Monday, May 1, 2017

TWTW - the one with the girls

Thursday morning I woke up and said fuck it, I'm taking off tomorrow, so my weekend began Thursday night with the packing of the bags and roaring off into the night down to the shore. I started Friday with a bike ride, sunrise from the jetty, and a cup of coffee from Drip N' Scoop.
Then I got down to it. Scraping and painting the concrete porch after a trip to Sherwin Williams. Why do I never have everything for painting? The old color was a weird peach topped with years of outdoor carpet. Veddy nice, veddy nice. The new color is Bungalow Beige (SW 7511). Pro tip: store your paint colors on your blog then you never have to keep the stupid little cards. I'm happy with its close match to the house. Of course I got it all over the new railings. I'll need to clean that up. Good thing I'm not getting paid or I'd be fired. 
I took myself to lunch at Yianni's for a crabcake sandwich, rode my bike down to the North End and took a beach break on the jetty, then had a leisurely bike ride home where I finished a book. 2017 summer shore goal: learn how to nap.
Debbie arrived around 4, and after sitting in the driveway on the displaced porch furniture, we walked up to the boards to people watch and grab some slices at Tony P's and deliciousness from Kohr Bros. Tony P's is in my top three pizzas in Ocean City along with Angelo's and the pizza place at the promenade. 
We beached ourselves on the couch and heckled a bunch of HGTV shows for the night. Saturday we crapped around in the morning and when Melissa arrived we hit the beach. It was hot as balls - bay breeze all day until like 9 pm. No relief from the heat at the shore on Saturday. I dipped my feet in but people were actually swimming. I couldn't believe it. We headed home to get out of the sun around 3 and had a late lettuce wrap taco lunch and enjoyed some porch time. 
We strolled the boards again, got ice cream at Prep's, and I bought a pair of earrings from The Islander and a cheap paperback that was on my To Read list. Don't ask me the name of it, I left it at the shore for future reading and my brain is a sieve right now. I also bought a new to me brand of flip flops (Cobian). Hurrah, annual summer flip flop purchase is complete. Well let's be of my annual flip flop purchases.
We hung out in the driveway again, then ordered a pizza, and I did my weekly food prep while we were lounging and chatting. Weekly food prep: breakfast is van's whole gain waffles with almond butter and a banana; snacks are bell peppers and hard boiled eggs; lunch is chicken pesto spaghetti squash topped with roasted grape tomatoes and chicken thighs; dinners are the ol' one pan sausage and veggie meal, and we're on the run a few nights so no sense making too much.
Salt air and increased activity always have me ready for bed at like 7 at the shore, but I didn't actually go to sleep until 11. Victory? Sunday sunrise, which I enjoyed with the birds and a group of wasted kids who farted all over my serenity when the two boys approached me holding a bag of wine aloft all excuse me can I ask you a question? do you like wine? while the girls tittered in the background. My reply of no seemed to stump them for a minute but they rallied with well would you like this bag of wine? No. Then they left and I was pleased while also feeling a little holy shit I just had a You kids get off my lawn! moment. LOL
I rode my bike and got an iced coffee which put a wild hair up my ass. I changed the sheets in our apartment, cleaned it top to bottom, lined some shelves with contact paper, packed my car, did some touch up spray painting to the upstairs stools, painted all the posts on both porches, and did the initial clean out of the outdoor shower by removing most of the shit that blew in there this winter. The nitty gritty clean out is MFD's job. He's had showings both days of every weekend recently,  but promised me a few hours of manual labor in two weeks. Memorial Day approacheth. 
As much as I like camping out in the driveway like a squatter, I did put the furniture back on the porch. Here is its evolution from when we bought it to last summer when we basically just brought some furniture from home and some from Home Depot to this summer when we removed and replaced the railings, painted the wood up top and all the posts, removed the carpet and scraped and painted the floor, and replaced the furniture from home with chairs from Target and a table from Big Lots. None of my porch tchotchkes are out because you can't leave shit out in this wind tunnel, but you'll see that stuff in future pictures. This was one of two major spring projects. I love how it turned out but I love that it's done even more. 
When the ladies were ready we ambled down to Jon & Patty's for breakfast and wandered into some thrift stores on the way back. One moved into an old bank and I loved seeing the juxtaposition of the crazy variety of stuff against the lovely bones of this building. Speaking of buildings, our awnings are back up at the house which is a sure sign summer is coming.
Debbie and Melissa are awesome people to have on your cleanup team. We had everything wiped and vacuumed and stowed in no time and I was home by 2:30. The dogs were ecstatic. MFD was working but made time for sushi so I was pleased. 

I do love a three day productive yet relaxing weekend spent with two of my closest friends. It was one for the books. 

How was yours? 

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  1. The lunch you had by yourself looked amazing!! Glad you took an extra day for yourself! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I want the ice cream from Preps right now.
    Glad you got so much done. A great shore weekend even though it was hot on Saturday ❣️ Happy May Day 💖
    Love. Your. Momma

  3. All I can say is, "HOLY SHIT!"
    How the hell can you get all that done????? The porch floor in 1 morning??? Seriously, how can you do all that and still be old enough to get pissed off at rowdy kids like an old lady???

  4. Awesome weekend, and ocean pictures! Floor color beachy and sandy, looking quite at home. Dan only wears Cobain, we buy at Beach side Casuals, in Jax Beach. Enjoy your recharged batteries 😊

  5. An impromptu long weekend sounds like perfection, especially time with the girls, ice cream, and HGTV heckling! The porch came out great, and I never have everything I need for painting either. Have a great week <3

  6. That crabcake sandwich looks delicious! Love the sunrise pics, as always. And now you are an official old coot. It's a great place to be. I have zero patience these days for the stupidity of drunken kids. I remember being one but still ... more eye roll than sympathy! The porch looks like the ideal place to sit and people watch.

  7. Your Friday sounds like pure perfection... And that sushi looks delicious!

  8. You seriously managed to get so much done at the shore house this weekend and ate some amazing food as well! Everything seriously looks so good and y'all have done so much with the house since you've owned it!

  9. Loving how the porch looks now! Nothing like new outdoor pillows to really brighten things up!

  10. Those wasted kids....weird. I like wine but I would not have taken it!

  11. haha- GET OFF MY LAWN moment. that made me laugh.
    Your porch looks great. I love that teal color.
    Loving those earrings too.
    You just have the best weekends!

  12. The porch is looking cute as can be and so much more appealing than earlier years. Sounds like you got down and dirty getting shit done but also got to spend time with your girls, enjoy the beach and beautiful skies to even things out.

  13. oooh love the floor, it looks great! I also love that you decided to take friday off impulsively :) and your porch is looking FAB.

  14. What's in your chicken pesto spaghetti squash?! That looks damn good. So does the porch... I love the new chairs. The sunrises, as always, are incredible.

  15. Three day weekends are the best. I have off next Monday and I am so looking forward to it. We're going down the shore this weekend and I'm so excited to spend some time down there before the craziness of the summer season. Your porch looks amazing!!!

  16. The porch looks so good; love the Friday sunrise pics; and now I want pizza.

  17. I need a "fuck it" day off in my life. Your Friday sounds perfect. Porch renovation looks great! And I think I've mentioned it's all in my favorite color :) I LOL'ed and thought of kids getting off your lawn when you posted on IG haha.

  18. Give me all the sushi!!! You gets get off my lawn moment LOLOLOL I have had a few of those in my neighborhood lately. I love that you said fuck it and just took off Friday last minute. It makes for the best time off, right???


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