Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Recommendations

Hello hello friends! You know the drill. Skimmers, recommendations are in bold (and typically clickable). My brother Sean is joining me this month. He turned 21 on the 19th and made some time for his old ass sister's blog posts. Thanks Swan!
Among the realm of topics I could’ve explored, I chose TV shows because I feel they consume a large portion of a college student’s spare time. This is also a debate that you could have with almost anyone out there without reaching a compromise. It seems like no individual has the same “Mount Rushmore” of television shows as another. (Yes, I know I am discussing top five television shows while Mount Rushmore contains only four figures)  Nevertheless, here are five television shows that I could watch on a loop for as long as I can.  Keep in mind there are great shows that I have never watched or am frankly just forgetting. 

1. Entourage – I think it is fair to say that only males will agree with me on this. The idea of gaining superstardom and living with your best friends is pretty damn cool to me. I have seen every episode an embarrassing amount of times and I’ve never once been tired of it. 

2. Seinfeld – It goes without saying that this is one of the all-time most popular television shows. I also know that it is a true hit-or-miss show; if you like it, you probably love it and if you don’t, you probably think George Costanza is the most annoying person on the planet. I can place full blame on my brother for getting me into this show, seeing that he’s seen every episode seemingly a hundred times over. 

3. SNL – Say what you want about how this show has evolved over the years, but I always loved it through its peaks and valleys. In its heyday, it was piss-your-pants worthy with figures like John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Steve Martin, Will Ferrell, Bill Murray, and Chris Farley among others.  It may have lost some consistency, but Lorne Michaels will always find a way to make me laugh. 

4. Lost – Lost was probably the most captivating show that I have ever watched.  Although it takes forever and a day to get through every episode, I’d do it willingly. 

5. Newsroom – I will preface this by saying this show is NOT in my top 5 all-time. I feel that I just found a loophole because it is a show I am currently watching and I could not decide where to go with my fifth choice. I really enjoy the perspective this show offers. It offers accounts of a fictional news team breaking some of the most important events of the last four or five years from the BP oil spill to the Boston Marathon bombings. The intertwining of personal relationships and professional obstacles surrounding these events make it very addictive.

Honorable Mention: The Office, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Dexter

1. Try the local foods when traveling. I don't think you get the full experience otherwise. If I'm going to have a beer, I try one from a local brewery if it's offered. Out west I had the bison burger and tenderloin, the elk chili, the huckleberry everything. If it's local and in-season, even better. 

2. E-bags packing cubes. You can get them on Amazon but they often run sales on the E-bags site. You can purchase cubes of the same size or cubes of varying sizes. I took a large suitcase and used three large cubes, one medium, and four small. I took my suitcase into a hotel room once on our trip, and that was to re-pack it the night before we left. These e-bags made my life awesome on our road trip and were well worth the money to me. 

3. Jackery external batteries. I have two of these in orange and they freaking rock if you're on the road. They re-charge your phone multiple times and the color makes them hard to lose. 

4. Short USB cables to go with the above. They don't crap up my purse. 

5. Columbia Women's Arcadia II Rain Jacket - For a sweet $60 you, too, can be kept dry. I needed a rain coat for our National Parks trip because rain will not break me. This one was cheap and fits well. I only used it one day, but it was good as a windbreaker too. 

What are you recommending this month my friends?
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  1. Hey there Steph, I'm a new reader of your blog, I found you via Bloglovin'.

    I am a huge Seinfeld fan. I was not to begin with because in Australia, the tv channel that showed it played the same 40 episodes over and over again in between new episodes. When I finally got the chance to sit down and watch it all in order, I discovered that for some of the jokes you needed to have seen previous episodes or else it made no sense, so I grew to love the show deeply. For a while, we watched it every night at dinner time.

    Most every Seinfeld fan has seen the short gag reel in the clip show(s) but there are long ones full of awesomeness which I recently found on Youtube. I laughed for at least an hour, probably two. :) Anyway in case you have not found those, it is worth seeking them out.

