Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shit MFD Said: Vol 36

Me: There's some taco meat in there too.
MFD: Brownies?
Me: No.
MFD: I heard brownies.

MFD: What was in that box?
Me: Stuff for me.
MFD: It was probably for me. Probably Gold.
Me: Not for you and not gold.
MFD: Frankincense? Myrrh?
Me: None of the above.

MFD: Did you go Back to the Future to get those pants?
Me: They're trees!
MFD: Steph, did you borrow those pants from Debbie Gibson?
Me: It's Christmas and they're trees.
Stephen: Where did you get those leggings?
MFD: 1980.
Me: Shut up!
MFD: Steph, Tiffany called. She wants her pants back.

Me: Mae would not go to the bathroom.
MFD: Did she have her sweater on?
Me: It's 60 fucking degrees.
MFD: She doesn't like to get wet.
Me: This is not a household for special snowflakes.
MFD: I guess not.

Pushing the ornament boxes close to the candle on the coffee table
Me: You are ridiculous right now. You almost lit yourself on fire.
MFD: Wouldn't be the first time this month.

Watching Christmas Vacation beginning driving scene
MFD: laughing That's totally me.
Me:  Everything about you is Clark Griswold.

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  1. I can't believe he didn't finish off the Wise Men crack with a, "okay, coal then." LOL at the lighting things on fire response. Touché MFD.

  2. He never disappoints. Love those leggings, but enjoyed he 80s reference just as much! Merry merry!

  3. LOL wouldn't be the first time this month. Too soon, MFD. But I appreciate your ability to laugh at yourself. And I'm with you on the pants...

  4. Nothing wrong with being Clark Griswold... now cousin Eddie? That's your problem
    Not a household for special snowflakes... that made me bust out.

  5. That's it, in 2017 you are calling the E! Network & getting a reality show.

  6. I'm dying with the leggings. Are those LulaRoe, that may be a misspell? They seem to be the rage here. I heard brownies, also classic lol

  7. Your leggings rock, no matter what decade they appear to be from ;) And the brownies/taco meat cracked me up. Reminds me the other night when Jared asked what we were doing for dinner and I said, "Well, there are some leftovers and I think we have enough stuff to make a big salad." His response was, "Oh, you ordered a pizza? Cool."

  8. HAHAHA, they double teamed on you with the leggings. Rude. Lol. My husband would say the same... ha.

    I love the pups face in the first picture, haha!

  9. Probably gold. Hahaha these are always my favorite.

  10. those leggings are fabulous! they don't know what they're talking about. 'this is not a house for special snowflakes' hahaha. i swear, your responses make me laugh as much as the shit MFD says.

  11. The candle & the leggings comments had me dying.

  12. Haha I love the one where he said that it wouldn't be the first time that he got lit on fire! And I also love the fact that he fully admits that he's Clark Griswold too!

  13. I love the reaction to leggings and the tag-teaming.
    I saw someone with gingerbread man leggings the other day. I KNOW they have to be comfortable but I cannot abide by that.

  14. As usual, I'm cracking up. Those leggings are great!

  15. taco meat/brownies.. we have a selective hearing problem at our house too.

  16. His humor and random comments are the best. Are those LLR leggings? Too funny he decided to pick fun at them.

  17. Wouldn't be the first time this month?! That is hilarious.

    I am sorry but I laughed forever at the leggings section!

  18. Robin Sparkles called, she wants her pants back so she can go to the mall. HAHAH J/K!

    happy new year!


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