Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - 'Twas the one before Christmas

1. Now it can be Christmas, because I've seen the holiday light show at Wanamaker's. I mean Macy's. Philly friends, it goes until December 31 and the Wanamaker's link right there will give you show times. 
2. I love that there's a carousel right in the middle of the City Hall courtyard. 
3. It is indeed Christmas time in the city, and the big ass tree in front of City Hall with the awesome Liberty Bell topper even has my neighborhood in the bottom cutout. 
4. Have you watched How Lovely to be a Woman in 2016? Nailed it.  

5. MFD did Code Blue earlier this week. The dogs were quite pleased and spread out all over his side. In burn news, his hands are healing really well and he does not need skin grafts. 
6. I am in a really good purging groove right good that what I'm looking forward to most in my downtime next week is getting rid of shit. The main thing that has slipped in the past year with the management of two houses is that I did not stick to one in and one out. And I did not come up with a solid storage system for things for the shore that I need to store at home. It's time to right those wrongs. 
7. Congratulations to Brittany for winning the annual Show Us Your Books holiday giveaway. Don't forget to link up on Tuesday with your favorite books of 2016. Readers, check back armed with your Christmas gift cards! Currently reading:

8. It's not Christmas until I spend eleventy billion unnecessary dollars at DiBruno Brothers on our holiday favorites: pepper shooters, black lava cashews, sweet sopressata, port wine spread, and Prima Donna gouda. And then MFD eats something he's not supposed to eat and pisses me off. 

9. Reminder:

10.  E-card of the could I resist?

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  1. with my husband home this week and next, we're going to purge the hell out of this house. we've already purged most of upstairs and will be working on the main floor and basement. by we, i mean him LOL

  2. Glad MFD is healing well and won't need skin grafts! I emptied out every drawer in my dresser yesterday and got rid of a bunch of stuff that legit had holes or stains. Next up is my closet, land of the dresses I wore once and scarves I forgot I owned.

  3. I am looking forward to some post holiday purge myself. Gotta go those receipts from good will before the new year! And it just feels so damn good. Speaking of which all of your holiday food things sound freaking amazing, Port Wine spread... I'll take a tub of that! Cheers!

  4. I'm moving mid-February & I'm going to take that opportunity to purge all the things!

  5. Oh man I didn't even realize skin grafts were on the table, that's BAD. Thank goodness he didn't need them. You gotta take pity and let him eat some of the good stuff he's not supposed to ;)

  6. The parody is pretty great. It's killing me that so many people have these next few days off and I'm working through Friday. Bleeeeh. Then the husband has next week off while I go back to work. Sigh.
    Haha. Oh well, it's now or never with the Christmas spirit!

  7. Thank the universe and all that is good for Mike Doyle's hands healing so well. Continued streaming of healing lights to him.
    I have donated clothes in the past month and feel great knowing that someone who needs them will be warm. I will continue to do that all the time! Happy Thursday!
    Love. Your. Momma ! πŸ’–✨☮πŸ˜‡πŸ¦„πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸ»

  8. Black Lava Cashews are Shawn's obsession, and many bags were ordered to my home this Christmas.

  9. Love that carousel - AND - LOVED "How Lovely to be a Woman in 2016" I saw the headline on FB during an insanely busy period at work and made a point to take a few minutes to watch. So glad I did; I'm telling you: women are taking a frickin STAND in 2017. Too many awful things happened to us in '16 and it's time to FIGHT.

  10. I love that Philly has a Liberty Bell sitting on top of their tree! So perfect for that city! It's so crazy that Christmas is so close, but I'm anxiously awaiting all of the food!

  11. I get in those purging modes where nothing is safe.

  12. I saw something yesterday that said "It's not Christmas until you eat and drink yourself to verge of diabetes and alcoholism." HAHAHAHA.

    I'm off work all next week so I will be purging like a mofo. :) Have a merry Christmas and happy festivus! :)

  13. That's AWESOME news about MFD's hands and not needing skin grafts, it's a Christmas miracle! That carousell is too cute, and that light display at Macy's is amazing! Merry Christmas to you, MFD, and all 3 duggies <3

  14. I love Christmas lights.
    Glad MFD is on the road to recovery.
    I can't buy things/treats for holidays too early, or I'll eat them all. It's a common problem.

  15. I looked at our online bank account the other day and my eyeballs nearly fell out of my head when I saw what Matt spent at DiBruno Bros. But when he got home and I saw what he bought, I knew it was worth every penny. Except I want to keep it all for myself instead of give it away!

  16. So glad to hear MFD is healing and won't need skin grafts! That's great news!


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