stressed out I am with concern for them (anesthesia, finding other things wrong, etc.) that they feel like I need some comic relief to cheer me up when it's over. Sounds like yours are the same way. :)

    #7 - I'm tired of shaking my head in disbelief.
    #8 - yes to all these
    #9 - had this very discussion with one of my teens last night. Such a good reminder that being a decent human being is far better than GPA results. (still want them to try hard in school, but be kind first)

  9. Aww the poor dogs and the dental work, but I love that they were totally looking out for the other one while they were back there. Love what you said in #8-- you don't have to try to make the biggest impact, but helping out where you can, where it's needed is so important.

  10. #1 - Good heavens, you have your hands full. Hopefully all the fur babies are recovering well and err ... peeing outside. :D
    #7 - Yes to Mattis. He needs to hold the line too because we are counting on him more than ever. I just don't get Trump. Seriously. He pardon Arpaio during a hurricane because he assumed it would get better ratings. Really? That's why you pardon someone - for ratings? He cares more about crowds and ratings than actual leadership.

  11. hahahaha... That was the dogs revenge completely on going to the dentist. When I have to go, I'd crap on someones seat too if I could ;)

    You dont see Trump even being affectionate with his own family, I dont expect him to do it with strangers. So sad really.

  12. #1 So sorry about the poop. My pup hates the dental work too and acts like an asshole when I pick her up. #7 I mean I just can't anymore. He is just an egotistical maniac that needs to be disciplined. Is there not a limit to self promotion? #9 yes yes and more yes!

  13. I saw something on Twitter akin to "if you're not posting HOW you're helping, you're not helping" it's ANYONE'S business how/when/where we donate relief money/supplies.

    Sending all the puppy prayers your way! Poor little guys and girl.

  14. You're on point about donations.

    Sorry about the dogs! Hope they are all back to normal soon!

  15. Snotty, I just need to share that I went into my company's online giving tool today to give to the Red Cross, which they matched at 100%, so my $100 got doubled. Plus, some volunteer hours that I had entered into the system a while ago got approved, so the company had given me $100 in giving credits to spend as I wished, which I divided up between Texas Diaper Bank and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which I've been meaning to donate to since Charlottesville. So basically, my $100 of goodwill today turned into $300 of goodness flowing out into the world. People, check your company's resources for giving! It can really multiply what you're able to do on your own!

  16. I'm so sorry for your shit sundae, but I seriously died from laughing at the fact that those two were colluding. Trouble. That's what the pugs are. Nothing but trouble. Good thing they are cute.

  17. I love what you said about charity shaming -- it doesn't matter where you send your help, just SEND IT. I know Red Cross doesn't have the BEST reputation (for a few shady reasons) but at the end of the day they are legit, they do help, and I heard somewhere they can act the quickest in a crisis. Don't make people feel bad if they donate to them or discourage them. HELP IS HELP.


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