Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - in which it turns December

1. 2016 has been a wild ride. Welcome to the last of it.

2. This week your president-elect has used twitter to divert attention from his extreme conflicts of interest, disgusting cabinet appointments, and just how bigly better his tax cut plan will be for the top 1% than the middle class or poor. While the twitter bullshit is like a train wreck that is hard to peel your eyes away from, do not be fooled. If you voted for him, make sure he delivers on whatever promises made you vote for him. If you voted for him and don't like something he's doing, make sure he knows about that too. There are a fuck of a lot of white supremacist appointments and so far every cabinet member he's nominated is many Trump supporters say they are not about those things. If you are a supporter, if you do not want neo-nazis representing you and if you want gays to have rights, you need to speak up as constituents. This is the time every citizen needs to step up and ensure government is working as it should. Everyone needs to be vigilant, educated by proper sources, and speak out. If you do not know how the United States government works - how bills get through, how decisions are made, who makes laws, what branch can do what, why the branches exist as they do, what the Constitution says, etc; who to contact to voice your support or disapproval; what rights citizens have; what government can and cannot is the time to learn. Use real sources.

3. I have opened this on my phone every day this week and laughed like a hyena.

4.  Currently reading The Good Mother by Sue Miller and heading to the library today to pick up the next Virgil Flowers book and something else I can't remember. You?

5. The Affair. It's back, it's back, it's back! Good Lord everyone is a mess. I hate Noah but am intensely interested in everyone else and I'm intrigued by how they're jumping around time-wise. Do you watch?
6. It's been too long. I met The Sisters Wexler for dinner on Tuesday at Three Monkeys. I love these women!

7. We switched to Verizon Fios internet this week. I think MFD thought I was going to go for the cable package. Newp. Still holding strong sans cable at home. We have it at the shore because bitches on vacation need their cable!

8. I'm bored with all of my recipes. What have you been making/eating lately?

9. Reminder. Let me take a minute to say the view is pretty damn good from here.

10.  E-card of the week: Appropo as we approach winter. 

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  1. Had not even been in Europe for more than two hours before the first election conversation started. We sat with some Italians last night at dinner. As soon as they realized we were American, they said, "We are going to miss Obama." ...and so it begins. They went on to ask us how on Earth we could have elected Trump. We certainly chimed in that WE DID NOT elect Trump. Then they wanted to understand how he did not win the popular vote and is still president... the conversation finally closed with, "Well, at least no war with Putin, yeah?"


    I can't even start with Betsy DeVos.

  2. Love the tweet from the coffee shop. Don't love the Donald situation. Love the Wexler sisters and the e-cards. I made pasta and shrimp with a light Alfredo sauce last night with roasted carrots and steamed Brussels sprouts with Butter! A glorious December to all. Peace on earth. Goodwill to women and men and all living things. Love. Your. Momma ! 💖✨😇☮️🦄🎅🏻🎄😍

  3. That tweet is good, "We are a coffee shop." Good reply. I am planning a few holiday shindigs, and so I feel like real food is boring me right now. I need some inspiration too!

  4. Oooh I'm going to need to get into The Affair again now that it's back. I'm not sure we have Showtime anymore, though, so might have to wait!

  5. the other day i got a notification that Dark Matter and a bunch of other books i've been waiting for (for MONTHS) have finally arrived...only at the worst time since right now my reading mojo has gone ghost protocol. so now i'm trying to read Dark Matter and not feeling it because of said absent reading mojo....and i heard dark matter is amazing. i dont want to return it unread and then have to wait for months again :(

  6. I just finished The Mothers. I enjoyed it. We are watching The Crown and it is good! Need to start a new book. Pam

  7. Immediately sending that e-card to a group chat discussion on when I'm coming to visit, winter driving/travelling is the worst. I made some honey garlic pork for a change this week, which consists of cutting pork chops into strips, cooking them almost all the way through in a frying pan and then putting them in a casserole dish with a bottle of honey garlic sauce and baking them in the oven for an hour, the result is super tender. I served it with egg rolls, rice and stir fry because I need a break from pasta and potatoes!

  8. That coffee shop tweet is sooo fucking funny. Amazing. Also, I'm so drained from everything having to do with Commander in Cheeto. I don't want to be numb to it all, but I used up so much anger this month I feel like I don't even have any left. Wait, no, just kidding -- still furious. Did you see the Daily Show last night by any chance? Trevor Noah interviewed that blonde monster Tomi Lahren - worth watching.

  9. Haha that ecard! We ditched our satellite last year and used Netflix and HULU for the longest time. Playstation Vue came out with channels to stream for $20 a month and so we cancelled HULU and went with that. It works pretty good! Direct TV has stream-able TV that they just released this week that Chris wants to try and see if it is better than PS. I love having all these competitive offers now!!! Recipes, ugh!! We are in such a rut with the same 5 or 6 but I figure come January is when I will start making all the new things again.

  10. I've been hearing a lot about The Affair - I need to catch up on that.
    Did you see John Oliver's salute to 2016. It was basically everyone flipping off the year & saying F* You to the year. Totally agree.

  11. I watched two episodes of The Affair on the plane back from Europe in April (not a wise decision when everyone can see what you're watching, btw) and have thought about it ever since. We don't have Showtime, BUT we just started Homeland from the beginning and when we run out of those on Amazon or Hulu, I'm thinking we'll get Showtime to watch it, and I'll get to watch The Affair!

  12. I watch The Affair! I actually hate them all but I'm dying to know what happened (happens? Confusing time lines right now).

    I am appalled and horrified at what continues to happen with Trump's administration. And I am horrified at the complacency, indifference and apathy of so many with regard to it all. I genuinely don't know which infuriates me more.

  13. I did not vote for Trump and I think it's awful the people he's deciding to align himself with. I'm not surprised at all, but it's definitely upsetting. I do hope that people speak up. I know people that DID vote for him that say they are not for some of the things he's saying...and you're right; if that's true, now is the time to speak up.


  14. omg that coffee shop thing is hilarious and i can't stop laughing.
    i think i watched the first episode of the affair and then stopped.. sounds like i need to get back into it.
    bitches definitely need cable on vacation, it's like one of my favourite things to do on vacation (wow, i have exciting vacations).
    i am bored with all of my recipes because i am currently without a kitchen (well, there is one upstairs but blah) and have been eating raisin bran for dinner. i pinned a recipe that used turkey kielbasa (sp?) and veggies and it looked amazing and easy so.. i'm gonna try that next.

  15. I can think believe that it's December! I think that I finally got used to writing 2016 and now I have to get used to 2017 soon! We started watching the affair but didn't finish the first season. It sounds like I need to try it out again!

  16. I've been making some recipes recently from . The fajita pasta is really good.

  17. I did really like that Napa Chicken I posted about earlier in the week. I'm in the throes of monthly meal-planning, and one week in, it's working.
    I stopped with The Affair mid-season last year. I just stopped being interested. Is it really good? Or are you just committed?


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