Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shit MFD Said Vol. 35

Before leaving for Ireland
Me: Do you think we'll have to poop on the side of the road?
MFD: nodding yes several times No! Where do you think we're going, the 1600s?
Me: It's rural!
MFD: I hope you ask your dad this question.

Me: I noticed you posted all of these photos on Instagram...from the shore this summer. It's November. We just arrived in Ireland.
MFD: I had to catch up. I didn't want to post photos from this trip then go back and post the good ones from this summer.
Me: No, that means you don't post those photos. That's not how instagram works. Insta means now.
MFD: Well, I'm keeping everyone on their toes.

MFD: If I fall asleep you can watch whatever you want.
Me: Oh, can I? Thanks.
MFD: hahaha
He turns on Excalibur
Me: You should go to sleep now.

Me: Look at this hat I got. Isn't it awesome?
MFD: It means Hugo Boss.
Me: No it doesn't.
MFD: That's what it means to me.
Me: No!
MFD: I don't know why you'd want people to think you're Hugo Boss.
Me: Ruiner.
MFD: Hugo Boss.

After I've yelled at Mae for being Hazel
MFD: You are like the Svengali of dogs.
Me: I am.
MFD: You're all I'M THE BOSS HERE I'M THE BOSS in your mean voice...then we can all live here together in some nice voice. Good one.
Me: I *am* the boss...but we can all live here together.
MFD: Whatever you say.

In Marshalls
MFD: Seriously? We need two carts?
Me: Yes. Trust me.
MFD: I don't think so.
40 minutes later
Me: Stay there, I want to take a picture.
MFD: Of what?
Me: Of the man who questioned the Master of Marshalls about how many carts we needed.

Doing Christmas lights
Me: I don't understand why we're untangling them if we're just going to tangle them up.
MFD: If they're going to be tangled they're going to be tangled in an orderly fashion.
Me: laughing uproariously That's fucking insane!
MFD: You don't know Christmas like I know Christmas. There are methods to the madness.

MFD: Steph, would it make you happy if I decorated the window tonight?
Me: Yes.
MFD: Would you like me to make you happy?
Me: Is this a weird game?

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  1. I am starting off this comment with a slight apology if not all of it makes sense. It is 1:40 a.m..Actually that is why I am commenting after a wicked nightmare I was relieved to find an update from you to kind of take my mind off whatever I was dreaming about. Of course I was even more fortunate to have the update be a funny one as well. When I have those types of conversations with my husband I often think we could have our own reality show.
    I think I may have taken the same picture at the top of your post when my husband and I were in Ireland. I could look right now but pretty sure that is pushing the envelope with my husband who is tolerating me "reading" my cell phone as he is sleeping because well most adults are nightmare free.

  2. The last one is is the question about going to the bathroom in Ireland...I'm with you on the answer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love that he pushes the carts at Marshalls for you. That's marriage.
    MFD and I have the same problem with Instagram...I rarely post in the moment.
    Also, someone needs to be the boss or chaos will erupt.

  4. I love the boss hat! Haha. And I just remembered how much I loved hearing about your Christmas decorating adventures last year :) I like the "do you want me to make you happy" comment...hahaha.

  5. HAHAAHAHA, the last one! "Would you like me to make you happy?" My spidey senses would automatically sense some sort of trap if I heard that.

  6. how dare he question the master of marshalls!

  7. So funny "you are Hugo Boss"! Another laugh out loud Things MFD says post!

  8. Haha so glad you captured a picture of the two carts (which look full of so much amazingness btw)! And LOL at Hugo Boss!

  9. Lol that's always my husband's reaction with carts too- "Do we REALLY need two?!" and then every time he has to go get the second one.

  10. This is awesome!!!! Many lols! Agree on the late pictures posting. Especially of the summer in OCNJ ! Love this post to infinity and beyond. Laughter is the best way to start the day. Goodbye to November!'

  11. Love. Your. Momma. Jmj. Hit publish too soon

  12. Oh my gosh. The Hugo Boss hate is the best. Hahahaha! And I love the TV channel permission one. I've gotten "permission" before, too. Ridiculous men.
    That last one is also gold. When they start asking questions like that I get super suspicious. Hahaha.

  13. I died when I saw that photo on instagram, the 'portrait of divorce' SO GOOD. Your Marshalls is killer, I'm jealous. I never find much that I want in mine, everything is just meh and it's not a wide selection :(
    Also, I got smiling pug and MFD faces in my mailbox, I was so excited! Super adorable card.

  14. Damn you filled both of those carts UP, girl! Too funny - I love proving people wrong; it's my favorite pastime. Also, MFD's little mind game in that last convo is ridiculous - men always want trophies for doing basic things. HAHAHA

  15. I never tire of these.
    The Marshall's picture is great.
    Tell him that Instagram is ok as long as you use #Latergram ;) haha that will blow his mind.
    You know he just wanted someone to have to poop off the side of the road.Men.

  16. Haha at insta means now! And I laughed hysterically at your instagram the other day of you guys untangling the lights, your caption was spot on! Every.single.year :-P

  17. Hahaha the method to his tangling madness sounds like such a boy thing. And umm insta does mean now, Steph. Just saying! I think maybe you could have used three carts at Marshall's! Makes me want to go shopping real bad.

  18. Seriously, why do men question women when it comes to shopping? I feel like it never ends well for them lol! And why would he ask if you wanted him to make you happy? The obvious answer is yes, right?

  19. Haha I love the Marshalls picture & the last one. I'd feel like that was a trick question.

  20. These posts never fail to crack me up. We put up Christmas lights this weekend for the first time, and I had visions of Christmas carols and hot chocolate and lots of festive merriment. Umm, not so much in reality. :)

  21. You know that this series isn't all about only what MFD says...I quite enjoy your witty banter too. You feed off each other.

  22. I think this one is my favorite this year. There are so many favorites. Oh Clark and his Marshall's carts. I know that 90% of the stuff in there is his. No question.

  23. I'm glad the instagram shore photos were explained. I couldn't figure out if he was at the shore by himself :)

  24. my favourite thing might be you calling yourself the Master of Marshalls haha. love it!

  25. They will be tangled in an orderly fashion!

    I am in tears. That is the best.


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