Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - desperately seeking spring

1. I've been thinking about this since I saw it this weekend. The quote and her caption make a lot of sense to me. We'll do almost anything to shield ourselves from fear and pain, including turning that outwards to reflect on others. What do you think?

2. Well of course it's going to be negative eleventy billion at the shore this weekend, because it's the weekend we were opening it up and I was planning to get the initial outdoor work done. Sooo we postponed and will turn the water back on on Tuesday to officially open it. Maybe? Because now there's snow in that forecast too. Today it's going to be 60 and tomorrow it's going to snow. Get your shit together, March. We are going down Saturday to get it at least cleaned and put back together so I'm not spending my birthday doing that this year.

3. This is your friendly weekly reminder that I'm sleeping out again on March 24 for Covenant House Pennsylvania. They provide an immediate safe harbor for homeless kids under 21 but also work to help these kids become self sufficient going forward. Read about last year's sleep out here and donate here if you're so inclined, and you can register through that site if you'd like to sleep out yourself! Thanks for your consideration, and thank you so much to everyone who has already donated to me or MFD.

4. My friend Jenn shared this on Facebook and I can't stop laughing at it.
5. I know it's Taurus up there, but I can never hear or read the word Aquarius without singing this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius the age of Aquariussssssssssss so I generally avoid all horoscope talk.

6. I really want a letter board, if only to do things like this and crack myself the fuck up every time I walk by it. I'm going to put it in my kitchen when I get one.

7. First order of biz: Tuesday is Show Us Your Books with me & Jana! I pre-ordered the newest Nickolas Butler because I am a huge fangirl so I started that yesterday.
8. Second order of biz: Friday, March 17 is the spring goal linkup with me & Sara! I tweeted that it was Friday, March 16 because calendars are iffy for me these days.
Life According to Steph
9. Reminder: Every month is women's history month, but especially this month.

10. E-card of the week: 

Sometimes I think about when new people read here on a particularly curse-ful day and laugh. I can't help it. 

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  1. Equality for all. Jmj. Love all the e cards, etc.
    Age of Aquarius was prophetic. We need to get there asap. And we are headed to the fifth dimension. Gamma's daffodils are blooming. A sign your birthday is near. She brought them to me when you were born. I will get some on Sunday. We are lucky 🍀 ducks. Goddess and Godspeed to all today and always. Love. Your. Momma.

  2. The Glennon Doyle Melton post (via James Baldwin) is spot on; hurt people hurt people, and I think it's the fear of confronting the pain that perpetuates the hate...fear of what lies beneath, fear of how they will cope. The devil you know is safer than the devil you don't. It doesn't help others when the person's an asshat, but I see those people in a different light. I don't condone it, but I can empathize in a different way.

  3. BIG laughs to the doodie sign hahah. I'd die if I saw that at my friends' place :)
    I'm bummed about the weather this weekend too--I'd be even more bummed about the shore weather but at least you're taking care of things so you won't be doing it on your birthday. And hopefully you'll get some nice weather for that unlike my freezing birthday/baby shower on Saturday this weekend. Womp womp.

  4. I don't really get the letter board trend, but if I were to have one I'd definitely put hilarious stuff like that on it- lololol! Boo to this dumb weather... I just want Spring already!

  5. Our weather has been insane too. 76 degrees today and then 49 and snowy on Sunday. WHAT. THE. H. No wonder my allergies are a nightmare right now and I'm constantly hot and cold at night!

    Also, the horoscope thing makes me laugh. I never much cared for them and don't read them but I HATE when people try to excuse behavior as "part of their sign". No ma'am! HAHAHA.

  6. OMG that ecard hahahahaha! i wish i could put that on a shirt and wear it to work.

  7. How are you not a novelist yet? I want to read YOUR book.

  8. I have a letter board and love it so much for that reason. Chris makes fun of me for all my "mantras" so I'm currently playing a joke on Chris where I'm putting rap lyrics on the board and convincing him they're mantras/inspiring quotes. They're getting progressively dirtier and I can't wait to see how long I can keep it up for.

