Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shit MFD Said Vol. 22

Driving through the middle of nowhere in upstate PA at midnight
Me: Holy shit, the high beams just went on by themselves!
MFD: Uh huh. 
Me: How?
MFD: Well Steph, it's fine engineering. 
Me: No. It's robots.
MFD: No. Fine German engineering. 
Me: Robots.

Discussing his birthday trip
MFD: How do we get in?
Me: I have a key. 
MFD: In a lockbox?
Me: No, she mailed me a key. 
MFD: The owner? What did she say?
Me: Don't try to get in on this now. 
MFD: What was the correspondence like? 
MFD: What are some of the rules?
Me: Rules?
MFD: What are they?
Me: The rules are the same for every house you rent. 
MFD: I just thought we could discuss them.

Him driving 
Me: I don't want to die on a back road in Levittown.
MFD: Steph, this is actually Bensalem.
Me: Whatever the location is, I don't want to die here.

MFD: Steph, do you like Yacht Rock?
Me: what is Yacht Rock?
MFD: Doobie brothers, soft 70s stuff. 
Me: Music we always listen to? Why are you calling it Yacht Rock?
MFD: It's what it's called. 
Me: You made this up? You've never been on a yacht.
MFD: NO. Sirius has a station now. Yacht Rock is my music. 
Me: I don't think the Doobie Brothers would want to be considered Yacht Rock. 
MFD: Michael McDonald would.
Note: after this conversation, Yacht Rock was mentioned AT LEAST once a day in our home for over a month

MFD: Happy half birthday!
Me: Thanks! Thanks for remembering.
MFD: You put it in my calendar. I have no choice but to recognize it.

I am totally the travel agent in this marriage.This is the conversation less than two days before we leave.
Happy birthday to my long-time friend Shelby today! Please visit her blog at Big Hungry Shelby and check her out on Twitter

All read and approved by MFD before they go live...
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  1. Never ever have I heard of Yacht Rock, so I'm with you. Not sure if this is a thing. It's a thing??

  2. Is Yacht Rock what one listens to primarily on a yacht? Because I see Jay Z and Beyonce pictures on a yacht quite often, and I don't imagine they are listening to the Doobie Brothers. Or is it rock that yacht owners listen to even when not on the yacht? I'm so confused. Has anyone emailed Sirius these important questions?

  3. Yacht Rock? How does one classify Yacht Rock? So confused. Ha! Love that you put it in his calendar as a reminder, like he had a choice. Countdown to vacation!! Woohoo!

  4. LOL if it's in the calendar, one must acknowledge! sometimes i think that without us, our husband would truly shrivel up and cry because they wouldn't know what to do, where to go or where to find anything.

  5. Laughing all the way! Excellent. Shelby's blogs always make me hungry! Love your detailed itinerary. A mother's dream come true. Lights for a productive day before vacation. Love. Your. Momma

  6. Yacht Rock Review is a huge band here in Atlanta and they sell out all over the place. It's like a 12 piece band all done up in 70's yachting attire and they jam! It is so much fun!!! Christopher Cross, Toto, Loggins & Messina... I am so down with MFD on this one!!! It is a real thing:)

  7. LOL at him wanting to discuss the "rules"!
    Yacht Rocks sounds fancy as fuck!

  8. Your text conversation sounds like Leland and I...when someone asked where we were going on our honeymoon he said "London." I chimed in "we're absolutely not going to London" and provided the actual itinerary.

  9. haha! I love that you put your half birthday in his calendar. I need to do that.
    LOL so hard at the fact that he corrected which town it was, but didn't actually address the fact that he was driving like a madman.

  10. haha at the half birthday!! That is so funny.

  11. I like the rental key discussion it sounds familiar. Why do they always want to know the facts after it's all done?

  12. I'm with you, robots for sure. I'm now putting my half birthday in the calendar. haha i love that he has no idea where y'all are going.

  13. Yacht Rock...who comes up with this?! LOL...If Jason plans a trip, I could tell you zero details about it. If I plan it, he has no idea. I don't know why we're like this...whomever plans it is at least on point :)

  14. I'm all for putting things in my husband's calendar! Even if I tell him things he won't remember for lack of actually paying attention. So now I flood his inbox with Google calendar invites for places we have to go or something he needs to remember. Hey it's actually working! He didn't call me ten times from Lowes to ask about which paint he was supposed to buy. It was all in his phone!

  15. hhahhaha, I LOVE these. Especially the iMessage screen grab at the end. ha!

  16. I always love reading these and getting a good laugh. Love the back and forth about the rental house and him wanting to know the rules. So funny!

  17. Your conversation with MFD never disappoint. Actually most conversations with MFD are entertaining.

  18. Hahaha great idea to put it in his calendar! I actually just opened a shared Google calendar so I stop getting asked "Hey, are we busy on this date?" I'm definitely the travel agent too, and have been in every relationship I've been in. I just like to plan ahead so there's as little travel stress as possible!

  19. Hahaha, Yacht Rock. So random! It's like they have to give a name to ever single completely made up genre.

  20. Dear Lord I love these posts :)
    I wish I could remember most of my conversations with the Hubs - I need to start documenting. :)

  21. LOL at Yacht Rock. I think I'd like that station. Jacob pays zero attention to travel plans. He just packs a few things the night before and is ready to go. I like that I get to plan everything my way, but it also bugs me that his life is so easy. Haha!

  22. Yacht rock? Really? I love the Doobie Brothers even though they were way before my time but I've never been on a yacht or anything besides a small boat… That is the most random radio station!

  23. Definitely the travel planner over here too. While I have it down to the minutes until we leave Jared is always like what day does vacation start?! Haha

  24. YESSSSSS you know how much I love these posts! And Yacht Rock for the win... he's totally trying to make it happen ;-)

  25. haha I have to say I'm more like him with teaveling! I don't even know how to book a flight or anything plus it all makes me nervous, so I just let Brian handle it all!

  26. HA. My brother introduced me to Yacht Rock last month, it made me realize that I can do without the Doobie Brothers. But it is, in fact, legit. Y'all are hilarious!

    1. I like the DBs just fine, but the Yacht Rock on a loop is about to drive me to the brink.

  27. So many favs in this one!! MFD, what ARE the rental rules? And do you actually know where you are going yet? :)

  28. I could send Justin the itinerary and then he'd still ask me the morning of with his ticket in hand. Every couple needs a planner or a great travel agent. I can't wait to see so many pictures from your trip!

  29. Your response to the text message about plane travel should be "Don't try to get in on this now". ah ha ha

  30. Why do I feel like I have heard of yacht rock before this post? Have you mentioned it before? Also, I find it hilarious that you put your half birthday in his calendar. Perhaps I ought to try that :)

  31. The yacht rock had me cracking up!


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