Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - sliding into third

1. This week is carnival week on my street so some dick in a box from outside of the neighborhood parks the wrong way on the street constantly. Turn around and park correctly, you lazy shitgibbon.
2. I watched in fascination as a fellow commuter set out her trashbag seat cover on the train and then again next to me on the shuttle bus to the park-n-ride. I mean, I fear bed bugs. I get it. This lady had her shit down. Her husband was the only one who was visibly annoyed by her until she started yelling "Oh no, oh no, JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR NAME NO!" on the shuttle bus because there was a car in sight on the road as the bus was making a left. Then people got snarky as fuck with her, telling her the bus driver did that every day.  She replied, "It only takes once for us to all die a fiery death." Thanks for that. Cheers and goodnight, lady.

3. I have worked three blocks from here for years, walked by it a million times, and I swear I've never noticed this.

4. I can't get in depth this week with politics, but the resistance is clever as fuck. And mighty.
5. Crazy Christians who want to control women's bodies and who other people can marry among other things scare me more than ISIS...mainly because my fellow citizens don't seem to have a big problem with that form of control.
6. The Progression of Productivity this week:
Monday night...I went to Marshalls, made turkey taco lettuce wraps and prepped breakfasts and lunches for the week, washed pans and ran the dishwasher, packed up bathing suits to take and leave at the shore, mopped the bathroom floor (AKA Dog Pee Town), washed and dried a load of shore towels + home towels, sorted mail and opened packages, reorganized my laundry stuff, watched the season finale of Billions, and read.
Tuesday night...voted, went to to the fool carnival, folded towels, unloaded dishwasher, finished a book.
Wednesday night...slumped, slack jawed and lifeless on the couch, hot and annoyed. Rallied to make naan pizzas, fold more towels, wipe down the kitchen, put a vat of iced coffee in the fridge to process, pick up the living room, cycle MFD's laundry, and do a load of my own laundry, all while humming a tune called special prosecutor under my breath.
Thursday night...can she make it four productive nights in a row? Probably not. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and MFD will be walking 10 miles in the heat with the Earth Quaker Action Team for Green Jobs & Justice so it'll be a slow night at home.

7.  Sometimes when I'm in a stabby mood I google fuck you images and then I feel calmer. Is that how you define crazy?

8. I feel like I see car selfies more than ever. Just me?

9.  I'm super pumped for this weekend. I'm going to get some shit done at home, I'm going to see some of my people and celebrate MBD's birthday, and I'm going to put the shore house back together after the carpet replacement that happened this week and be mostly done with shore chores inside for the summer. There is some touch up painting that needs to be done but otherwise I'm fucking free.

10. E-card of the week...we might be waiting a while this week.

Home stretch of the week. 

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  1. The lady on the shuttle made me laugh. Yay for shore chores complete.

  2. Lol on the shuttle woman. Agree with all your wrote. Awesome on the productivity And the shore chores dwindling. MBD is adorable. Happiest 🎂 To MBD❣️ cheers to our wonderful lives. Thanks to the universe. ( my coffee cheers with Richie every morning). Love. Your. Momma.

  3. Wow, that lady on the shuttle and the bus, just wow!!! Happy birthday to MBD!

  4. Your commuter friend sounds like a good time... Hahahaha!
    People who back their hate and phobias with Christianity or scripture are delusional. I grew up in a church, in the care of my very conservative family, and I strong identify with Christianity, but I apparently missed the crazy boat because no where in my religion does it tell me that I'm better than someone else or I that I should hate people. It also doesn't say that I deserve all my good fortune and shouldn't share/give/donate. Actually... it says quite the opposite. The kinds of "Christians" you fear turn my stomach.
    I'm guilty of car selfies, but only when I'm parked.

  5. LOL shitgibbon. That's now officially on my insult list.

    Commuter lady sounds like a real joy. At least public transport is never boring?

    With you on #5. The frustrating thing is trying to understand how people don't see the tremendous failure in "logic" in these people's arguments.

