Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - some nights I call it a draw

1. Jesus crapbag this week has been nuts at work and home. Lots going on, one of those weeks you skid into the end of out of breath and happy to be alive.

2. Monday night errand fails: Went to Target #1 to pick up bedding I ordered online, which did not look like it looked online. Strike one. Only dull coir doormats strike two. No 3 foot extension cords. Strike three. Went to Target #2. Coir doormat score. No 3 foot extension cords. Who knew they'd be so fucking hard to find? And then to Marshalls, where I was delirious and bought bedding that was too expensive and is being returned. Regretskies.I came home and ate a cupcake. No regretskies. Tuesday was mildly better with success at Sherwin Williams and Home Depot, fail at two different TJ Maxx stores, and a blessed massage at 9 pm. Amen.

3. Wednesday I took off to hang with my niece, the inimitable Lola Jean. We had a fun day playing outside and reading Madeline books that were my grandmom's while laying on the floor in her room. She makes me laugh and I'm so glad she is in this world. We also listened to music, of course.
4. While she was napping, I painted my nails terribly (Zoya Sia, and there there the excess came with hand washing) and MFD dropped off a coffee. I also took a little snooze myself and didn't wake up in a troll mood. SUCCESS, you guys. After I left there, I got a pedicure (OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow) and brow wax using a birthday gift card from Debbie. It was a great day off and I was home over 1.5 hours earlier than I would be from work so I got 40982 loads of laundry done too.

5. I actually don't think the world is getting worse, but I do think social media makes it seem like it is. We have the power to share all the negativity we can find in an instant, which we do, relentlessly. The news cycle is also focused on the bad. Look, bad things have always happened and will always happen. In those times we should not only look for the helpers, but condition ourselves to BE the helpers. If all we do is lament online about how things are going to shit, we are not being the helpers. Being the helper is simple. Be aware. Be open. Be compassionate. Be present. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you see a need you can serve, don't overthink it. Just fill it, no matter how small of a thing it seems. Small gestures save lives and ease situations every single day. People who have good in their hearts need to be putting themselves out there. When we don't, people look around and can't see the helpers. Our energy and presence is needed. It's okay to get discouraged, disgusted, upset, weary, or afraid. We all do. But we shake that off and we get back out there because we are helpers and that is what helpers do.
6. Can meme creators watch the grammar? It pains me to share this given that an should be and, but I have to. If Mae looked like a fawn pug, this would be her. It cracks me up when she runs and leaps with the zest of a mighty dog.
7. I have not gotten so many laughs out of one thing in a long time. Thank you man rompers. You are giving me the grins.
8. Oh except this. I have watched this a million times. And I typically hate gifs because they give me motion sickness but this...this is gold. Call me petty but it brings me joy to watch this white supremacist architect of the Muslim ban appear so uncomfortable in Saudi Arabia.

9. No matter how much strife this country is experiencing at any given time, one of my favorite things to photograph is our flag. I believe in what is stands for. I am humbled by the true meaning of this three day weekend that kicks off the summer. My personal pet peeve is that it is treated like Veterans Day. Listen, every day is the day to be thankful for our veterans, but Veterans Day is a day in November specifically dedicated to the appreciation of veterans. Monday is not Veterans Day. Monday is MEMORIAL Day. It's a day dedicated to those who have died in service to this country. Monday is for the ones who did not come back.
Last Memorial Day weekend in OCNJ
10. E-card of the week: appropriate for a three day weekend ahead, no?

I'll see you back here with a late weekend post on Monday night and this month's recommendations on Tuesday. Follow on Instagram this weekend! My account and the shore house account if you're not following there! I don't duplicate, but I do use the shore house account to do more OCNJ-centric things. 

Enjoy your long weekend and remember the reason for it. 

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  1. Hahahaha that card is gold!!! I have to agree that social media and the news in general really makes our world out to be the most terrible place. I hate seeing all the negativity all the time. Sounds like you had a fun day with your niece!!! I'm ready for the three day weekend!