    For my recommendation, I will like to let you know about a new show which I am loving at the moment called Mr Robot. The show it makes me think of most often is Breaking Bad, and thanks to all the Insider podcasts and commentary tracks I have a mini Vince Gilligan in my head who says things like "That's a great shot" - and he speaks up a lot during Mr Robot.

    I just finished writing a blog about Breaking Bad and that links to all the Insider podcasts. If you never listened to them I highly recommend them - often the cast and crew were guests and Vince was present on all 62 podcasts. :)


  2. I think the USB cables and backup batteries on trips are so important! So very intrigued by those packing cubes! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. JMJ, George puts me over the edge, but I love his parents! Sean and I used to listen to Lost on the radio when channel 6 was still available via radio on our way home from NJ soccer practices. I need those phone charger things and cables and very interested in the rain jacket. I would also like to try some huckleberries, which immediately makes me think of Huckleberry Hound. (google him, youngsters) Always nice having my chickens together.
    I recommend having September weather all year long- no a/c, no heat. It is going out rather humid.
    Happy Wednesday.
    Love, Your Momma

  4. My recent recommendations include this recipe for Cheater Korean beef ( and the book Edenbrooke (LOVED it!) That picture of you and your hubby at the end of your post is amazing!! I need to go check out all your pics on Instagram.

  5. I'm a big fan of all the honorable mention t.v. shows up there.

    I've been watching Entourage lately (hello, Amazon streaming) and I like it but Scott was like, "You're ridiculous" and then I'd hear him laughing at it in the background. It passes the time!

  6. Newsroom is SO good. You can stay, brother 'O Steph! Yessssss to local food, external batteries and short cords. I am recommending back up camera batteries (and memory cards) to stay with your theme.

  7. I'm totally with your brother on entourage! my college boyfriend started watching it and i was all "ughhh" and eye rolls but then I'd catch a few episodes with him and I started secretly liking it. I never would have admitted that to him though. thankfully we broke up soon after and I continued watching. Also: LOST and the office = YES. (said boyfriend also got me hooked on those shows.. guess he had good taste)

    and lastly, please tell me MFD got a selfie stick for the trip?

  8. i totally have to agree with your bro on Entourage - BEST SHOW EVER. Ari totally makes the show; it should be called The Ari Gold Show.

  9. TV recs always win in my book! That is a great photo of you two on vacation, Steph!

  10. I like the battery charger thing, I need that in my life.

    If we were buying family Christmas presents this year I would get my sister some of those packing cubes. It's hard to buy for someone who lives out of suitcases which is why we're doing something fun instead of buying each other gifts.

  11. Do you know that I have never watched a whole episode of Entourage. Everyone I know loves it, I just couldn't get into it. I would watch a few parts and then be like I'm bored. Those packing cubes are the best!! I love them. I only have a few but totally need to get some more.

  12. How much do I freaking love that you have each little bag labelled? You're my hero.
    I LOVE Entourage!

  13. Oh man, Entourage was my favorite back in the day. It's so ridiculous and over the top. And I am still, to this day, a die-hard SNL fan. I may not always hit the mark, but when it does, I die.I haven't missed an episode since 1996 (thanks to VCRs). I really like your rain jacket and the color you chose. Can you believe I live in Washington and don't own one?

  14. I love TV recs, because I love TV too much. Seinfeld is probably my all-time favorite comedy.

    Totally checking out those packing cubes.

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  15. I really need to binge watch a few of those that I haven't seen but Seinfeld and the Office... totally agree! Oh and Lost, never in my life have I anticipated a show so much. Would love to find the time to rewatch the entire series! Ordering that external battery, I have a shitty one that just dies... useless. Thanks!!!

  16. I think your brother and I have the same preferences in TV shows. I miss Entourage so much - I used to binge watch it all through college! My baby sister is turning 21 in two weeks as well. It's a sure fire way of making me feel old, yet I'm dragging my ass up to school to celebrate with her and I can't wait!

