Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - some nights I call it a draw

1. Jesus crapbag this week has been nuts at work and home. Lots going on, one of those weeks you skid into the end of out of breath and happy to be alive.

2. Monday night errand fails: Went to Target #1 to pick up bedding I ordered online, which did not look like it looked online. Strike one. Only dull coir doormats strike two. No 3 foot extension cords. Strike three. Went to Target #2. Coir doormat score. No 3 foot extension cords. Who knew they'd be so fucking hard to find? And then to Marshalls, where I was delirious and bought bedding that was too expensive and is being returned. Regretskies.I came home and ate a cupcake. No regretskies. Tuesday was mildly better with success at Sherwin Williams and Home Depot, fail at two different TJ Maxx stores, and a blessed massage at 9 pm. Amen.

3. Wednesday I took off to hang with my niece, the inimitable Lola Jean. We had a fun day playing outside and reading Madeline books that were my grandmom's while laying on the floor in her room. She makes me laugh and I'm so glad she is in this world. We also listened to music, of course.
4. While she was napping, I painted my nails terribly (Zoya Sia, and there there the excess came with hand washing) and MFD dropped off a coffee. I also took a little snooze myself and didn't wake up in a troll mood. SUCCESS, you guys. After I left there, I got a pedicure (OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow) and brow wax using a birthday gift card from Debbie. It was a great day off and I was home over 1.5 hours earlier than I would be from work so I got 40982 loads of laundry done too.

5. I actually don't think the world is getting worse, but I do think social media makes it seem like it is. We have the power to share all the negativity we can find in an instant, which we do, relentlessly. The news cycle is also focused on the bad. Look, bad things have always happened and will always happen. In those times we should not only look for the helpers, but condition ourselves to BE the helpers. If all we do is lament online about how things are going to shit, we are not being the helpers. Being the helper is simple. Be aware. Be open. Be compassionate. Be present. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you see a need you can serve, don't overthink it. Just fill it, no matter how small of a thing it seems. Small gestures save lives and ease situations every single day. People who have good in their hearts need to be putting themselves out there. When we don't, people look around and can't see the helpers. Our energy and presence is needed. It's okay to get discouraged, disgusted, upset, weary, or afraid. We all do. But we shake that off and we get back out there because we are helpers and that is what helpers do.
6. Can meme creators watch the grammar? It pains me to share this given that an should be and, but I have to. If Mae looked like a fawn pug, this would be her. It cracks me up when she runs and leaps with the zest of a mighty dog.
7. I have not gotten so many laughs out of one thing in a long time. Thank you man rompers. You are giving me the grins.
8. Oh except this. I have watched this a million times. And I typically hate gifs because they give me motion sickness but this...this is gold. Call me petty but it brings me joy to watch this white supremacist architect of the Muslim ban appear so uncomfortable in Saudi Arabia.

9. No matter how much strife this country is experiencing at any given time, one of my favorite things to photograph is our flag. I believe in what is stands for. I am humbled by the true meaning of this three day weekend that kicks off the summer. My personal pet peeve is that it is treated like Veterans Day. Listen, every day is the day to be thankful for our veterans, but Veterans Day is a day in November specifically dedicated to the appreciation of veterans. Monday is not Veterans Day. Monday is MEMORIAL Day. It's a day dedicated to those who have died in service to this country. Monday is for the ones who did not come back.
Last Memorial Day weekend in OCNJ
10. E-card of the week: appropriate for a three day weekend ahead, no?

I'll see you back here with a late weekend post on Monday night and this month's recommendations on Tuesday. Follow on Instagram this weekend! My account and the shore house account if you're not following there! I don't duplicate, but I do use the shore house account to do more OCNJ-centric things. 

Enjoy your long weekend and remember the reason for it. 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shit MFD Said: Vol 41

Waiting on sushi
MFD: I need to eat.
Me: You just had a salad.
MFD: That was nothing. That was like I went outside and yawned and grass blew into my mouth.

After a four day who will empty the dishwasher standoff
Me: So I noticed the dishwasher has been emptied.
MFD: Oh? I wonder who did that.
Me: I'm not sure, because the dirty dishes are still in the sink and weren't put in the dishwasher. 
MFD: Weird.
Me: Must have been a moron.

MFD: Steph, this is very good.
Me: What is?
MFD: This salad you made.
Me: The one portioned out for my lunch in the little containers?
MFD: You didn't make this for the house? There were lots of containers.
Me: Five days in the week. Five containers for lunch.
MFD: Well I'm eating it for lunch now and it's excellent. It's so good, if you died tomorrow, this salad is what would get me through the week. I don't know what would get me through when it was gone, but would get me through the week.
Me: Well I'm glad. 