  9. I think a letter board is a spectacular idea and I might need one for myself.

    Yesterday I watched a TED talk by Megan Phelps-Roper, formerly of the Westboro Baptist Church. It speaks to that first quote and it is fascinating. I'll send you the link if you want it.

  10. That letter board.I saw where a friend of mine made one. From scratch. I'm like Who has that time? If I want one, I'm buying one.
    Our warm weather gets yanked away this weekend too... with snow predictions. WTHeck?!?!!?!?
    I dont get people that live their lives by their sign. I've never understood that one bit.

  11. I have never before considered the need for a letter board in my life, but after seeing that, it's definitely on my mind. That is absolutely hilarious.
    LOL at the zodiac one. I'm a Scorpio so I'm an asshole, but I'm pretty sure I'd be an asshole if I were born in July too, so whatever!

  12. #1 is spot on. Hate is easy. Love and acceptance is hard. I also think for many people hate was taught to them from birth and can be very, very difficult and tremendously brave to break that cycle. Can't wait for Show Us Your Books and love all the memes and e-cards.

  13. Oh my goodness, I love what your friend posted! That's too funny and so totally true because there's really no excuse for being a jerk. And I'm so excited for SUYB next week!

  14. So actually what you're saying is it's your fault the weather is getting balls cold again because you keep planning to do things at/to the shore house ;) Haha!
    I told Stephanie (NEP) that K and I are finding charities/causes to donate to once a month now because we're finally in a position that we can. I gave to Gladys' run and fully intend to throw a little money behind you and MFD, too! :)
    I feel like Scorpios use their sign to justify their actions, hahaha. Maybe that's just because I have a Scorpio friend.
    Allll about these link-ups :)

  15. Completely agree with #1. Pain is harder to deal with than hate.
    Can't wait to see what witty sayings you (and/or MFD) put on a letterboard. Or what your visitors would put if you had one at the shore house!
    I thought the seasonal check-in was 3/20 since that's the 1st of spring. I'll be late, but participating!

  16. Seeing as how I just finished Small Great Things this week, "hate" has been on my mind and that first post speaks volumes.
    I'm pretty sure if I had a letter board in my house, my husband would just fill it with inappropriate sayings and sexual innuendo all day, every day. Hmmmm maybe that means I need one to see what he comes up with.

  17. Glennon is so spot on and so is that quote. I wrote a paper on him and his works in high school and it made such an impact on me. Damnit weather, get it together! OMG that letterboard cracked me up so much. Enjoy your Friday eve!

  18. That letter board is awesome, and I would probably have too much fun with it in a very immature way. :)
    Before you even stated "without singing this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius the age of Aquariussssssssssss so I generally avoid all horoscope talk." I was already there. :D

  19. Damn that first one had me sitting here thinking for a good five minutes. Stephanie and I were talking about our winter goals last week and I was actually impressed with how much I've accomplished from them! Time to think of spring ones!

  20. That letter board is epic!!! March really does need to get its shit together!!! It went from 37 to 72 in a matter of about three hours here today. How do you even dress for that?!

  21. That letterboard sign is hilarious. I want one too. And I cracked up at the zodiac sign quote.

  22. Particularly curse-ful days are okay. It's funny when you (or I) do think of something visiting for the first time and what post might they see.
    Letterboards are ALL the rage right now. I wonder why..Maybe they're like the new chalkboards?

  23. OMG that letter board. Hahaha! This weather is RIDICULOUS - there's nothing worse than when 60-70 degree days creep in and you think you're in the clear and then BAM! Snow is in the forecast twice in one week. Die.

  24. Seattle's having a problem kicking it into spring too and I'm OVER it. LOLOL at the message on the letter board! Amen to that quote about rpowerful women. I've cut out a lot of people and don't feel bad about it one bit.

  25. LOL I'll contribute to the letter folk board just for the nail clipper messages that are sure to ensue.. from both parties.

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