Monday, December 5, 2016

TWTW - fa la la la la the first one in December

It took me about five minutes to remember what I did Friday night, so you know it wasn't that scintillating. I stopped at Lou's Farm Market, made brussels sprouts, and laid around in my pajamas while MFD W. Griswold did up his front Christmas window. The tree was up but not plugged in. Poor Geege was ready for his close up too.
Saturday morning I was surprised by a visiting nurse taking blood and pee for a physical...MFD swears he told me about the appointment but he certainly did not. This made me late for breakfast with my ladies AEB and Alicia at The Hattery in Doylestown. Lots of good talk and coffee as always. I stopped into a new to me Marshalls on the way home for a stroll down the aisles, some boxes for under the tree, a new sweater for Mae, and an unnecessary but perfect mug.
Saturday afternoon we went to Crystal & Drey's wedding in a gorgeous church, then celebrated that night. Crystal looked amazing and we had a great time.
Sunday afternoon I went to Lauren's LulaRoe pop up party and did some damage. It was nice to catch up with some lady friends while browsing a lot of prints and eating delicious snacks. I got (L-R) two Carly dresses, a pair of leggings, and a Sarah cardigan. All the prints next to each other make me want to puke but alone they're lovely.
When I got home I did eleventy billion loads of laundry, hung out with the dogs, picked up around the house, and compared planners to see which one I want to use in 2017. Options are an At-a-Glance that I can no longer find online but was $17, a Sugar Paper bookbound for $13, and a Sugar Paper for $15.
Weekly food prep: power breakfast muffins to freeze (shown here pre-baking) - I hope they last and are not bricks as I forgot about them in the oven; turkey taco mix for multi-use: 1) as lunch over a bed of baby spinach, 2) to stuff into peppers with quinoa from the freezer for a dinner, 3) to stuff into a taco and into my piehole for a dinner. Breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer. Snacks are honey crisp apples, navel oranges, and honey mustard pretzel things. Sunday dinner was oven baked pork chops, green beans, and brown and wild rice.

Last week MFD booked a ticket to leave for North Dakota today to deliver supplies to Standing Rock. Yesterday afternoon the Army Corps of Engineers announced that they would not approve the easement for the pipeline to go through which is AWESOME. Not the end of the war by any means but a large battle won, He still flew out this morning to get whatever they may need as next steps are taken and deliver it to them or just to work as they need and donate to their legal fund, but it's under much less questionable circumstances now. Continued prayers to the water protectors who have been out there for months. This is a great lesson in why it is important to exercise your right to assemble and to stand up for what you believe in, even if people tell you you're doing something wrong, or that you don't stand a chance of stopping whatever's coming your way, or act like you're a burden on them and the resources of the government, or insult you and question your contribution to society...even if the media doesn't tell the full story and even if your own government turns water cannons and rubber bullets on you...right is right. Stand by it. 

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  1. A winter wedding is the best - especially when everything is decorated for Christmas!! Way to go MFD - that's amazing that he's out there right now! xo, biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I was THRILLED to see the news about the Dakota pipeline. Absolutely overjoyed and it couldn't have come at a better time because it's getting COLD out there!

    Also you seriously get the best stuff from Marshall's! I feel like every time I go it's mostly picture frames, dirty throw pillows and perfume. :(

  3. My heart was singing 🎤 last night when that
    Permit was denied. Godspeed to Mike Doyle
    And to all. His visit will be peaceful and hopeful now!
    Carpe diem this week.
    Love. Your. Momma. 💖✨😇☮️🦄🎤☀️️😍🌊🌊🌊

  4. Looks like a great weekend. I love your friend's wedding gown - so simple, and pretty!! Also, I laughed a lot at "MFD W. Griswold" - we make sure to watch every year.

  5. I think it's awesome that he's still going out there to help. A huge victory, indeed, but certainly not the end.

    Clearly my vote is for the polka dot planner.

  6. Love the pug mug. Ordered my third Sugar Paper planner in a row online last night. I'm not in love with any of them this year, but for the price, I can deal. How do you feel about the rubbery cover? It was a tactile dealbreaker for me. I'm interested to hear MFD's firsthand account of ND - keep us updated!

  7. Oh what a pretty wedding. I love the dress you wore. It seems like this weekend was a big wedding weekend, I saw three wedding parties this weekend. Love a winter wedding.

  8. Sounds like you got in lots of time with friends this weekend! Love that mug--so cute even if it's unnecessary :) Gotta love when the husband forgets to tell you something he swears he did lol

  9. How gorgeous is that church from the wedding?! And lol at MFD forgetting about your appointment, sounds like something my husband would do too! Check out Geege under the tree, definitely ready for a close up :-D

  10. Ooo loving those planners! I'm on the hunt right now, so thanks for the inspo!

  11. Planner decision making feels like such a monumental task, my vote is for the polka dot one! That church is beautiful!

  12. That mug... yep, you had to have.
    I love the bride's dress. After the trend of strapless, I love seeing brides with a covered up top.
    I've got my Erin Condren planner in & setting it up for 2017. A must.

  13. that mug is absolutely perfect!
    i have heard of LulaRoe but haven't looked into it properly and i'm trying not to because it sounds like something i'd get hooked on haha.
    oh i LOVE the black dot planner. so pretty! i want it. i already have a planner, but i want that one.

  14. I feel like I need to go to one of those LLR parties. My friend has a shop and everybody always raves about the leggings, but I still haven't bought anything yet. The church that your friend got married in is so beautiful!

  15. Everyone looks so spiffy for the wedding! I love fall/winter weddings :)

    That mug would be perfect for my sister-in-law... but I already have SO MUCH STUFF for her for Xmas. Then again... what's one more mug? Haha.
    It makes me so damn happy that the folks in ND exercised their rights and gave it their all to change something that they knew was wrong and unsafe. I love that they prevailed for now. That's 100% the American way and it's people like that that make me proud to be in this country. I hope MFD finds people happy and hopeful. I'm sure his presence is so appreciated!

  16. MFD's time and energy, I'm sure, will be greatly appreciated.

    A good Marshall's run is kind of relaxing. I read LuLaRoe reviews, obsessively, for a few hours the other day. It was kind of fascinating.

    Welcome back to meal prep :)

  17. It's probably a good thing that LuLaRoe hasn't made it to Australia. My pocket book is happy about that.

    Geege is looking awfully handsome under the tree.

  18. Love that MFD went to Standing Rock. I'd love to hear more about his take on the ground there... because I know we're not getting the whole story, but I'd like to know if there's more real needs that we can address while this gets sorted out... I expect it's only a temporary stay right now. :-\


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