  6. I thought about a citizen's arrest last night when I saw a car parked in front of a fire hydrant on my street. The parking backwards makes me crazy too. WTF people.

  7. Lazy shitgibbon. I'm 1000% using that at some point this week, what a great insult.
    That lady on the bus is hilarious, the trash bag! I've often considered the idea of Sheldon's 'bus pants' from big bang theory, this is even easier. I might consider it. I promise not to talk to anyone about fiery crash and burn deaths though.

  8. Thank you for humming that tune, it worked! Nothing makes me stabby like a parked the wrong way car too. And yes, that is the wall we need!

  9. Yes to the car selfies. What's with that? Also, drives me insane when people do instagram stories while driving. Come on.

  10. Yes, the resistance is mighty and clever as fuck. And I love the wall meme because so true. I wasn't humming special prosecutor but more like gasping it in between hearty laughter. Crazy Christians deeply scare me too. And as a Christian, on behalf of God, I am offended by how they twist religion to serve their purposes. I was not productive this week. But I did exercise as planned, so there is something to cheer about. Plus special prosecutor!

  11. I love the freakin' resistance. I consider myself quite patriotic- but apparently in the old school "I love my freedoms, let's destroy economic goods and revolt against our crappy authority" kind of way. Guess that comes from actually paying attention in history class...

    As a hopefully-not-crazy-Christian...completely agree. Some of us suck. Too many Christians somehow feel invincible, which is a whole other story, but ew no and sooner or later they WILL come for us too...

  12. I can imagine you see & hear a LOTTTTT of stuff on the bus.
    I get a littel freaked out when I see things that have been there for years I never noticed.Its like I feel I'm on a prank show of some kind.

  13. Can't say I've ever encountered a fellow commuter quite as fun as yours..hahaha. Hope you have an amazing weekend and happy b-day to MFD!! I also can't stand car selfies unless it is obvious that you're a passenger and I can't believe people actually do instagram stories while driving too...

  14. That guy parking like an idiot would piss me off to no end! I hate people.

  15. Hahahahaha that ecard!!!!!!! Ok so your lady with the trash bag? If you were in Pittsburgh I would ask you if you met my grandmother. No joke, the woman is crazy. She sits on newspaper out in public and carries around plastic utensils and asks for plastic/Styrofoam cups when she is out.

  16. Those naan pizzas sound good. There is a politician from Georgia, can't remember his name, who wants women to prove that their miscarriages were accidents and not self-performed abortions. What really upsets me is the common notion that women who get abortions are careless sluts who "use it as birth control". I've only met two women who even had one. Both did it as an absolute last resort, and struggled with the decision even then.

  17. One time a friend of my brothers was leaving his car overnight at our house and he parked it the wrong way on the street. Someone called the police because they thought something was wrong. I feel like it was a slight overreaction. I can see how one person when it's full of parked cars would be really annoying.

  18. I love that e-card! I agree with the wall between church and state for the love of God! Funnel Cake is the best part of a carnival--people who park backwards are not.
    Hope you have a better Friday than you did today!!

  19. I take car selfie's because the lighting is always best in the car.

    Lazy Shitgibbon- literally this is the best thing I've heard all week. This is now my go to insult!

  20. Lol at the dick in a box comment but I agree, seriously?? I hope he/she got a ticket. What an odd ball commuter lady.

  21. I've decided the lady on the bus gave you the illness with her fiery death comment. The art installation outside trump's hotel is HILARIOUS. Genius, too. Amen to the wall between church and state. I keep trying to figure out how this became a thing... because we were founded by heathens. ;)

  22. That is the exact same carny Ferris Wheel that tipped a bucket and three people fell out last week here. Just say no to parking lot carnivals!! THERE ARE BED BUGS ON TRAINS?! I see car selfies a lot, and now people are using them as profile pictures. I don't think anything should be staged, but come on! Car selfies are weird.

    1. Geez, I just reread my first sentence and it doesn't make any sense at all. Good grammar, Christina.


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