Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Three Things November

I did this last month and liked it, so as long as I can come up with some different prompts, I'll keep it going since I'm a fan of the Q&A games, of lists, of the rule of three. As always I'm curious about how you'd reply to these, so if you feel like playing along please do so in the comments, for all of them or cherry pick your favorites.

Three things I frequently forget
Power breakfast muffins when I'm bringing them for a snack to work, they often end up on the counter and MFD has to put them back in the freezer
Ages of other people and sometimes myself

Three errands I love to run
Library day!
Bank - a block from my office, it couldn't be easier
Anything that is a quick drop off or pick up and requires no time spent in an establishment

Three errands I hate to run
Produce Junction - just navigating the parking lot makes me sweat
Post Office - everyone is a miserable dick at the Suburban Station post office
Sam's Club - the eternal lines and hideous music from some speaker they're trying to sell = hell on earth

Three restaurants I want to try
Abe Fisher - it's been on my list for over a year
Mr. Martino's Trattoria

Three famous people I'd like to meet
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Michelle Obama
Judy Blume

Three famous people I'd like to avoid
donald trump
Russell Brand
OJ Simpson

Three things I recommend
Theshold Performance Sheet Sets from Target - they stay ON the bed and believe it or not I actually like 400 thread count over the higher thread counts.
Mixing cucumber mint sparkling water from Target with a bit of cranberry juice.
Golden turmeric paste for dogs with joint or arthritis issues.

Three books I loved in the elementary/junior high days
Christopher Pike's Final Friends trilogy
Judy Blume's Forever
Irene Hunt's Up a Road Slowly

Three things I always look forward to
The weekend
Starting a new book

Three things I always dread
Taking the trash out
Encountering a million legger

Now you go. 


  1. Michelle Obama is one poised lady; I'd love to meet her too.

  2. We need to get some new sheets, so I will check those out! I also need to check out that cucumber mint sparkling water... seems like I keep seeing it everywhere, so apparently it's a sign I need to try it.

  3. Yes, yes, yes on the Target sheets. My only issue with them is that they never go on sale!

  4. Hahaha! "Million legger." I feel that is the most accurate name for all the "ipedes." No need to get specific, they're all equally creepy. I LOATHE the post office. I will pay more money to send stuff through UPS just for the lack of lines and the more flexible hours. As for the library, I should enjoy going there, but for some reason I really don't. I like getting home afterwards, though!

  5. I'll play with a couple of categories!

    Three things I always look forward to:
    Getting the mail (Legit, Leland gets a glare if he's gotten the mail before me)
    Removing the lint from the dryer
    Friday evenings with nothing to do

    Three famous people I'd like to avoid
    Russell Westbrook
    Kanye West
    Tom Brady

  6. I am so great at remembering birthdays, but I'm terrible at ages, too!
    I agree with your 3 famous people to meet except swap Judy Blume for JK Rowling or Olivia Munn.
    I freaking hate the dentist. And milli/centa/billioni-pedes. BLEH.

  7. I love all of Judy Blume's books. And I think I wrote to her when I was in elementary school and we had to choose an author to write to. Never got a response though.
    I would love to meet Michelle Obama as well. I might borrow this prompt from you again since I think it's fun! :)

  8. Have to agree with all three things you look forward to! Your answers for celebrities you'd like to avoid are amazing. Trump and Kanye West would for sure be on mine.

  9. Oh I like this...might have to copy :)

    I just went to the PO and yes...it was awful.

  10. Why is taking the trash out always so terrible? I hate it too! We're Costco people, but all of the lines freak me out too! We made the mistake of going there last weekend, and it was absolute chaos because of Thanksgiving!

  11. I have mastered self-checkout at the Sam's. Thank Goddess! Don't likes- Blood tests or Needle situations in general. Rides that go around or watching anyone twirl around. Ditto on the million legger. G called them thousand leggers. Snakes and worms. That's more than 3 things jmj.
    Love this blog idea. Love. Your. Momma.

  12. Oo yes Russell Brand is gross. I always forget he exists.
    I, too, am awful about taking the trash out. Probably done it 5 times since we moved in in May. It's just John's job but I clean his toilet so I totally think it's fair.
    I should try the turmeric paste for Hawkeye, she has kneecap issues. 'Luxating patellas' they call it.

  13. Ah I call them million legger thousand leggers. People I would like to meet. Jesus, Mother Theresa, Ann Frank. Errands I love. Anything Target, gift buying that requires me to go to the small shops around where I live & fabric related purchasing.

  14. I think I need to go to Target and get those sheets and that cucumber water. Yum.

  15. Haha, I forget my age often. My dad thought he was 56 for two years and was so sad to find out that he missed being 57. LOL.

  16. I'm the opposite of you. I love going to our local post office because they are super nice there. Don't like going to the bank because it's in an inconvenient location and ALWAYS packed with people. I had to LOL at Russel Brand.. he is definitely gross but I don't know that I would have thought to mention him.

  17. Juliette Lewis is at the top of my celebrities I'd like to avoid list. I cannot fucking stand her.

    I frequently forget my grocery lists when I'm grocery shopping which defeats the purpose of having them. It's probably why I go to the supermarket 4 million times a week, And it's actually an errand I hate so I screw myself on that one.

    Also, as I did with your other prompts, I will be borrowing/stealing this.

  18. Ha, I stole this idea from you and Jana last time :) I like these lists! Also loved that you had the Notorious RBG on your list. And obviously D-Trump needs to go, buttttttttttttt...I kinda like Russell Brand? Is that weird?

    May steal this again when I'm outta ideas one day. Have a good Thanksgiving :)

  19. I'd like to meet Ree Drummond, Taylor Swift and Becky Higgins, which is a very eclectic group of people but I think it could be a fun dinner party!

  20. I love the book Forever.

    I just bought flannel sheets for the first time and I'm sold on them.

  21. Ugh errands, woof. I hate them all lol. But I like the feeling of accomplishment when any are complete! Million leggers..ahhhh my skin is crawling. Those things are so nasty and freak me out so bad. I always look forward to coffee and the weekend as well :)

  22. I am the trash removalist in our family. I live with two men (my husband and father-in-law). I find myself thinking "isn't this their job?", and then my inner self starts talking me out of assigning tasks by gender roles, then I get annoyed that I'm having such a deep thought while taking out the trash. It is exhausting.
    Three famous people I'd like to avoid?
    Kim Kardashian
    Khloe Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian

    Three books I loved in elementary/junior high days?
    Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
    Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls (not sure if I'm remembering the author's name correctly)
    Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary

  23. 3 people I'd like to meet: Mozart, Richard Harris, Matthew Gray Gubler
    3 books from Jr high: A Seperate Peace, Dera and Glorious Physician, (I'm too old to remember another one... )
    3 to avoid: Trump, any of his cronies, and Kardasian

  24. when i was younger i used to wonder how on earth older people would forget their ages, and now i have to think for a hot minute about how old i am.
    i hate the post office and only go there when i am sending something internationally and i keep putting it off which is going to hurt because then i will have to choose a faster option which means more money. blah.
    i like lower thread count too, i will have to check those out.
    i had to google a million legger and i wish i hadn't.

  25. The post office is hell every which way I go. I try to avoid it at all costs. People there are miserable. People who work there are miserable. I'm miserable when I go there. Misery office. Pissed Off Office? POO? Oh, I like that. I found the same thing with these sheets at Sam's. I think I buy the 600 thread count... the 1000 thread count just don't feel as good.

  26. I love these type of listy posts and I love that you had different prompts this time! I am going to have to use this one for sure!

    I also would like to avoid all those people. Just reading that list made me cringe.


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