Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - hark! I have some.

1. I worked from home Wednesday. Even though I started earlier and finished later than normal, it was bliss: a quiet house and time for french press coffee on a weekday is something I can never say no to.

2. The house was quiet in part because MFD has been out in North Dakota since Monday. A big ass blizzard shut down the highways and airports for over 48 hours, but he finally made it to Standing Rock yesterday. Here's Day One of his journey, and Day Two of his hotel stay, LOL. Day Three he finally made it to Bismarck to buy supplies and deliver them to Standing Rock. I spoke to him last night and he was so happy to be there. Sometimes when you set out to do something for others, what ends up benefitting the most is your own soul. Bottom pics are some of his from yesterday.
3. I've missed him, of course, but the fact that the dining room table has been clear and I have not happened upon this in days has been nice in his absence.
Not my pic but lord, how appropriate
4. I'm sure the dogs miss him, but not as much as they like sleeping on his side of the bed.

5. I like working from home because I am more productive overall both with work work and with laundry. I got both couches totally washed and reassembled with Christmas pillow covers. I also ordered new throw pillows because mine are old and flat.

6. Seasonal goal friends, the link up for Winter Goals and to report in on your fall goals if you'd like is next Friday, December 16 with me & Sara from Journey of Doing. I hope you can join us! A goal graphic will be available next week.

7. Hey, so do you guys remember how Ben Carson ran for president in the primaries? Yeah, since then he has said he's not capable of running a government agency. Like, hello? First of all, he did not realize that as President of the United States of America he'd basically be overseeing ALL government agencies? He never thought about that before he ran? Good fucking god, what a perfect time to be a moron in this country. You can be one and other people still want you on their presidential cabinet. To review: Ben Carson has zero experience with anything to do with housing but is up for HUD Secretary for trump's cabinet; he believes that Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt as granaries, not as tombs for pharaohs; he believes being gay is a choice; and finally, he is fucking insane. I do not want someone who thinks pyramids stored grain in charge of anything structural or residential in this country.

8. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. There's also a special Show Us Your Books linkup on Tuesday, 12/27, where we're sharing our top books of the year. Be there or be square!

9. Reminder.

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  1. I'm so envious of your work from home day. I wish I had that option on days other than teacher work days. Whenever MG is out of town, Cooper enjoys his side of the bed, too--that pic of the pups looks oh so cozy!
    Don't get me started on Ben Carson...let alone some of his other choices for things like the EPA. Ughhhhhh, I can't.

  2. I was wondering how and what exactly MFD was doing in light of news from there, so I'm excited to read his updates. I knew Ben Carson was highly unqualified, but I had not heard of this pyramid thing... I mean... he went to med school and clearly received an education so how on Earth?? I love the idea of having a work from home day every so often to get things done around the house!

  3. Haha #4 is totally Hawkeye. Sometimes John and his brother get hammered playing video games in the basement and fall asleep on the couch. When he tries to crawl in bed in the morning or the next night, Hawkeye is all 'wtf man, this is mine now, get back to the couch.'
    My post for #6 is all ready to go!
    Pyramids stored grain. I hate to be a typical millennial but... I. can't. even.

  4. These are all good thoughts! I Hope your husband makes it home safely soon.

  5. I thought the exact same thing about Ben Carson. I SWEAR the "politicians" that are in Washington right now have brains like SnapChat. They say or do something but then 10 seconds later it all goes away and they make some contrasting statement or action. F*cking ridiculous.

    Glad to hear an update on MFD. I'm planning on linking-up for BOTH this time around. Yay!

    (The toilet paper meme. That is my life. WTF.)

  6. I want to work from home for the rest of my life. I've been streaming 💖✨😇☮️🍀🍀🍀🦄🦄🦄🙏🙏🙏 to Mike Doyle and all the water 💦 protectors. Amen on the Abraham-Hicks e card. I welcome all the wonderful abundance into my life and my loved ones lives eternally ( spur of the moment affirmation)
    Loved seeing you and our little beauty queen together last night. Priceless joy!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  7. So awesome what MFD is doing! Ben Carson's beliefs make me shudder. The choice for the head of the EPA has me so angry. We all need to be concerned about clean air and water and I don't see how his pick is going to help with either of those things. I'm lucky I work in a role that allows me to have a positive impact on the environment. The dogs are adorable, mine do the same thing. But, when I leave apparently they walk around lost and crying, lol!

  8. What is it about having a penis that makes you incapable of putting the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder?!

  9. so true about doing something for others and benefiting your own soul. and seriously with the toilet paper. there will be a half ripped sheet hanging on and i'll say why didn't you change this? and he's like there is still paper on it. FOR WHO? who is using half a sheet???? drives me bonkers.

  10. That comment above about the penis & toilet paper made me laugh...

    Its definitely interesting to see who is going into these positions of power in our country. It really is like a legit reality show... & we know how well those shows turn out ;)

  11. You know how I feel about the Ben Carson thing. I can't even anymore with this shitshow.

    I love the quote and the idea of doing things for others. I can't not help where and when I can.

  12. He thinks... JOSEPH.... built the pyramids?? AS GRAIN STORES???


    There's so much wrong with this I don't even know where to begin.

  13. I got a fever...and the only cure is...more cowbell! That popped into my head the other day while I was driving & I busted out laughing. I don't even know why it popped into my head. North Dakota in the winter is no joke. When I was touring colleges as a junior/senior in HS I had looked at NDSU & one of the reasons I decided not to go was because in the winter that freeway can shut down fairly frequently & I didn't want to be trapped at school & not able to come home. My cousin went to Moorehead for college, the Minnesota side of North Dakota, & that happened to her more than once.

  14. #7...I AM SO CONFUSED. When I first read that he had said that about not being qualified I thought it must be a fake story...BECAUSE HE WAS JUST RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Does he not remember? What blows my mind even more is that all of these politicians HAVE PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM who should stop them from publicly being idiots but nope, it still happens.

    Sorry for all the caps. I'm just pretty ragey about all of this.

  15. Ugh what is it with the toilet paper thing?! It's like they literally cannot refill it themselves. The one I got irritated about recently was I had washed all the dishes the other night (nothing dirty in the sink) and I wake up to a dirty pan on the stove. I'm like really you couldn't have hand-washed it?! lol

  16. I have a splitting headache today and I'm coming off of two weeks of travel, so thinking is hard, but I didn't know Ben Carson said that about the pyramids and I'm just dying over here laughing at it. Our country sucks right now.

  17. That is brilliant but he is up there at Standing Rock! It makes my heart happy.

    That also will be the reason that I finally go over the edge. The effing toilet paper!

  18. The toilet paper. Yes. Also happening upon milk/juice/any beverage in the fridge with three drops left. And then when I ask "Why didn't you just throw this out?" it's of course because "I thought you might want to finish it." Makes me nuts!

    I am so productive on work from home days too. Not having a commute is a game changer.

  19. I can't even with Ben Carson. He just needs to go away now.

    Aw, your dogs are so cute! My dog loves pillows and blankets, so it's hilarious and adorable to see her snuggling in bed.


  20. Poor MFD with the travel delays and obstacles but I kudos to him for doing it for a great cause. I'm sure the pups gave you enough company. Too funny about the toilet paper and clutter! Story of my fucking life!

  21. Can't get enough pics of your precious puggies - and that window! Ahhhh, I love it. Good for MFD, btw - that's awesome. Oh, and don't get me started on Ben Carson. Trump is trolling us with these choices; I swear.


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