Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - what's new with you?

1. Guess what month it is: It's my birthday month, bitches.

2. Charity: Covenant House Pennsylvania - an organization I truly can't say enough about. They provide an immediate safe harbor for homeless kids under 21 but also work to help these kids become self sufficient going forward. It's that time of year again. MFD and I are sleeping out on March 24 to raise awareness and money for these homeless youth - read about last year's sleep out here and donate here. And my friend Gladys of Old Lady Gladys is running 40 freaking miles to raise $5,000 for Covenant House THIS weekend. She is $1200 from her goal. Please consider helping her make that by clicking here.

3. Fatassery: My activity level has been zero. I am jump starting myself with the 40 in 40 - 40 minutes of activity for 40 days during Lent with a rest day every week. So that started Wednesday

4. Shore: Opening the house next weekend, probably a week earlier than we should, and I can't wait. That will help with #3 up there too, we're much more active down there and I'm looking for painting to be my activity for at least four out of the 40 days. It's rented for the summer with the exception of a week in June and Memorial Day Weekend. If it rents those times, great, if not, great - we extended to rent a week past we did last year so it's still the same amount of weeks overall.
5. Fixing things: I got my tattoo covered over last night. It only took me 10 years of wanting to cover it up. If you're near the Bucks County area, check out Outta Sight Studios in Fairless Hills. Aubrey referred me to them and Tom did an awesome job. Pictures later when it's not so red and hurty looking. The actual getting of the tattoo hurt less than I remembered (my last one was over 16 years ago) but the after hurt more than I remembered.

6. People I cut out this week: Anyone who believes in this insane invented war on the press by this administration. Done. Don't want to know you. Don't care how I knew you. Don't care to argue about it. Christ even George W. Bush spoke out about this. And if you'll notice, the president did not mention this EXTREMELY PRESSING ISSUE in his joint address to Congress. That should tip off any cult follower that it's made up. If it was pressing for America, you would've heard about it there. Everyone does realize how infantile and insane it is for a sitting United States President to spend so much time ranting about the media, yes? He's issuing surveys about the media to civilians. And people know that the only reason to mount a war against the media and make them out to be an enemy of the people is to discredit the media ("fake news" "liberal media") and remove an essential pillar of democracy, right? It's like seeing into the past and watching the first people who bought into Nazi propaganda believing the administration's tales about the lugenpresse. You can't argue with these fake news people and I don't care to be around anyone who can't critically think this through.
7. PA Politics My dear missing in action Senator Toomey moved offices yesterday from Center City to Old City. I joined other dying to be heard constituents at the last Tuesday with Toomeys gathering at his Center City offices. He was naturally not in attendance. He has not ever met with constituents in Philadelphia. Tuesday, constituents staged a peaceful sit-in and were arrested attempting to get an in-person Town Hall. Arrested for asking for representation for 17 weeks in a row in front of offices...accused of being paid protesters and of clogging up phone lines so "real" constituents couldn't get through. How disgraceful, Senator. If you are in PA and want to hear from Toomey, Tuesdays with Toomey happen during lunch at his offices all over the state.

8. A Day Without A Woman is on Wednesday, March 8, International Women's Day: If you can't/don't want to take the day off, you can still participate by a) wearing red in solidarity; b) seeking out any gatherings or rallies in your area; and c) refraining from shopping. Women are the world's most powerful consumers and are responsible for over 80% of household buying decisions.

9. Reminder: Every month is women's history month, but especially this month. Echoing my cousin's blog post - I am thankful for the strong women around me.

10. E-card of the week: 

Today is also Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss's birthday. Go read a book today! 

What's new with you? 

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  1. I was appreciative that George W. Bush (and the rest of the Bush family) did not campaign or show support to the Republican candidate prior to the election. I thought that spoke volumes. I am especially pleased to see what he had to say this week.
    Looking forward to seeing the new ink.

  2. Agree on the people who insist on commenting when they don't agree❣️I love that I can delete comments on my Instagram account. Post your own stuff. I'll scroll on by or unfollow. And my supreme momma bear comes out if anyone , especially "family " says anything about my kids. Just don't f -ing comment. As my dad says , say nothing, stay longer. Love that the shore house is being opened. Hold onto your hats today in Eastern PA! Love. Your. Momma.

  3. It's my birthday month, too! When is yours? I agree with the fake news people...I don't understand how anyone with a brain can get behind this schtick the president is trying to pull. It's "hit you in the face" absurd. I'm sorry about Sen Toomey...he sounds like a real weiner...err...winner ;) Lastly, a "BIGLY" yay for opening the shore house! We have a house this summer on the bay side apparently...I just dont know where. First week in August! :)

  4. It's refreshing when people on either side of the aisle think for themselves and refuse to throw their support behind someone just because they're in the same party. It restores a tiny bit of hope in me.
    Good luck with 40 minutes for 40 days. I should try that. I am so, so stationary all day. It's kind of pathetic for me.

