Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Thoughts from in between

1. The week between Christmas and New Year's always feels like no man's land to me. It's like simultaneously a lot of stuff is happening and very little is happening and it goes quickly but also really slowly. I'm looking back on the year but looking forward to a fresh start in the next. Straddling the abyss, floating in the ether.

2. Vietnam Vets picked up yesterday. Goodbye, all the things. Everything must gooo. Sorry for the dark pic, I cannot wait to have my house back to normal so there are actual lights and not soft Christmas lights lighting the interior. I have more to purge, but a lot of it is kitchen-related and requires wrapping and boxing and I didn't have the supplies this week.

3. Monday we were on tour, visiting with Gram, the Doyle aunts and uncles, and then at Mom & Rich's.
4. Wearing this week. And thinking I'll be throwing all the nail polishes out. At least the light purple (Significant Other Color) and the glitter. They're not working for me. Shirt from Feminist Apparel, but it was part of a subscription box so I'm not sure if it's on the site but a lot of my other favorites are (like this one and this one). Feminist Apparel is a local Philly company and they rock.
5. Reading this week. Well, the favorite reads of 2016 from Tuesday's special Show Us Your Books link up, duh. Otherwise, I finished Rosarito Beach and started Bruce's book...even when I love the subject matter, I would absolutely always prefer fiction to non-fiction. The bottom three covers: I used a giftcard from MFD to pre-order the newest Fina Ludlow book by Ingrid Thoft coming out on January 10, as well as this, which appeared on a few favorite reads of 2016 lists, and this, which appeared on one.
6. Spoiler alert: we both died. Quickly. Then I made an egg bake which is the healthiest thing I've eaten in recent memory. We also discussed how we both always died early on the Oregon Trail in school. We need some savvy survivors to play with us so we have hopes of someone else carrying us to the promised land.
7. A gift from Treat Lady. We're finally going to find out what Mae is aside from pug, which will end the speculation we've been doing for years. My vote is for part troll or she-demon. LOL

8. I'm finally cutting ties with Snapfish after using them to store my photos since 2000. Everything will live in Google photos now.

9. Reminder, on appearance; and in remembrance of a fierce force in this galaxy, mental health and addiction advocate, and honest woman who showed little girls everywhere that they could raise a rebellion and save an empire:

10.  E-card of the week

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  1. Carrie Fisher was such a badass. I read on FB the other day that David Bowie has actually just figured out a way to live in a different world and he's taken all the great people with him. Makes sense.
    That Oregon Trail game looks awesome. And I SO BADLY want a DNA test for our dogs!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ok I was blubbering crying 😭 during my first comment so I had to delete. Just so grateful for my Stephanie to infinity and beyond. My firstborn. Truest love. Anyway. I put away Christmas stuff today - earliest ever. And purged my glassware.
    May the force be with everyone always!
    Love. Your. Momma. 💖✨☮🦄😇🍀🍀

  4. We did a dna test for my 125ln resident, Chance. 76% Golden Retriever, 22% American Bulldog and 2% Boxer. Totally made sense. Now I want one for my newest foster fail, Marlene. Currently I tell everyone she is a pekenese pokemon mix.

  5. hahaha do they test for troll in regular DNA test or do you have to special order that one? ;) I'm so curious to know what else she is! I wanted to do that for Hawkeye too but I'm cheap and lazy. What a fun gift!
    Hooray for all the purging, that's a ton of donations. I hope my mom is as successful when we start her attic.

  6. LOL at Oregon Trail regressing into a card game AND Mae possibly being She-Demon. I prefer troll, tbh. ;)

  7. WHAATTTTTT... you can find out a dog's DNA??? I need to know more. We always am curious what Harvey Dent is since we rescued him. I'm sure he has pointer in him because he is always pointing like a settler - but he has nothing body wise that looks like a pointer. I'm so intrigued!!!!

  8. I really want to do that for my dog! Such a cool thing, can't wait to see the results. I hate this week, it just drags on and on. I think I am staying in for NYE and I may just go to bed and skip it altogether. I'm over it!

  9. Haha I love the ecard! My fingers are crossed that I don't fall asleep early this year! And I can't wait to see what else Mae is! You'll have to share once you get the results!

  10. That shirt is perfect for you! The ecard is too funny but oh so real! lol

  11. Oregon Trail is a card game?! I need this. I agree that this week is so weird. I have been thinking for days about what to put in my post for tomorrow & I'm just sitting here like "umm what in the world has even happened??" A lot & nothing at the same time that's what.

  12. I hate limbo week I always feel like I'm simultaneously getting all the things done absolutely nothing done. I just wanted to be New Year's already. The Oregon Trail game is so much fun but I am the only one that made it to Oregon as my party members always die! I'm not really sure how it is that I make it I just managed to avoid snakebites and dysentery I suppose.

  13. I love that quote from Carrie Fisher. It's so sad about her and Debbie Reynolds. Sigh.
    This is a weird week, you're right. I've also been sick so that kind of puts a damper on things too.


  14. It's like the longest Sunday, this week. I've never worked this week of the year; my last job had me done with all the work I could do for the year by 12/20 and not able to start until after the 1st, so I saved up my vacation days and always took an extended break. This year I'm done with all client work too and just kind of floating around, not sure what the hell day or time it is. It's nice and also super weird.

    I was a purging machine this month. I took a total of a dozen boxes to Goodwill, have a box of blankets ready to go to a shelter sitting in my car, and I'm starting another little collection of stuff to toss. Feels SO good.

    That Carrie Fisher quote nails it! Such a sad week (or year, really) of losses.

  15. I agree, this is always such a weird week. I haven't known what day it is since about December 20th. I am ready for a fresh start and routine! Our Christmas decorations are still up, but I'm so ready to take them down. Probably tomorrow. I am ready for everything to be clean and neat and organized again. The decorations are festive but way more clutter than I normally like!

  16. ugh this week really is so weird and off. love the feminist top, i'll have to check that shop out. ooooh i hope you like i let you go! i've heard of the oregon trail thing but not quite sure exactly what it is. KC has tried to explain it to me, it's a game? lol at mae being part troll.

  17. So fun to find out Mae's ancestry! I'm excited for you.
    That Oregon Trail card game looks really fun.
    Youth is NOT an accomplishment. I feel like this isn't taught until it's too late.

  18. This week is totally no-mans land for me but I kind of love it! Nothing happening but also so much I feel like I need to do for the post-holiday time!

  19. We played Oregon Trail all weekend over New Years and we finally won... but it took 6 of us to start (3 made it to the end) and we had to learn from all of our horrible mistakes. Happy New Year!


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