Me: Aren't these shoes pretty?
MFD: Another pair of new shoes? Are you Imelda Marcos?

Me Driving his car to the shore
Me: I thought we discussed how your music isn't good driving music for me.
MFD: I thought we discussed how you're a turd.
Me: No. We haven't discussed that. 

MFD: What kind of lettuce is this?
Me: It's lettuce.
MFD: Is it spinach?
Me: It's lettuce. 
MFD: It looks like cabbage patch kid lettuce.
Me: Still lettuce. 

As he's heading down to the basement
Me: Bring up that bag downstairs that's full of towels.
MFD: It's actually not full of towels. It's full of butts and turds.
Me: It's not.
MFD: Where is it?
Me: Open your eyes.
MFD: singing open your eyes look up to the skies and seee...I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low
Me: Very nice. Do you see it?

And via text

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Monday, May 22, 2017

TWTW - the one traversing New Jersey

Friday night taking care of hausfrau biz like purging and reorganizing kitchen drawers, making hard boiled eggs, changing and washing sheets, and putting laundry away. The dogs were all enough, sit down with us.
Saturday I spent way more time on the Garden State Parkway than is advisable. Firs I headed to North Jersey for MBD's first birthday party. He is so cute and pleasant. Laura and Chris for the combined win with the combo of the rainbow balloon arch (Laura) and the Prince welcome (Chris). It was great to spend an afternoon with my family of choice, and especially nice to see the littlest members MBD and Natalia because I don't get to see them in person often and they don't text or email.
I left around 6:40 and headed south on the Parkway to reach the shore by 9. I just wanted to peek upstairs at the new carpet but ended up putting most of the two bedrooms back together, which meant 49 trips up and down the stairs. The carpet is dark enough to hide hide stains and the 98374982734 pounds of sand it will swallow every year. I also realized I needed a new quilt and ordered it from the couch at 11:45 pm. I love technology.
MFD and the dogs arrived late, and I was up until after 1:30 thinking about all the shit that needed to be done Sunday, so no sunrise. We got right to work at 8 and kept going until 6. There were no large projects or picture-worthy shit but it was an ass breaking day all around. Basically we spent 10 hours going up and down three flights of steps 52974 times carrying shit up. We finished putting the third floor back together, touched up paint up there, took a magic eraser to the walls in all bedrooms and hallways, dealt with a sudden dresser top problem with contact paper, cleaned out under the beds on the second floor, patched a ceiling hole, cleaned off the steps, wiped down the railings, applied brackets to secure a side table, got rid of all the outdoor mats, weeded the insane shit growing in the driveway sand, cleaned out the bike alley behind the house/outdoor shower/driveway area, and hung bunting for Memorial Day. We also removed everything that will not stay in the house for the summer season, which is a lot when you've been using it personally. And shit I originally thought we needed but made it through a rental season without using went too. We ran over to Somers Point to buy a new air conditioner for MFD to install on the top floor and Jen & Tara stopped by to see us on their way out of town but otherwise, no breaks. MFD does not like no breaks but I only had to threaten him with death and divorce like five times. The Sunday before Memorial Day is always stressful but we killed it and not each other. Success.
We rewarded ourselves with dinner at Luigi's and a bike ride on the boards. Biking on the boards at night is coming to an end next weekend. This is MFD's I survived the Sunday before Memorial Day with my insane drill sergeant wife face.
I made the executive decision to paint the trim on the top two floors on Thursday night. Lord help me.

Weekly food prep: I only need breakfast for three days and lunch for two since I'm off on Wednesday, which is good timing since I had neither the time or inclination to do this this weekend. Breakfast is power breakfast muffins and hard boiled eggs; lunch is peanut butter, honey, and banana roll ups on multi-grain tortillas with a side of bell peppers; and dinners are spinach and artichoke pasta and avocado toast.

We stayed at the shore Sunday night so this morning means an early rise and ride for me. But it's a short week - I'm off Wednesday and I'm working from the shore Friday and we'll probably close early. 

Happy birthday to Sarah today! 

Memorial Day week already, man. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

And then I threw up on the train.

I wasn't planning to close down the week with a blog post about how I threw up on a goddamn train but here we are. Yesterday one of my worst non-life shattering nightmares came true.

I felt off in the morning and thought maybe I hadn't had enough water the day before. I trudged into work and drank some Gatorade and ginger ale and a lot of water in case I was dehydrated. By around 11 I knew I needed to go home. The trains are running on the hour at that point in the day so I was stuck in my office until 12:04.

