Friday, November 11, 2016

What I love about coming home from a trip abroad

We left our house for vacation at 1:30 on October 29 and got back to our house at 1:45 on November 9. It was one of our longer trips and one of our jet lag trips, and they are, of course, harder to bounce back from. So again, please excuse any grammatical errors or typos, I'm just not as sharp right now as I try to be.

What I love about coming home from a trip abroad
1. Seeing my dogs. Derr. And taking 479 photos of them and keeping and sharing them all even if they're terrible photos.
2. Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee. I always get one immediately upon return, but my heart does not sing with joy until I return to my Monday through Friday DD, where my worker friends greet me effusively and say how long it's been and hand me my order that I didn't have to place because they know what I'm getting.

3. Not having to locate an adapter before plugging something in.

4. All the ice I want, all the time.

5. Not having to calculate how much something is really costing me with a conversion rate. Or converting kilometers into miles.

6. Driving on the side of the road I normally drive on on roads that are wide enough to fit more than my car in my lane.

7. Cheese steaks. I typically always get a cheese steak the day I return. It screams hometown food to me.

8. Alone time. I love my people but I need my alone time.

9. Full, 24/7 access to a washer and dryer that I understand how to use. I could not figure out the combo washer/dryer in one of the places we stayed in and felt like a total moron.

10. Sleeping in my own bed!

While I love to travel, there's no place like home. However, there are some things I hate about returning from a trip, aside from the general fact that vacation is over. Things like:
1. Readjusting to eastern standard time. I feel like I am on quaaludes or something as I exist sort of here and sort of there.

2. Post-vacation sprawl. Bags and piles of clothes and foreign purchases are strewn everywhere and I don't have the energy to deal with it for a few days. I went heavy on the soap this trip (some of these are gifts though) and that is easy to put away so I'm filled with glee.
3. The thought of returning to my daily commute.

4. The laundry.

5. Trying to get up to speed on work and life in a hot hurry.

What do you love about coming home from a trip? One of these days I'll get a blog post up about this trip. One of these days, man.

Today and every day, saluting the veterans.

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  1. First of all - welcome back!! I have to say one of the best things about coming home is cooking meals at home and sleeping in your own bed - at least for me!! Hope you cure the jet lag this weekend! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Being able to cook my own food is my favorite part of returning from a vacation. And I actually love unpacking/post-vacation sprawl. I'll stay up all night sorting and putting things away ha ha.
    Also, growing up on the east coast, I never realized how inconvenient EST is. You're up so late for everything!
    Alaska time, Mountain time, and Central time are more conducive to everything. Prime time TV starts at 7pm, Monday Night Football starts anywhere between 4pm and 6pm, etc. I don't know that I could ever go back to EST.

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  4. Love the Inis - I had to have it. I bought it at the Irish store in Haddon Heights! Such a nice trip you all had - I looked forward to the photos. My brother in law and his wife are there right now, they arrived a day or two, after you did. Not sure what part though.

  5. There really is no place like your own bed.
    WAIT... ice is hard to get out of the country? I never thought of that.

  6. YES to alone time and getting all the hometown comforts into your belly. And the post-vacation sprawl of baggage SUCKS. When K travels for business in Nov/Dec. I just leave his crap on the floor because a) he won't unpack it and b) it's just going to get pulled out again in a week.

  7. My dad was living in Philly when he first moved here, before moving to Chicago. He has a place that he swears is the best cheese steaks in all of Philly, I'm going to ask him to remind me the name and ask if you've ever been there and if you agree with him.
    Coming home from vacation is really hard for me, for all the reasons you listed. Even if I don't change time zones though, I feel out of it. Travel just isn't my jam.

  8. Welcome Back!!! My favorite thing is always seeing my dogs and sleeping in my own bed that first night. You have me realllllllly wanting a cheese steak right now!!!

  9. Welcome BACK!
    I can understand the being away from your dogs thing! I am going to North Carolina over Thanksgiving and I am already sad about leaving my cat haha. I'm sure the team was happy to see you when you walked through the door!

  10. I am eager to hear about, like, your hotels, and what they were like and what you ate and stuff. I am such a business traveler rather than a tourist. LOL
    Pizza is always a biggie for me when I get back in the states. Pizza, my own pillow, buying things easily, people speaking English on the TV (not an issue in the UK of course, but it's very soothing for me to have a TV on in the background, and German TV is v. jarring), and also, having access to cold water all day.

  11. Amen on the pups, ice, washer/dryer, bed , money conversion, electric. I am a packing nightmare! I want all my stuff everywhere!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  12. Welcome home! :) When I get back to my house after a trip, I always feel like everything seems so "open." I also love being in my own shower, and being able to do all the laundry. DD is always a good welcome home too!

  13. I love eating at home, sleeping in my own bed, and the feeling of just being home. I hate the laundry, unpacking, and going through the mail, both at work and at home, lol.

  14. Home I don't have to make myself feel welcome.the way I would at someone else nothing bad I just enjoy everything about my home I wouldn't want ton anywhere else !

    1. There's something so nice about walking in your own front door and just feeling HOME.

  15. I change up things to much to have a usual order somewhere. I've always wanted to be a usual though! What's your usual DD order?

  16. Hometown food is the BEST part about returning home from a trip. My go-to was ALWAYS chicken and waffles when we lived in Toronto.

  17. I went away for one night this weekend—ONE night!—and the sprawl all over my tiny apartment was too much for me to handle. Granted, there was a ton of stuff as I had to pack for two meals out, two long drives requiring comfy clothes, and a race plus immediate recovery equipment, so there was a lot. But the sprawl, yes, is the worst part of coming home. Welcome back!

  18. the not having to locate an adapter is the best feeling ever! i can just plug something in! so freeing! i am the worst at coming home, if i don't unpack and do laundry and all that immediately, it doesn't get done for days. and i rarely do it immediately haha. i do love coming home to my cats and being in my own space, as in not hearing people in the hotels making loud noises or annoying me.

  19. Of course, the dogs are numero they should be. I love that you get a cheesesteak when you return. My first meal when I arrive in Texas is always TexMex.

  20. Welcome home! :) I love the Heather soap (obviously, haha) - I have some of it too!! So many good reasons to be home but glad you enjoyed your time away too!


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