Monday, December 19, 2016

TWTW - the holly jolly one

Friday night it was a push for me to stay up after 8 pm, hashtag the work week kills me. I read this and watched this and talked to Lori when she got home from visiting her people.
Saturday morning I screwed around and drank coffee with my Mom & Lori and had donuts and breakfast sandwiches my mom brought over, removed gel nails + painted them real quick-like.
Saturday afternoon was Carol & Dad's annual family Christmas party. Food was great as always and this year's added fun was a photo frame and props. Lola was the most popular person at the party, of course.
After the party MFD and I watched Lola Jean for a few hours and introduced her to Star Wars as she was drinking her bottle before bed. She didn't make it to the iconic bar scene. Next time.

Weekly food prep: savory oatmeal for breakfasts; spinach muffins from the freezer for snacks; quinoa mix from the freezer for lunches since I ended up eating leftovers last week; golden turmeric paste for the dogs (that's what that is down there on the right); potato soup (making tonight, I could not make it when it was 60 degrees yesterday) or salmon with steamed veggies for dinner; mini stuffed peppers for the party Saturday (recipe coming tomorrow).

Sunday things:
Lounged with dogs/purged jewelry and makeup/changed sheets, washed sheets & towels/bagged & wrapped Christmas gifts/face mask (Origins charcoal)/Target + CVS/watching Rectify + The Affair + Billions /finished a book and started another/said fuck it and ordered Chinese food for dinner in lieu of cooking
In case you missed it this weekend:

A week from now, we'll be post-Christmasing.

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  1. That frame is so fun for a family gathering! I meant to start wrapping presents this weekend but it so didn't happen. Oops!

  2. Oh my gosh love the photo frame for a prop...might need to steal that idea for my NYE party! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love stuffed peppers! That's so fun that there were photo props at the party this year. Can't wait for the pepper recipe.

  4. I randomly came across that book this weekend and then saw it has been on my tbr list since 2014, but I'm so excited to read it at some point (next year). The photo frame is such a fun idea!

  5. Sounds like a busy weekend! And yay to introducing Lola to Star Wars when she's young. :D Have a great Christmas!

  6. The frame is so cute! I have been craving Chinese lately but I'm trying to hold off until New Year's!

  7. Chinese food for dinner sounds good. I caved and picked up Chickfila on Friday night and that was the first takeout in a month.
    I'm kind of over meal-prep but I'm really trying. I don't have to do it for two weeks so January will be a rough start.
    Lol to MFD with all the food and then passed out.

  8. LOL @ MFD passed out on the couch...he's doing the holidays right.

  9. Sometimes you just gotta order Chinese & call it a day.

  10. Yummy... I love passing out after eating all the holiday foods! Hope MFD's hands are healing up!!
    We did last minute shopping on Saturday with Enzo (Rural King, Lowes), then had breakfast with my parents. We spent all afternoon at home but I was so productive it didn't feel relaxing at all! Ha.

  11. Tell me you love Billions as much as I do.

  12. That photo frame at the party is such a fun idea!

  13. Your Saturday morning sounds like perfection, and how fun is that photo frame prop at the party! Such a great idea :-D

  14. Your Dad's Christmas party looks like so much fun, especially with all the props! And I still haven't watched Billions! I love the main actor in the movie, and I really want to watch it, but we've just never gotten around to it.

  15. Sounds like a really fun party! I miss having my family around! Love that red color on your nails, haven't done a mani in ages. Maybe I will sometime this week! :) Yum... Chinese food! We were "snowed in" all weekend... so I literally did not leave my house... and as a busy person.. I can say it was bliss! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. Potato soup sounds amazing and now I just make my own this week! It is like -2 here so it will be wonderfully warm!

  17. I work in a school it is the week before our break with a concert, a party and a crafting day all planned for this week. So tonight we are saying "looks like Chinese food for dinner" The party looks fun but so does the sleeping.
    I know or at least I think am going to come up as anonymous do I have to have a blog in order for my email to show up as a reader and sometime commenting person?

    1. If you log in with a google account, I think your email shows up with your comment in my inbox. You don't have to have a blog for that.

      I never feel like cooking the week before a holiday!

  18. I want to check out Rectify; looks pretty good. Also, Chinese food + cold weather sounds amazing.

  19. Love the frame! How fun! Mmm...chinese food. I think you made a good decision on that one! haha


    Happy Holidays!

  20. I'm a turmeric person too. I'm glad the pugs and I have that in common. Good life choice. ;)


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