When I got to the train station, of course my train was 10 minutes late. I slumped over on a bench next to a mother and her son who could not stop talking about what they were going to have for lunch AND dinner. Breathe through it. Breathe through it.

The train was a local making every stop and the ride felt like it took place over the span of four years instead of just over 40 minutes. We were rolling up to the stop before mine when it happened. The unthinkable. The public puking as a not inebriated or hungover adult on public transportation.

I whipped out an empty Old Navy online order bag and dispersed all the liquid I consumed that morning into it. Four pukes in the less than three minutes between that stop and mine. I tried to be quiet and hold myself as still as possible.

Then it was done, and the only thing my stomach was full of was mortification.

The lady next to me was looking at me with a mixture of sympathy and horror. I briefly considered telling her I was pregnant to explain away the spontaneous public vomiting but instead wiped my mouth on the inside of my dress and apologized profusely for vomiting next to her on public transportation. She scooted out of the seat to give me a wide berth and I rolled my puke bag securely down and gathered up my shredded dignity to exit the train.

If anyone ever needs to throw up in public and then carry it around with them, I would like to suggest the Old Navy online order bag. It's strong and it doesn't leak.

Can I also take this opportunity to blame SEPTA? If the train hadn't been late, I would have made it to my stop and puked outside of the train. I would like to be able to blame someone. Right? I am against blame shifting but lord I need to blame someone for this. Just this once.

At home I slept for five hours. My eyes were closed before my head even hit the pillow. Can your body shut down from public shame? I think that happened. I was back in bed at 9:30 last night and woke up at 6 this morning feeling fine.

What a weird fucking day. One that I never, ever want to repeat. When you take public transport, your main fears are 1) bed bugs 2) accident 3) needing to puke 4) uncontrollable diarrhea. Out of the four of those, puking is the least horrifying and I hope it's the only one I ever have to deal with. Thank God it wasn't my regular train so I don't feel the need to don the paper bag of shame over my head for the foreseeable future.

Lessons learned:
1) do not travel without a solid, leak-proof bag
2) do not leave your computer at work so you feel the need to come in when you shouldn't
3) leave an hour before go time if you are sick at work

I haven't thrown up today, so it's already 470% better than yesterday.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - sliding into third

1. This week is carnival week on my street so some dick in a box from outside of the neighborhood parks the wrong way on the street constantly. Turn around and park correctly, you lazy shitgibbon.
2. I watched in fascination as a fellow commuter set out her trashbag seat cover on the train and then again next to me on the shuttle bus to the park-n-ride. I mean, I fear bed bugs. I get it. This lady had her shit down. Her husband was the only one who was visibly annoyed by her until she started yelling "Oh no, oh no, JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR NAME NO!" on the shuttle bus because there was a car in sight on the road as the bus was making a left. Then people got snarky as fuck with her, telling her the bus driver did that every day.  She replied, "It only takes once for us to all die a fiery death." Thanks for that. Cheers and goodnight, lady.

3. I have worked three blocks from here for years, walked by it a million times, and I swear I've never noticed this.

4. I can't get in depth this week with politics, but the resistance is clever as fuck. And mighty.
5. Crazy Christians who want to control women's bodies and who other people can marry among other things scare me more than ISIS...mainly because my fellow citizens don't seem to have a big problem with that form of control.
6. The Progression of Productivity this week:
Monday night...I went to Marshalls, made turkey taco lettuce wraps and prepped breakfasts and lunches for the week, washed pans and ran the dishwasher, packed up bathing suits to take and leave at the shore, mopped the bathroom floor (AKA Dog Pee Town), washed and dried a load of shore towels + home towels, sorted mail and opened packages, reorganized my laundry stuff, watched the season finale of Billions, and read.
Tuesday night...voted, went to to the fool carnival, folded towels, unloaded dishwasher, finished a book.
Wednesday night...slumped, slack jawed and lifeless on the couch, hot and annoyed. Rallied to make naan pizzas, fold more towels, wipe down the kitchen, put a vat of iced coffee in the fridge to process, pick up the living room, cycle MFD's laundry, and do a load of my own laundry, all while humming a tune called special prosecutor under my breath.
Thursday night...can she make it four productive nights in a row? Probably not. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and MFD will be walking 10 miles in the heat with the Earth Quaker Action Team for Green Jobs & Justice so it'll be a slow night at home.

