Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - working for the weekend

1. Something I forgot: once we open the shore house, I frequently lay awake at night thinking of what I want to do there. This won't go on forever, after this year bigger projects will be few and far between and will entail more boring shit and less fun things. So Monday night at 12:30 a.m. I was looking at contact paper on Amazon and making lists on my phone. I want to turn my brain off, but not really, because it's fun...until I have to get up in the morning. Anyhoo we're fully rented for the summer and thus far it appears that no fruitloops are coming to stay with us. And this weekend I have lured Peters down to help me paint. God bless her.
2. I feel so much better mentally when the shore house is open. I feel like my best self there and knowing I can go there whenever is like a security blanket I am unbalanced without.

3. The best photo opp from the train on the Trenton line is when you cross the river going into the city. This is from yesterday.

4. Tomorrow is the last day of March, but don't worry, I'm extending this birthday month (keep your groans to yourself). Dinner with the family at the shore next weekend and a 40th weekend with my girlfriends at the shore in June are still on the horizon. I'm sure I can add some other things too. Every year for my birthday I buy myself sneakers. This year, it's athleisure shoes. I have a problem. The Taos Freedom sneakers are expensive as fuck but really supportive for the arches, which I need.
5. I switched out my wallet for the old birthday too. Pugs gone wild. I don't carry actual wallets anymore. I have a little card holder in here for my pertinent shit and some cash. The End.
6. In addition to Dolly, Dottie, Mae Doll, Stink Stank Stunk, and Hazel, Mae's newest nickname is Junk Yard Dog. MFD has lost about six headphones in the past six months. She keeps getting them even though they're not just laying around. She eats them like a rabid junkyard dog and then goes to sleep like a people.
7. Everyone who touches the investigation into this administration's ties to Russia comes out covered in shit - looking at you today, Devin Nunes. It is time for an independent investigation into the administrations ties to Russia. If we could investigate Benghazi more than seven times and spend over $40 million for an independent investigation into Whitewater, we sure as shit can get it together to demand an independent investigation concerning the possibility of collusion with a foreign government. Country over party and every single one of us should be screaming for everything else to grind to a halt until this is done. This is NOT business as usual. Confused about the entire Trump Russia thing? Here's an exhaustive timeline from Mother Jones.

8. Grouch of the day: I miss not hearing phone conversations all around me all the time. On the street, on the train, in the grocery store, etc. I hate talking on the phone. I hate hearing other people talk on the phone even more.

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  1. Thanks for linking that article.. off to read it now!

  2. Congrats on getting the house all booked for summer! I love that photo from the train.

    Seriously, people on the phone! There's a sub that works in my district that is notorious for that. What's worse is they have it on blue tooth. I walked into the lounge one day at lunch & they were just sitting in a chair talking away & as we all came in just kept right on going with the phone conversation. It was super awkward.

  3. I loved OCNJ the first time I went there with my friend Carol. Like it was home. I think I was 10 ❣️ Then years later, we were able to take you and stay at Aunt Barbara & Uncle Bill's. Your shore house is truly a dream come true. Goddess speed painting.
    Russiagate=shit all over. Agree.
    God help and heal all. Happy Friday Eve❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. Those first two photos could turn me into a water person. They both look so nice and peaceful (and I would never guess the one was taken from the train). Thanks for the Russia link. I knew I should be mad and that that guy was a problem but honestly, I am having a hard time keeping up my daily outrage lately. There's just always something new to inform myself on but I need to get back to it.

  5. that last ecard is every kid in the world about homework assignments, bday parties etc.

  6. Well, technically you lost a weekend of birthday-month with that snow storm, so extend away.
    Those sneakers look hella comfy.

  7. HAHAHAHA, we call Hewitt a junk yard dog because he follows people as they walk around the neighborhood from door to window to door and growls at them. He also eats trash so...yeah.

  8. That ecard is my life at least once a week. UGH!!! The pictures of your Junkyard Dog are hilarious! Head phones...everyone has the thing. I bet it would be hard to shut your brain off at night when you have shore house things on the horizon! The picture from the train is spring perfection!!!!

  9. I need a shore house escape...
    I love that photo from the train! I also love Mae's spotted paws! So cute!

  10. I'm sure it's the best feeling when the shore house is open for the summer and ready to go. I don't mind spending money on shoes if they are comfortable- so much better than getting something cheap that hurts your feet & I love your new pug pouch!

  11. Hooray for extending your birthday celebrations, especially since this was a big year!

  12. ALLLL THE YESSSS to that last e-card. I want to just print it out & leave it on the back of my computer.
    That pug wallet... so you!

  13. That's awesome that you're fully rented for the summer! Wahoo! :) I feel you on staying up too late on Amazon though- lol, I do the same thing and then curse myself in the morning that starts way too early. Love your pug wallet/pouch!

  14. I miss not hearing phone conversations all the time. The other day I walked into a Walgreens at the same time as a woman yapping on speaker phone and I *might* have said something.

    Congrats on being rented for the summer and even bigger congrats on no fruit loops.

  15. I miss talking on the phone sometimes, I feel things get lost in texlation, but also love that I don't have to have long conversations just to say one small thing. I am so glad you are rented for the summer. I also want to know more about this contact paper. Extend that big birthday all you want lady!

  16. I love the shore but not a fan of sand. Does that make sense? I know you rented the beach house for the summer but are you able to get there and enjoy the house ? I hope so.
    While we don't have a junkyard dog we have a "junkyard" bunny well actually 2. The little one eats all cords I have been through enough phone chargers to learn my lesson but not really because I had to buy a lot! The bigger one will try to drink my soda or my husband's coffee.
    I love the e-card but as people say "too soon?" I spent the better half of one of my days last week running around gathering data and other information for my supervisors that they had all year or at least 3 months to collect. Still a very sore subject with me. Enjoy the extended birthday month!

  17. hahaha fruitloops. hope you don't have any. i lay awake at night thinking of things to do in places i live - i've done it with every house/apartment, even ones we didn't end up getting. most of the time it's just in my head, not on amazon lol. but yeah, it's so fun except for the part about being dead in the morning.
    i am super intrigued by the sneakers because hey arch support.
    we cat leave headphones laying around, in drawers or in bags with zippers. we have to keep them in boxes or bags with clasps. my cats - mainly one - will get to them and eat them. it's crazy. and weird.

  18. Those first two pics are stunning! Also, I bookmarked that Mother Jones Russian timeline article because I can't keep any of this shit straight; I just KNOW it isn't good.


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