Monday, May 29, 2017

TWTW - the one with Memorial Day

The unofficial kickoff to summer that felt with non-summer weather at the shore. Let us begin.

1 - Grocery store, made macaroni salad, marinated london broil, packed a bag, packed the car, and I was touching up paint in the bathroom at the shore by 10:30 pm.
2 - You know when you shouldn't paint trim paint? After 11 pm after you've worked all day and driven through the worst rain and hailstorm in your 23 year driving career.
3 - Finished The Story of Arthur Truluv and passed out at 12:40

1 - Sunrise and a bike ride before starting work at 7. Can every day start like that?
2 - Hung out with the dogs on the porch
3 - Made london broil in an electric skillet because I couldn't get the grill on. Seriously.
4 - Actually freaking napped
5 - Long walk down to the bay around sunset

1 - Sunrise and a very long bike ride followed by a long dog walk down to the bay
2 - Finished It Happens All the Time
3 - Another nap - project learn to nap this summer is already successful
4 - Porch reads, I started and finished Roses of May
5 - Crunchik'N for dinner, a new Korean fusion place on the boardwalk
6 - An hour on the beach when everyone else was off of it
7 - A truly glorious sunset we caught by accident because my dogs are slow pokes

1 - Spectacular sunrise with lots of reflections
2 - Long dog walk to tire them out
3 - Saw a huge pod of dolphins at the Music Pier and followed them all the way down to 5th Street
4 - Today's book is My Sister's Grave
5 - Awesome clouds and some sun with coffee from Local's mid-bike ride
6 - Skies cleared to blue but reflections stayed
7 - Caught the flag raising ceremony at the water park, which happens every day the water park is open at 9:20a
8 & 8.5 - MFD arrived around 12:30 and we took the dogs for a long walk. By day three down here Geege needs a stroller if he's going to make the long walks. MFD kept his distance from me when I was pushing it lol
9 - Late lunch at Ike's
10 & 11 - Board and beach walking
12 - Mae got a bucket bath and we settled in for a rainy night watching the Godfather saga. I finished a book too.

1 - Pork roll, egg, & cheese on an english muffin at Bob's Grill
2 - With a seat by the window, we had a nice view of the ocean and the boardwalk Jesus guy rolling his show out
3 & 4 - Rode bikes down the boards, stopped at Local's for coffee, saw a high school friend's mom and chatted for a while, and stopped at a few points to observe the frothy, angry ocean
5 - Reading and relaxing on the porch
6 - Our renter for the weekend is a baking instructor at a college and she left us delicious treats that we devoured like wild animals

7 - Relaxed, started The Sun in Your Eyes, and watched Saving Private Ryan, appropriate for Memorial Day
8 - Biked over to pick up dinner from 16th Street Seafood
9 - Nails: Sally Hansen Insta Dri Cherry Fast
10 - Tried one of two new ice cream places on the boardwalk: Sweet Charlie's rolled ice cream (there's one in Philly but I've never been)
11 & 12 - Biked to the bay for the sunset with MFD incessantly ringing his bike bell

Reason for the Weekend
So many have died to protect the freedoms the American flag represents. If you are ever in Ocean City, I urge you to go to the flag raising on the boardwalk. It's good to stand there and reflect on what the flag means to you, and know other people are doing the same. I think a lot about my America, and it definitely includes stopping to observe the flag being raised because to me it represents the freedoms we talk about so much - the ones that belong to ALL of us, not just some of us - and it also represents all the people who have died to keep that flag aloft. I took a video Sunday but I was crying a little so here's a better one LOL. I'm standing over by the stairs.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer; lunch is PB&J on Dave's good seed bread with a side of cucumbers; snacks are yogurt and carrots with hummus; dinner is TBD but I'm trying to go through my freezer and pantry so it'll likely be a chicken dish and a pasta dish.

Sleeping at the shore tonight means an early rise tomorrow. Short week. Let's ride. 

Linking up with Biana at B Loved Boston for Weekending


  1. Lovely and busy weekend in our favorite place! Grateful to infinity and beyond for everything. Just everything ❣️❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Best of luck with a short week. I do love Saving Private Ryan. One of those best movies ever that people should watch more than once.
    It looks like it was a fabulous weekend!

  3. It has been forever since I have had macaroni salad. My sister makes the best one! Mae in a bucket is too cute. I could see her being in to the Godfather. That sunrise picture with the reflection is seriously amazing!

  4. Sounds like such a lovely weekend...that video is great too. Love the pictures of the sunrises/sunsets and wow you got a lot of reading in too!! Sounds like you had an awesome renter too - mmm baked goods :) have a good short week!!

  5. Love the color of the shore bathroom...I had a purple bedroom growing up but doesn't seem so fitting in our house now even though I have some awesome purple curtains I've been holding on to. The sunsets and sunrises along with all the relaxing beach side sounds like the perfect way to spend the long weekend.

  6. Does rolled ice cream live up to all the hype? I did a lot of reading this weekend too. Glad you still caught some good sunrises and sunsets despite the lousy weather predictions.


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