Monday, March 13, 2017

TWTW - the one before my birthday

Friday MFD was in DC for the Native Nations Rise March so it was my job to get the dogs up, which he usually does. They were not pleased.
Friday night I organized going to the shore stuff (heart emojis for sea horse outdoor ottomans) and fell asleep on the couch watching the Golden Girls after food prep (see bottom of post for what I made).
MFD got home late and I ended up sleeping in, but by 10 am Saturday we were on the way to the shore. We did some stuff in the house and removed old porch furniture before having lunch at at Jon & Patty's.
We also hit the beach. It was so beautiful it hurt...or maybe that was the cold air on my face. Excuse me, I am being petty and ungrateful and battling a bad attitude about not being able to open the house this weekend and not spending my birthday there as planned due to stupid impending Snowstorm Stelllllaaaaaaa.
We were home by 3:30, and by 6 I was watching my niece Lola Jean, which is the next best thing if I can't be at the shore. MFD came over and we got Jay's cheesesteaks. The pretzel roll is clutch and Jay gives back to the community a lot, which we love.
The best time to go to the grocery store before an impending snowstorm is 10:30 on a Saturday night. Seriously. I got home and unpacked and went to bed around 11:30, but I could not go to sleep to save my life and I was still up when MFD got up at 1:30 to do his overnight Code Blue volunteering for the homeless with AHTN. Mae thinking she was a people and should share my pillow didn't help. 
Sunday morning I got a pedicure and perused the aisles of Ross. Now you know my toes had to be in bad shape for me to run errands with flip flops when temps were below freezing.
I also got flowers because if it's not going to act like spring outside damnit it will look like spring inside. I supplemented birthday flowers from Kim that arrived last week (top left pic). 
Sunday afternoon Mom & Rich took us out to Carlucci's to celebrate my birthday and Pop's 86th, which was Saturday. The seafood canneloni was amazing. I love their veggies and potatoes too.
After that I pulled the birthday card and made MFD go to HomeGoods. He was not amused but he did humor me and stand next to the letters someone made say ass
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is whole grain english muffins with PB and bananas; lunch is this one pan chicken and veggie meal over quinoa (I didn't love how this came out, I will likely prepare separately in the future);  snacks are blackberries, bell peppers, and yogurt; and dinner is chili and corned beef/cabbage/potatoes (not made yet). Some of that chili will go in the freezer for future lunches, and I made breakfast burritos to freeze too. I will be eating breakfast burritos from the freezer a lot because a) I love them, b) I don't mind eating the same thing daily, and c) they're the easiest to make ahead and freeze when I'm at the shore. 

Favorite day tomorrow! Show Us Your Books + Birthday Eve!

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  1. Not a bad pre-birthday weekend, weather aside. I love whatever that teal and pink thing is that you took to the shore (Sheets? Curtains?). Also a cheesesteak on a pretzel roll sounds fantastic. I'm bummed that I had one awful book and one DNF this month for SUYB and that's it, so I will probably save them for next month- but I'm hoping other recs can get me to make time to read again!

  2. So many awesome people with birthdays in March, and I love that you and your Pop get to share the birthday month (and yummy meals!) Love the outdoor seahorse ottomans, but boo to not being able to open the shore house like you'd hoped. Figures the one weekend when we've been having Spring weather, we're facing a snow storm!
    Stay warm and safe these next few days as we get hit!

  3. How can it almost be your birthday??? Time is flying by. Hapoybirthday week!

  4. we are bracing for a storm that's supposed to hit this afternoon and shit a ton of snow on the city. rage. i also pull the birthday card (but all month long) and use that to my full advantage.

  5. God bless Mike Doyle x fifty million. Code blue , to me, would be a hard thing to do. May everyone have a home. Jesus.
    Love that we could be with Pop yesterday and that he had a celebration on Saturday with the rest of the family and last Saturday's lunch with family, too. He is celebrating as much as you and thanked us a million times for everything. Lights and Angels for all to be safe and sound all the way around during Storm Stella! May her bark(the forecast) be greater than her bite.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  6. i just love your pups, they are too cute!

  7. Love that nail polish color!!! And the seashorse ottoman, and the pug picture. Sandra Boynton wrote Zoe's favorite bedtime book (The Going to Bed Book). I need to check out some of the others like the one you have pictures. Mae on the pillow is too much!!!! She clearly runs the house ;)

  8. The seahorse Ottomans are adorable! I seriously need to go get a pedicure in a manicure but I just can't bring myself to go. Mostly because it's an expense that I don't really need and I could just do it myself but so far neither is happened!

  9. That really just isn't fair that it was so cold at the shore when it was so pretty! I don't envy y'all and the coming snowstorm!

  10. Lol your dogs always crack me up. They really look like they didn't want to get up on Saturday. haha

  11. I wondered what they were calling this snowstorm. Stella. Good to know. Hope it doesn't rain on your parade (er, snow? on your parade) too much for your bday!
    I giggle that you have to get your dogs up in the morning... Mine ALWAYS get me up. And we had super late nights this weekend so mornings were NOT fun. Lol

  12. DH and I tried the new dunkin donuts breakfast burrito this weekend. We got the veggie version. It was yum and filling. Checked out the calorie count: GASP 500 calories for the beggie and YIKES 700 for the sausage version. Think I need to make my own. They also have oatmeal (which I didn't know) bland but good 200 calories. :)

  13. Oh man... that's the worst that its felt so nice & Spring like lately & then these bursts of cold. Its like Mother Nature is punching us right in the nuts. I'm so over it. Bring on the warm!!!!
    Your face as a doggie pillow... I've made that face MANY a time.

  14. Your hair looks fab even in the messy bed look! Sucks the storm took away your plans for spending you birthday at the Shore but I'm sure little Lola made up for it big time.

  15. That pretzel roll looks particularly amazing.

    Love the pedicure. I'm itching for one.

    Dogs hate waking up in the morning. It's such a process.

  16. I need to try those breakfast burritos. Bummer you couldn't open the house, but I'm glad you got some celebrating in! We have said STEEEELLLLLAAAA four million times so far this week. Ha! Stay warm this week!

  17. So many gorgeous flowers. Love that you are surrounded by so many people who love and appreciate you. That picture of you and Pop is my favorite. He looks pretty good for a man his age. ;) So - maybe I've missed this (apologies if I have), but is MFD part native or does he just feel compelled to help their cause? I have mad respect for his work either way, but it's not a cause most people take up. Hope Stella doesn't batter you or the shore too much this week. ;)

  18. So sweet you could share a birthday meal with your Pop! Ugh this weather, so weird. Hope you get some shore weather soon. Happy birthday eve eve!

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