7.  Sometimes when I'm in a stabby mood I google fuck you images and then I feel calmer. Is that how you define crazy?

8. I feel like I see car selfies more than ever. Just me?

9.  I'm super pumped for this weekend. I'm going to get some shit done at home, I'm going to see some of my people and celebrate MBD's birthday, and I'm going to put the shore house back together after the carpet replacement that happened this week and be mostly done with shore chores inside for the summer. There is some touch up painting that needs to be done but otherwise I'm fucking free.

10. E-card of the week...we might be waiting a while this week.

Home stretch of the week. 

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Eating Around Ocean City, NJ

Memorial Day and shore season approacheth, my friends. Time for some shore-themed posts.

Since buying our house in Ocean City in October 2015, MFD and I have made it a point to get out and sample as many places as we can for a few reasons - in case renters ask our opinion, and also to support small businesses. And honestly in the off/shore chores season, because we're too damn tired to make anything. There are many places to try and we're not finished yet (I've been coming to this town for 40 years and I'm not finished yet), but here are our favorites in town right now.

Coffee & Donuts
-Drip n’ Scoop, 9th & Asbury. The best iced coffee on the island. Try the honey glaze donut.
-Local’s Coffee, 6th & the Boardwalk. Passable iced coffee on the boardwalk.
-Brown’s Donuts, 1st & Boardwalk. The cinnamon sugar donuts taste like my childhood. You can also eat at Brown's, and it's just called Brown's, of course...I added the donuts.
Take Out
-Bennie’s Bread, 12th & Asbury. Crumb cake and tomato pie. Good takeout Italian stuff too and, of course, bread.
-Voltaco’s, 10th & West. Takeout sandwiches. Cash only.

Sit Down
-Jon & Patty’s, 6th & Asbury. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
-Luigi’s, 9th & West. Simple but excellent Italian, the best on the island. Meatballs and lemon loaf are a must. Everything is made in-house. Takeout available but nice ambiance for a dinner out. Credit cards accepted, but tips are cash only.
-Ike’s Seafood, 13th & Boardwalk. So I actually don't like fried shrimp...but I like Ike's fried shrimp. And their fruit tea.
-Cousin’s, 1st & Asbury. Large portions, more expensive but good.
-Bob’s, 14th & Boardwalk. Not a bad breakfast, good views and outdoor ambiance.
-Northend Beach Grill for breakfast. There is literally always a line so if you are going to make the wait longer, you're going to have to google the address. LOL
-Yianni’s, 8th & Asbury. All around good food. The only place I buy bagels in town. Go early for them.
-OC Surf Cafe, 8th & Atlantic, for breakfast.

Buy on the fly
-Shriver’s, 9th & Boardwalk. The only place I will buy candy.
-Shriver's Gelato - veddy good.
-Pizza by the slice: Tony P's (9th & Boardwalk), Angelo's (13th & Boardwalk), NY Pizza (Promenade on the Boardwalk)
-Ice cream: Prep’s for sundaes (10th & Boardwalk), Kohr Bros mint julep (everywhere), Aloha Soft Serve (13th & Boardwalk), Yoasis (12th & Boardwalk, they have soft serve with awesome toppings but also healthier Beach Bowls)

Places I don't love: Manco & Manco, Ocean City Coffee Company, Johnny Rockets, Ready's, Varsity Grill.

If you're an OCNJ person, what are some of your favorite places to eat?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Things I'm Not

At a certain point in blogging life, any time you think of an idea for a post you automatically think well shit, have I done this before? I've been using this space since August 2011. By this point, chances are I've done it or something like it before. I just hope it's not been any time in recent memory. Anyhoo...some things I'm not.

Perfect. I love the quirks and the stuffing sticking out of the sides of people's lives more than anything that's straight down the middle. I don't have a version of myself I want to present to you here that's different than the myself I am everywhere else.

Sad that I don't have kids. I have not had one second of regret over that decision. The older I get the happier I am that I stuck to my guns and listened to my gut instead of societal pressures.

As aloof as I appear to be when you first meet me. I am not outwardly warm and fuzzy when I first meet people. I am reserved and observant and that combined with resting bitch face can come off poorly. I'm used to hearing I thought you were a bitch by now. And to be fair, sometimes I am a bitch, because I don't like you.

Fashionable or trendy. I will wear what I like and am comfortable in. If that happens to be in style, great. If that happens to make me look like Dorothy Zbornak, that's okay too.

A joiner. I don't seek out ways to occupy my time with group activities. I'm not most comfortable in a large group.

A night owl. I prefer the morning.

Going to keep doing something that has stopped working for me. I change stuff as often as necessary.