  5. Amen on the Dirty Dancing ecard.
    I like that idea of the 40 in 40. That's a great goal. Give up laziness for lent. I need that.

  6. Boom. Thanks for the shout out! I will be at the Sleep Out too!! I won't be actually sleeping out due to breastfeeding duties but I wanted to be there to hear their presentations. I'm also helping them with setting up for the event. My BIRTHDAY month too - gotta love March birthdays! I never thought I would agree with George W. Can't full participate on March 8th because of impending vacation but I'll be wearing red and not shopping.

  7. I'm very excited to see what you did with the tattoo. I'm too big a wuss to even get one in the first place but I enjoy seeing what other people come up with. Hell yes for birthday month, ENJOY!

  8. #s 6-9, AMEN. That is all I freakin' have to say because you've covered it all for me! I love the 40 in 40 idea, girl. You can do it! x

  9. I feel the same about people defending or accepting what the administration is doing on every front and let's not even discuss the rise of anti-Semitism.

    Yay for the shore house!

  10. Happy birthday month! I share the month with you, but I'm not until the 29th so it feels greedy to start celebrating now. Still call it birthday month, though.

    I tried your link on Facebook but it had an error, and almost immediately after I got an email from MFD's page (I donated to his page last year since you had met your goal already) so I donated there again. I meant to let you know about the broken link but got distracted, sorry!

    Shocked your place isn't rented for MDW, honestly. But great that you've got so many bookings anyway!

    #6, agree totally. It's utter ridiculousness and if a person buys into it, it tells me everything I need to know about them—which is nothing I want to associate with.

    Toomey's behavior is absolutely appalling. Why can a doctor get his license revoked for refusing care to his patient (unless she's a woman, I mean) or a teacher get fired for not following curriculum but this clown STILL HAS A JOB? I cannot. Government, PLEASE.

    Love #10. Same same.

  11. yay birthday month!
    yay for getting your tattoo covered. it's been 12 years for me, i don't remember the after pain at all, i've probably blocked it. i barely remember the pain of getting it either. doubt i'll ever get another. we'll see.
    A Day Without A Woman sounds awesome. i hope it is successful. i will see if i can get the day off, if not, i will wear red and not shop.

  12. Ugh yes to #6. Is there etiquette on how to block one's mother? She is a blind Trump loyalist and we both always ask where the hell I came from. The war on the media is just absurd. Sorry about your Senator, the ones here are just as fun as effective. I can't wait to see the tattoo removal. Yay for charities, shore houses and 40 days of moving. Happy Birthday month!

  13. Yay for your birthday month! He is to an awesome month of celebrations!

  14. Haha that ecard! Happy Birthday Month!!! Birthday month and opening the shore house sounds like an extra fun month!! I have had an activity level of zero as well and I have got to do something about it asap. I think after I am done leaving this comment I am going to go at least work out my shoulders for a few minutes before the kid wakes up. I need to stop making excuses!

  15. Happy Birthday Month to you!

    I, too, am very curious to see your tattoo coverup and perhaps a before/after. I have a tattoo that I am thinking of repurposing/covering up/something and I'm just not sure of what I wish to do.

    Congrats on opening your shore house and on the 40/40 challenge!

  16. I'm so behind on your blog (I was internetless for a MONTH), but am totally saving the Jefferson quote! I have a few friends who work at MSNBC and it's been such a crazy time there. How far are we from a North Korea-like situation where the only news shows allowed are the ones that say Trump has fifty bazillion dollar in the bank, cured cancer, and developed a plan for world peace by age 5?

  17. Yay happy birthday month!! the 40 in 40 challenge sounds great...great time of year for it. You must be so excited to spend more time down at the shore!
    A Day without a Woman is great. I definitely think I can commit to participating in parts of that. I love all of the women events you share here because I don't always hear about them otherwise (and obviously some are local etc but SUCH great information).

  18. 1. Super pumped that shore house opens during Birthday Month!!
    2. I like the way you do lent. It's such a good way to get started.
    3. The war on the press is terrifying. People refusing to acknowledge it is more terrifying. I'm mad at the press and their "oh, look he sounded presidential so we good" shit. Not okay. #StayWoke

  19. Thank goodness for tattoo cover ups or else I'd still have an atrocious "star" on my ankle. I'm curious to see the before and after photos of yours!

  20. I'm 100% with you on just deleting people and ending friendships with nonsensical people. I have no room for them in my life. Your Senator sounds awful. I'm so happy I live in a state where my representatives actually represent me. It's not the case in so many places. I just donated to your Covenant House sleep out! I love that you do this.


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