Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Goals 2017

Life According to Steph
Top o' the morning to you. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. And happy birthday to my Grandmom, who is no longer with us. I miss celebrating our birthdays together!

Today is spring goals day since spring starts on Monday even though there are massive piles of frozen snow and many streets down a lane or two still here in Philly. I'm not a winter hater, but I prefer my winter in January and February. March, not so much.

I've been doing seasonal goals for a few years. The past two seasons I am feeling a little blah with this system, so I'm going to see how it goes and if I need to change it up.

1. Shore work: paint third floor rooms at the shore; replace ground floor porch railings and paint concrete on the porch; paint trim on main floor in house; evaluate air conditioner in the efficiency.

2. Get back to a Monday or Wednesday night zumba class.

3. 30 days of yoga.

4. Check out a new Farmers' Market.

5. Go through clothes and get rid of anything I didn't wear this winter.

Any goals for spring?


  1. Beachbody has this 30 day yoga retreat program if you're looking for a program to follow. I've heard good things about it and have been meaning to try it. Hope you had a great birthday btw!

  2. Yay for yoga and Zumba!! I've been doing an ultimate dance class a couple days a week, and there's some Zumba in it. It's fun!! Yay for shore adventures (and work... I suppose.).

  3. I should've added a yoga goal to mine. I guess that kind of ties in to fitness for me. Good luck with the shore house stuff! For some reason house work is always the hardest one for me to check off, but also the most necessary. Ha.

  4. Yoga is on my list too. Zumba is a lot of fun. Here's hoping spring eventually arrives. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Good luck with your goals girl - love the 30 days of yoga one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Good luck with your goals. I fail at everything so I have no goals.

  7. I would love to have grass grow in our backyard ❣️3 gsds jack adding around ! Jmj ❣️ Extremely grateful for our yard. Getting back to weekly bike rides in the canal with Richie since DST is back. Resisting to buy candy when the glorious Easter candy is gone. Being nicer and kinder every day in every way and sending lights and love the nanosecond I feel negativity. Goddess speed to me. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all ❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

    1. Jack Assing around.
      Autocorrect jmj

    2. On the canal. Not in the canal.
      Slow down and proofread #notetoself

  8. These are great goals! I would love to get into zumba, I really have no rhythm haha.

  9. I need to get my butt back into yoga especially my aching back could use some stretching. I love checking out local Farmer's Markets. We have a really huge one downtown Orlando and it's great to support local small businesses.

  10. Awesome goals! I love checking out new farmer's markets, and yes to all the yoga! Happy Friday <3

  11. After my half marathon, I may do the 30 days of yoga challenge. That would be 'stretching' myself ... haha - I love when I crack myself up.

  12. Awesome goals. Love the 30 days of yoga.

  13. I need to go through my closet and get rid of shit before everything fits again and I hold on to things out of guilt "because it fits". Farmers markets, yay!!!

  14. Good luck with all of your goals! I don't really have that many set goals for spring - I guess just keep up with walking and eating healthy so I can lose even more weight.


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  16. Amen to going through clothes and ridding yourself of things you don't wear! I'm currently doing something similar, sorting and pitching clothes that are way too big. At this rate, I might become a minimalist after all!

  17. It's melting slowly, but there are still mounds of dirty freakin snow everywhere here. And more expected tonight. Ugh. Anyway, I'm with you on #5 and now is the perfect time to do it, though I've slowly been weeding things out as the season progressed as I started noticing my go-to favorite items. Good luck with all of your goals!

  18. Oo 30 days of yoga, good luck! yeah it's still fully winter here today, it's about 30, though the snow is melted. I love it though, give me the cold as long as possible!


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