Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Eating Around Ocean City, NJ

Memorial Day and shore season approacheth, my friends. Time for some shore-themed posts.

Since buying our house in Ocean City in October 2015, MFD and I have made it a point to get out and sample as many places as we can for a few reasons - in case renters ask our opinion, and also to support small businesses. And honestly in the off/shore chores season, because we're too damn tired to make anything. There are many places to try and we're not finished yet (I've been coming to this town for 40 years and I'm not finished yet), but here are our favorites in town right now.

Coffee & Donuts
-Drip n’ Scoop, 9th & Asbury. The best iced coffee on the island. Try the honey glaze donut.
-Local’s Coffee, 6th & the Boardwalk. Passable iced coffee on the boardwalk.
-Brown’s Donuts, 1st & Boardwalk. The cinnamon sugar donuts taste like my childhood. You can also eat at Brown's, and it's just called Brown's, of course...I added the donuts.
Take Out
-Bennie’s Bread, 12th & Asbury. Crumb cake and tomato pie. Good takeout Italian stuff too and, of course, bread.
-Voltaco’s, 10th & West. Takeout sandwiches. Cash only.

Sit Down
-Jon & Patty’s, 6th & Asbury. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
-Luigi’s, 9th & West. Simple but excellent Italian, the best on the island. Meatballs and lemon loaf are a must. Everything is made in-house. Takeout available but nice ambiance for a dinner out. Credit cards accepted, but tips are cash only.
-Ike’s Seafood, 13th & Boardwalk. So I actually don't like fried shrimp...but I like Ike's fried shrimp. And their fruit tea.
-Cousin’s, 1st & Asbury. Large portions, more expensive but good.
-Bob’s, 14th & Boardwalk. Not a bad breakfast, good views and outdoor ambiance.
-Northend Beach Grill for breakfast. There is literally always a line so if you are going to make the wait longer, you're going to have to google the address. LOL
-Yianni’s, 8th & Asbury. All around good food. The only place I buy bagels in town. Go early for them.
-OC Surf Cafe, 8th & Atlantic, for breakfast.

Buy on the fly
-Shriver’s, 9th & Boardwalk. The only place I will buy candy.
-Shriver's Gelato - veddy good.
-Pizza by the slice: Tony P's (9th & Boardwalk), Angelo's (13th & Boardwalk), NY Pizza (Promenade on the Boardwalk)
-Ice cream: Prep’s for sundaes (10th & Boardwalk), Kohr Bros mint julep (everywhere), Aloha Soft Serve (13th & Boardwalk), Yoasis (12th & Boardwalk, they have soft serve with awesome toppings but also healthier Beach Bowls)

Places I don't love: Manco & Manco, Ocean City Coffee Company, Johnny Rockets, Ready's, Varsity Grill.

If you're an OCNJ person, what are some of your favorite places to eat?

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  1. I've never been to OC,NJ but I definitely want to at least once, especially in the summer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The way you talk about the shore makes me so desperate to visit - even though I live 10 minutes from the ocean here! It just looks like such a fun little place :) Love this!!!

  3. I'm hoping I get to visit one day so this will be really helpful! Because if I'm being honest food is one of the most important aspects of vacations! :) lol

  4. Didn't you like Manco & Manco's or am I wrong? I need to get to OCNJ one of these days.

  5. This is great for someone who has never been to OCNJ. I'm a big fan of simple delicious Italian.

  6. Perfect advice. I am not a fried shrimp lover either but I love Ike's! Some rave about Manco and Manco. It's just ok to me.
    Love. Love. Love. OCNJ.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  7. Great round up! Even though I don't live there, I really like having posts like these to check in on if I ever visit. Also... we'd probably just stay at your house and I'd ask you to take me to all of these places :)

  8. Would you believe I grew up in NJ and only went to OC twice? Twice!!! We kind of lived at Long Branch haha I definitely want to try all those yums though!

  9. What a great guide! I have never been there but your posts are making me want to go!

  10. I want to go up there just to try some of these... & gain 25 lbs apparently.

  11. All of these places sound so delicious, and now I'm officially craving a donut!

  12. I'd love to eat somewhere on the boardwalk and enjoy those lovely sunsets you get over there. Having a good coffee shop that's local is key too!

  13. Great list :) Pinning this for future vacation use!

  14. This post is making my hungry. There is nothing like a box of Shriver's salt water taffy.


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