Interested in giving up cream in my coffee. Ever.

Lonely. A few weeks ago I was at the shore and MFD was home. He called and said "Are you lonely? You sound lonely." I said, "Do you know me? I'm never lonely." LOL Do I miss him sometimes when we're not together? Sure. But I'm never lonely.

A windows up driver. Windows down, music up.

Bored. One of my pet peeves is adults who say they're bored. You're an adult with a brain. Figure out something to do.

A head patter or sugar coater. I am not the person you come to when you need  or want those things.
In need of approval. Yours, hers, his, anyone's.

A survivor. If the apocalypse comes and we end up in some world that closely resembles any of the Dystopian novels I've read, someone go ahead and put me out of all of our miseries.

A napper. My goal for this summer is to be able to take a nap on the weekends and wake up without being a troll from hell.

A joke teller. I have no ability to retain jokes so that makes it very hard to tell them.

Afraid of confrontation. I don't actively seek it out, but I don't back down from it either.

Someone who uses a hair dryer. My hair gets blown dry at the salon because Kristi will not let me out of the chair otherwise. That is the only time. No exceptions for weddings, events, etc.

Comfortable speaking in public. I hate it. Nothing will make me feel good about it.

A paid protester. I just wanted to clarify. There seem to be some misconceptions out in the world today.

A dropoff Democrat. PA friends, I hope you're voting in the primary today. Polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Do not be the person who only votes every four years or every two years please. Local elections are extremely important - primaries included - and they happen every year. I'm actually probably not a true Democrat anymore either if I ever was, but you need to pick a party in order to be able to vote in the PA primary. Rude.
PA Dem voters: Check out Ellen Ceisler for Commonwealth Court Judge. She's fierce. 
Philly Dem voters: Larry Krasner for DA. He's progressive as fuck which we need right now. 
His civil rights background is exceptional. A straight shooter, no posturing or politicking. 

Lay it on me. What are some things you're not?

Monday, May 15, 2017

TWTW - the last one with the paint, lord I hope

Friday afternoon and evening errands had me ready to cut a bitch. Chill. Everyone. I got some new nail polish (OPI My Private Jet, Meet Me on the Star-Ferry, and This Color's Making Waves), picked up DiBruno goods for Sunday, and went to my second home (Sherwin Williams) after work.
We were lounging at the shore by 9. I fell asleep on the couch soon after and woke up at 5:19 for the day. Blah.

Saturday there was a Nor'Easter at the shore so it was a good day to paint. MFD and I painted together for the first time in 14 years and survived. We touched up paint on the third floor and painted the stairwell on the way up, then trim paint on the main floor. Everything movable from the top floor had to be put in a second floor bedroom for carpet replacement that's happening today.
I sought out sustenance at Wawa after that, which is only mentioned because I had to walk through this to get there.
Hark! I actually took a nap Saturday. That never happens. I was tired from going up and down the stairs and painting and moving shit and crying my eyes out over E.T. the movie. After that we took a rainy ride down to see the ocean and ride along the boardwalk.
We had dinner at Luigi's - the restaurant itself has been there forever, but it's under new owners as of March. Same name. The food was excellent and everything is made in house. 
I didn't fall asleep until close to 1, so no 5 am wakeup for the sunrise. It felt nice to sleep in. We did a bunch of clean up upstairs from the painting and installed the one air conditioner that was out for the winter. Then we took a glorious bike ride on the boards. Everyone and their mother (literally) was out, beautiful water, surfers surfing. We had lunch at the Bashful Banana.
Then it was crying time. Nothing puts me in a bad mood like leaving the shore on a gorgeous day. MFD drove home which meant I had to read to not die of fright. Poor Geege is always someone's pillow or seat. 
Weekly food prep is happening tomorrow: Breakfast is scrambled eggs topped with broccoli, snacks are blackberries or carrots with hummus, lunch is salmon spinach salad, and dinners are turkey taco lettuce wraps and garlic naan pizzas. In the 25 minutes I was home I assembled a little cheese appetizer to take to Aubrey & Stephen's. Thanks DiBruno.
I celebrated Mother's Day at Stephen & Aubrey's with Mom, Rich, Swan, Pop, Debbie, and Aub's family. It was a lovely day and the food was delicious. MFD went to his Mom's. I am seeing Carol for lunch in the city when we can get a good day. I got home around 8 and painted my nails (OPI My Private Jet) and called it a day. We were all tired. 

Nothing says Monday like an 8:30 a.m. dentist appointment followed by a meeting in which half of my face will not work thanks to Novocaine, am I right? 

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