  2. OH I hadn't seen number 8 yet! THANK YOU FOR THAT JOY THIS MORNING.

  3. Send the love always. Love and lights. Ask for help. Give help. Lend an ear. Accentuate the positive. Going to Napa and Sonoma today. But I miss my home and my loved ones. And my time zone. But I'm grateful. Follow me on Instagram lol. Love. Your. Momma. And have a glorious Thursday ❣️

  4. I love flag pictures too. I love trying to capture the perfect wind grab.
    Time with nieces is just heavenly. I didnt even think to look for playlists for kids. I am intrigued for the classical music for kids for myself ;)

  5. To be honest, I have been trying not to watch the news. It's just too much negativity. I don't understand people at all. I try to be as positive as possible but some people just want to bring you down or fight with you. I can't anymore.

  6. One of my regrets is that I wasn't able to spend much time with nephews and nieces when they were little. My middle nephew is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and it feels like he was a baby yesterday. That cupcake looks delicious! I'm trying to curb my social media, and even regular media consumption because I too often feel like the sky is falling. I want to stay informed but I don't need to obsessively read the news, which is what I've been doing. And I LOVE that Mr. Rogers quote. It is so true. Male rompers. Besides the hilarious memes, why????

  7. Bleh, the thing I hate most about the "the world is getting worse" rhetoric is that it always seems to be accompanied by hands in the air and "oh well, what are you gonna do?"-ing. I'd much prefer "The world is scary, and people sometimes do bad things, but I am going to continue to choose to do good things even when it seems futile." That will get us so much farther than tons of the commentary and despair I see/read about the state of things.

    NOTHING is so frustrating as a perfectly good joke ruined by lazy proofreading.

  8. I didn't know you had a shore account! Following!
    Also, man rompers are killing me, I can't even. WHY. But hilarious.

  9. That gif is amazing. I've seen the videos of Melania avoid Tr*mp's hand and of allll the awkward looking encounters that bozo has had overseas, but that gif is gold.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love the Mr. Rogers quote. Have you read the guy's Twitter story about him? Google it. He posted a story on Twitter about meeting Mr. Rogers and it had me in good tears this morning. And thank you for posting about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. It irks me when people confuse them. Enjoy your long weekend!

  11. I whole heartedly agree with you that the world isn't getting worse, it's the news outlets and social media. I have such a love/hate relationship with social media because it gives idiots and negative people a platform to say whatever they want :-P

  12. I love your flag photos! Niece time is the best. Glad you're sharing your love of Bruce with LJ.

  13. Yes to watching the grammar. Like, reread please.
    I found a great quilt at target for 60$ this weekend so I recommend them.

  14. 1. Gorgeous flag pics
    2. That Steve Bannon GIF? I've watched it on loop every day since I saw it. I LOVE THE LOOK OF SHEER TERROR ON HIS FACE.
    3. I agree about the negativity - we can't perpetuate it by making it worse. Sometimes you have to be the person who says, HEY, HERE'S A GOOD THING I WANNA SHARE!
    4. I REALLY got a laugh outta that man romper thing, too.

  15. Off to follow your shore account on Instagram!! Hope you have a great long weekend!! Ours was last weekend, boo :)

  16. With all the shopping/store fails I'm still impressed you got nails, brows and a massage in. THAT is doing a week right :) I got my pre-vacation pedi this week and it made the rest of the chaos going on that much easier.

  17. Afternoons with nieces are the best! I always love your flag pics.

  18. Spending time with nieces and nephews is so much fun. Have you ever heard of the Rockabye baby collection? I am not sure how old your niece but if she is taking naps she could be the right age for the collection. It is instrumentals from bands like the Beatles,Queen,Led Zepplin and artists like Michael Jackson, David Bowie etc I would love it when I worked at a daycare and had to cover nap time. I hope I did an okay job explaining that. Have a great weekend


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