Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fall goals - how did I do? Spoiler alert: shitty

Life According to Steph

So, how did I do...not well. This should be called the Had Good Intentions goal list. LOL

1. Whale watching. Crossed off 9/24 - we saw a humpback whale!

2. Pick a pre-cruise hotel. Jill and I both have a favorite, we will decide soon. I'm giving it a pass.

3. Dinner at Abe Fisher. FAIL. I had reservations for 9/26...we ended up staying at the shore. I also had reservations for 12/10, but MFD had second degree burns on his hands so I cancelled those. 

4. Mutter Museum. FAIL. I totally forgot this was on here. 

5. Take a cooking class.FAIL. I've been looking at Sur La Table but nothing has motivated me to spend the $50-80 yet. 

6. Bake french bread. FAIL. No excuse offered. 

7. College football game. FAIL. I had tickets to the Temple Game on 10/21 but gave mine away so I could go to the shore. 

8. Donate to Covenant House and PanCan Network since we'll miss the walk in honor of my grandmom when we're on our trip. Done and done. I got hooked up with a wish list for Covenant House thanks to Laura's contact at Holiday Express and got them two baby strollers. I also donated to PanCan in my Grandmom's memory before we left for Ireland. 

9. Purge and reorganize entire house, little by little. Carry through fall and over winter. IN PROGRESS. I'm doing it, little by little. 

10. Try six new recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, dessert, freezable meal. HALF PASS HALF FAIL. Breakfast - breakfast casserole; lunch - , dinner - , appetizer - green chile chicken dip, dessert, freezable meal - I made a mexican quinoa casserole and froze it. It reheats well for lunches. 

How did you do with your fall goals?

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  1. I feel like you still packed a lot into the season though!
    I would think that I'd forget what's on my list too.

  2. Ok.... you didn't do that poorly. Also, you spent time in your happy place, so I feel like fall was a total win for you overall :) But bake that French bread, dammit! Haha!

  3. You didn't do that bad! I thought you'd have nothing done, or thing! Sometimes life just happens. :)


  4. You did pretty well! I don't blame you for skipping out on some to go to the shore. I would be out there all the time if I had the chance.

  5. Considering all the traveling you did I'd say it would be pretty hard to get everything done but whale watching is a cool one to cross off the list! You can table the rest for next year! LOL

  6. Hey you checked a couple things off, it's not a total fail. I'd even argue that #8 was the most important one so it should count double.
    John agreed that we can declutter and organize his things (namely t shirts and his pit of a car) in January and I am VERY EXCITED. Other than those things, we do really well at keeping the clutter in the house at bay, I think that inspired him to take it further. Hooray clutter free and organized homes. Feels good.

  7. Ohhhh you did fine. Most of these you attempted or tried and that's all that counts. At least you set goals; I'm too lazy to even do that :-/

  8. ABE FISHER!!! I want to go back.

  9. This made me go back and check whether I even made any fall goals and nope, no I didn't. So you're one large step ahead of me already! Also I love the 'no excuse offered'. I think I'm in that kind of mood right now too :)

    I also agree that #8 outweighs all the others hugely, and second degree burns?? Yikes. I hope MFD is ok!

  10. Skipping goals to go to the shore can only be classified as a win. Bake French bread while you are there? Epic win.


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