Friday, March 31, 2017

Shit MFD Said Vol 39

From the basement
MFD: Hey Steph muttering and banging
Me intentionally not answering, more muttering and banging
MFD: Hey hon
Me: What.
MFD: Not too long ago you were cleaning up some things downstairs and there was this old scratched up mouthpiece next to a Century 21 pen. I know where the pen is, do you know where the mouthpiece is?
Me: No...wait, you know where the exact pen is but you don't know where the mouthpiece is?
More banging and bullshit
MFD: Hey Steph where's the shell for the sage, huh?
More intentional ignoring

MFD: OPI nail liquor, two pack, 7.99, Groupon! You want it?
Me: Did you say liquor?
MFD: Lacquer?
Me: It's nail polish. No. Why are you looking at Groupon?
MFD: They send me email every five minutes. You know, from back in my Groupon days.
Me: I'm glad those days have passed.
MFD: Maybe they haven't.

After beeping at someone
Me: Seriously?
MFD: It's not that hard. Learn how to drive.
Me: Who taught YOU how to drive?
MFD: Satan
I go for my phone
MFD: Oh go for your for to write that one down huh?

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
MFD: It's okay. Soon you can sleep.
Me: What? It's not even noon.
MFD: no.sleep.til Brooklyn

flipping through the Roku
MFD: Where's Showtime?
Me: Mike. 
MFD: What?
Me: You know what it feels like my entire life is? 
MFD: err
Me: You asking me where things are.

All read and approved by MFD before they go live...
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  1. He's due for asking you about a nail clipper soon. Happy Friday!

  2. bahahaha love the last one! Well, all of them are funny actually. Nail liquor? hahah

  3. I am cracking up at the nail liquor. Also I totally hear you on the constant asking where things are. Just this week I said to Matt, "Are you new around here? The scissors/tupperware/extra soap/lighbulbs/etc have been in the exact same place every single day of the last 1.5 years!!!"

  4. He looks like a puppet master in that picture... (Or PUG-pet master. Sorry... it's Friday and all.)
    The Brooklyn Bridge one cracked me up. And K always calls me out after he says something dumb or snarky and I pull out my phone to jot it down. Ha.

  5. These are my favorite! haha the groupon convo is classic! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. hahaha at nail liquor and his no sleep till brooklyn reference!

  7. No sleep till Brooklyn! He never disappoints. Happy Friday!


  9. I also intentionally ignore when i hear banging and muttering. No good comes of it.

  10. YESSSS to the shout out to Beastie Boys :)
    Groupon had a deal for polish? I need to check Groupon out more often!

  11. No sleep til Brooklyn! Love it! And lol at his group on days. And the intentional ignoring across the house while the men mutter and bang on stuff is definitely a must. Happy Friday <3

  12. Lol the pen cracks me up. Chris doesn't know where anything is but last night he called me on the cell from the garage and said, "There's a screwdriver on Zoe's side table in her room next to her books. Can you bring it to me?" Wait, what??? You know exactly where this random screwdriver is that i put there? No sleep til Brooklyn!!! Lolololol

  13. Oh my gosh on the asking where things are. Infuriates me.

  14. These cracked me up. Especially No Sleep till Brooklyn! Have a great weekend!

  15. We make the no sleep till Brooklyn joke every time we drive to my parents' house. EVERY. TIME. And it is always funny.

  16. Hahaha oh my the mouthpiece conversation! That is too funny.

  17. Loved the Brooklyn comment and so did my husband he cracked up.

  18. Just seeing this now. Lol lol. Groupons. Driving. All of it. Keep us laughing.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  19. No sleep til Brooklyn...too funny! Groupon floods my inbox a little too much these days even though I haven't bought anything in years but that's cute MFD is shopping the deals for you!

  20. No sleep till Brooklyn. Priceless.

  21. LOL I love that he's not so sure that his Groupon days can't be revived because of their constant emails. The no sleep til Brooklyn actually made me snort haha.

  22. These are always my fave, but that Roku one is the BEST!!! Haha

  23. I sometimes think marriage is built a bit on intentional ignoring sometimes. lol. I had no idea that I would spend so much time in my life answering the question of where something is...but I feel like you spend even more time doing so! haha.


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