Friday, March 24, 2017

How difficult is it to switch electricity providers?

This one is for my friends in AUS from Jesse but the last bit about saving on electricity is for all of us. TGIF & happy weekend friends!


How hard is it to change electricity provider?

Many people ask themselves the question, why is electricity so expensive? There are general factors which contribute to electricity costs being high across the board. Even so, it could be that you can find cheaper rates with a different provider. There are also things you can do to reduce your energy costs, no matter which provider you choose.

In this article we are going to explain why electricity costs are so high generally. We are also going to look at how easy it is to switch provider if you wish to, as well as giving you some tips on how to reduce your energy costs, no matter who provides your electricity.

Why is electricity so expensive?

One of the major causes of the rise in energy costs in Australia is the country's commitment to reducing emissions. A large amount of money has been invested in renewable energy production and not all of the systems have been completely successful. Associated costs are being passed on to the customer through increased energy prices.

What if you want to change supplier?

So electricity is expensive across the board. This does not mean that you should not check if you can get a better deal elsewhere. It's worth noting that you are restricted to one provider if you live in Tasmania. The choice is also restricted in certain parts of Perth.

If you want to see if you can get your electricity elsewhere, at a more affordable rate, can help. They can do the research for you and even help you when it comes to making the change, if you need them to. It certainly helps to have someone around who can help you make the right decision for you.

How to save money on electricity, no matter who provides it

Whether or not you decide to change electricity provider, there are actions you should be taking anyway. They can help you reduce the amount of energy you use, and thereby reduce your electricity bills.
  •  Only use air conditioning when necessary. If the temperature is not too high you should consider using fans instead.
  • Always switch electrical devices off at the socket. If you do not do this you end up wasting a significant amount of electricity, over time.
  • When you use the washing machine, make sure that you always use a cool wash. You can still get your clothes clean, while also reducing energy use.

You may not think that these simple tips can save you that much money. The fact is that savings soon add up. However much your savings are; it's better for the money to be in your hands than with the provider. Do not wait to take action. If you want to save money put these processes in place as soon as possible. If you want to change provider as well then do not forget to speak to the experts, so that you have a better chance of making the right decision.


Electric company or alternative provider? 
What steps do you take to save electricity? 

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  1. I have never even thought to try and chance our electricity provider.

  2. I never knew you could search for a different provider, definitely looking into that! I'm one of those people who tries to use minimal electricity. At night, unless one of us is reading something or working on something the lights are off and there's just the glow of the tv. All our bulbs and major appliances are energy efficient, and we keep the thermostat much higher than other people for the AC. We pay a fraction of an electric bill for our 2 story home than most of our friends pay for their 1 story. Some may call it cheap, some may call it being green. I say both :)

  3. I have never thought about this, we live on a military installation so we don't have a choice. But it's nice to those this stuff though.

  4. I don't trust changing because the lower rate is for a limited time and then it goes higher than the regular provider.
    Unplugging everything is a pain. I unplug some things. Cool wash is a good idea. I love fans only if the humidity is not high.
    Love. Your. Momma

  5. I definitely try to use fans over AC most of the time... we're lucky that our insulation is really good, so I can resist having to use heating/AC for awhile... I also have an extraordinary tolerance for sitting in the dark. ;)


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