Friday, May 5, 2017

How to create a luxury bedroom on a budget

Enjoy this photo of a NON-luxury bedroom. Caution: changes in progress
No, that is not a luxury bedroom pictured above. None of my bedrooms are luxury bedrooms. I'm not really a luxury person. I've pretty much done everything at home and at the shore on a budget. I've loved doing it more at the shore so that house is in much better shape than my house at home right now, but I digress...the fact is that you can get a luxury feel for less.

This year at the shore I tackled the top two bedrooms on the third floor. Aside from changing bedding and some art and trim paint last year, they remained untouched. I wanted a face lift without spending a lot. I relied on paint, contact paper, some fresh bedding and art, new cheap matching end tables, new lighting, and a new mirror. We looked into getting vinyl flooring but are settling for getting the carpet replaced - we are unable to get the stains out of the current one. Both rooms up there look fresh and I'm so pleased with how they're progressing - I'll share pics after the new carpet is installed and everything is put back on the walls later this month. They're not luxury by any means, but they're coming along nicely.

But back to the topic at to create a luxury bedroom on a budget.


If you’ve got kids your bedroom is probably the only area in your home that’s still yours. Free of toys and children’s clutter, it’s a place for you to rest and relax. That means it’s incredibly important to create a relaxing, luxurious space. However, most of your money is probably spent on the kids, so you might be working on a budget. Here are my top tips for creating a luxury bedroom without breaking the bank.

Art is a great way to add luxury to any space. Framed prints can look just as good as originals at a fraction of the price. A large feature piece hanging above the bed could be the first thing you see, welcoming you into the room.

You can add some glamor to your main ceiling light by using a large, intricate light shade and installing a dimmer switch. To add further romance and luxury to your room, include lamps, string lights or lanterns. Lighting is a wonderful way to change the mood of a room, so make sure you give yourself options.

Mirrors are exceptionally glamorous and can also be very effective when it comes to making a smaller space look larger. Adding a large mirror to a wall or dressing table can add a new level of depth to your room and change its focus.

Wooden floors with thick, soft rugs look luxurious and feel fantastic under your feet first thing in the morning. Wooden flooring isn’t as expensive as it used to be and there are many different options when it comes to rugs. If this is still coming up over your budget, hire a carpet cleaner and make sure your existing flooring looks its best.

Instead of buying new furniture, either upcycle what you’ve got or restore antique and second-hand pieces. Upcycling is incredibly popular now so there are lots of brilliant ideas out there. Spend some time cleaning up, painting, and varnishing existing furniture. You could even repurpose it into something completely new.

There is nothing less luxurious than clutter and mess. Having a cluttered and untidy bedroom can lead to trips and falls and increase stress. It can even affect your sleep. Not what you want in a relaxing bedroom space. Spend some time going through your bedroom throwing away or donating what you don’t need and finding homes for everything else. When it comes to decluttering, better organization is essential. Things like DIY drawer organizers can effectively help you fit more into the same space.

To create a calming, luxury bedroom, you need to make it look comfortable. Stack throw cushions on your bed, include extra seating if you have space, and make sure extra throws or blankets are to hand when you need them.

While decorating can be very expensive, it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of small, cheap changes you can make without spending a fortune. Experiment with some different ideas to find what works for you, reflecting your personality and meeting your needs.

It really is about the little touches, which are typically inexpensive. And the cheapest of all things - decluttering - is free. Aside from paint, that is the absolute best, fastest, and cheapest way to change how a room looks and feels. 


  1. I think decluttering is such a great tip - nothing better than a clean and crisp space! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. i'm a huge fan of budget decorating which is why i like to DIY my own "prints" using dollar store supplies and repurposing the CD case for a shoe rack :)

  3. I would REALLY love to overhaul our bedroom. Right now we have hand-me-down side tables, a free mattress, a $40 frame from WalMart, two mismatched dressers, no headboard, and 2 frame prints hanging above the bed. We also have some chevron artwork and a shoe rack. Obviously I'm a-ok with our matress, but we're in desperate need of a headboard, some wedding pictures on the wall, and new end tables!

  4. These are some great ideas! Clearing the clutter in our bedroom (which is mostly a catch-all) really makes me feel better about that space but I also want to invest in some lovely artwork for it.

  5. Yep - I think decluttering & a clean slate makes things look so much luxurious.

  6. I always feel like really nice linens and a decluttered space make for the most luxurious looking rooms.

  7. These are great tips! I am determined to make our next bedroom nice without breaking the bank!

  8. Our bedroom is actually one space that I'm totally okay with and love. Our bathroom situation on the other hand: way too small. I think a total remodel is all that could help that. But, rather than do that, we're just gonna move instead...

  9. YES to decluttering! And if you can't part with stuff, there are cute boxes for everything! My house is so not a kids' house. They only get the playroom and their bedrooms (Besides Nolan's therapy swing hanging in the family room, but we unhook it when people come over.) You wouldn't even know kids lived here if you only went to our first floor. There are a few toys, but put away completely out of sight. I really need to work on lighting in my house.

  10. Great tips! I'm all about decluttering, and love the look that mirrors give. I'm looking for a few more to put in the master and in the guest bedroom :)

  11. Because we rent I always forget that I can still change out light fixtures... I should totally do that to my current place!

  12. I love upcycling/re-purposing and I'm glad that it is more popular now. Why spend hundreds of dollars on so much over-priced new stuff? I've found several things at thrift and antique stores.

  13. I am all about upcycling and repurposing! I love the feeling i get from knowing i took some trash and turned it into something unique. Also, decluttering, yes yes and yes. it does wonders, and as you said, it's FO' FREE!

  14. Looking forward to seeing how the bedrooms turn out. Other than painting, I love decorating and repurposing things.

  15. I can never understand how my room ends up looking like a tornado hit it. I'm still working on the art thing. I really love how it adds to a room, but I'm so damn indecisive. I did however find some great blackout curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond for the guest bedroom yesterday that I was really excited about. They were a good deal before the coupon and I had a gift card. I'm so pleased with how that room is coming together, but I need furniture. And, that's a whole different can 'o worms.

  16. our bedroom is pretty small in comparison to most houses i think, so we definitely need a mirror or two in there to make it look bigger. decluttering is definitely super important, it stresses me out when my room has crap everywhere, like i can't go to sleep until it's cleared up. only in the bedroom though, the clutter elsewhere doesn't seem to bother me lol

  17. The most popular places in the UK to buy bedroom furniture are probably Argos and Ikea or in catalogues.


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