  17. Seinfeld will never get old.
    I still have the LOST finale on my DVR... cant let go

  18. Seinfeld might be my most favorite show of all time! Where can you watch the old ones?
    Love that your brother did this!
    I gotta get those bags you recommend!

  19. I definitely always opt to try all the local food and beer when traveling to get the full experience. That's the great thing about not being a picky eater. The ebags are a great idea to keep everything organized especially for a road trip.

  20. Hi Sean!!! You are wrong about Entourage only for boys, I LOVE it! My husband and I watch it all of the time and I basically dance in my chair whenever Ari appears in a scene with music blazing :) Obsessed. And Seinfeld is so, so funny- the best part is that it just makes more and more sense the older I get.

    also, those packing cubes are legit. your suitcase looks uber organized!

  21. Seinfeld, now and always. Also loving The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the writing is so clever and Ellie Kemper is hilarious! Not a huge entourage fan, but don't think it's a gender thing. Just get tired of the jackassery.

  22. Dexter is totally on my list of must watched shows, and Suits. I love that you not only got the e-cubes but also labeled them too. You are Queen B. Amanda must be overjoyed today! ;)

  23. LOST. That show ruined my life for years and has also ruined what I expect from TV now. Thanks, JJ Abrams. And I hope you meant True Detective season 1 because if you're also including season 2, we need to have a chat, Sean.

    I need to buy those packing cubes. We've already discussed this. Then again, I need to travel to actually justify the expense.

  24. I still love Entourage! Ari and Lloyd make the show for me! I'm embarrassed that I still haven't seen the movie, can't wait til it's out on Netflix :-D

  25. I have never seen an episode of SNL. I feel like I should just take a few days off work and watch them all, if you can do that lol.
    that last picture is fabulous! and so is that jacket. $60 is not bad at all.
    i love that you labeled the ebags cubes as well. i will definitely be buying them for our next big trip.

  26. Those packing cups are genius...I definitely need to get some.

  27. So you would just pull something from each bag and take it in every night? My frazzled brain who spent ten minutes every morning (at least) digging through suitcases does not compute! I loved Entourage but got eh on it the last season so I never finished it. The Office would totally be in my list, though! Rewatching it now, even the episodes that used to be bad (the late Michael episodes) are still hilarious.

  28. I have a Columbia rain coat from like 2003 that I still sport when it rains today. I freaking love it!!!! I will have to check out that battery thing and cable, sounds like it would be handy!

  29. omg... what if Sean reads these comments and finds out I exist?!?!?!

  30. love that you have younger siblings--my youngest sister is 18 years younger than me! totally agree about seinfeld--it's a love or hate, and i love it. my brother (13 years younger) recently got into it--something i never thought would happen! my fave ep is the kenny rogers roasters--we quote it on the reg.

  31. i'm right there with you about entourage. i can't wait to see the movie!

  32. I've been seeing you talk about these bags and I'm intrigued. We both travel a ton for work and anything to make that easier is worth checking out. Also, your brother has great taste in TV except Lost - I loved the show and HATED the ending, so I wouldn't recommend it and feel good about it :)

  33. I love Seinfeld!! If it's on and I have time, I'm watching, even if it's the last 10 minutes of the show. :)
    The Office, is my drug of choice. Do I need a laugh> yes> okay, then The Office. :D

    Your packing cubes!!! When I saw those posted on IG, I felt like such a slacker. I need those!! If you only saw how we traveled. YIKES! It got worst after the wreck :( We just didn't give an eff...

  34. LOVE that picture of you and MFD at the bottom!

  35. I'm so behind on blog reading/commenting, but I'm slowly working my way through!

    I love Seinfeld, and I love that kids these days are still watching it. (God, just writing that made me feel old. At first I thought, "He's only 21, so he's not that much younger than I am." And then I realized that I'm 10 years older than he is, and I wondered how time could have possibly gone by so quickly.)

    I need those packing cubes and the external batteries. I may not get the packing cubes yet, but I think I'm going to look into the batteries a little further. I feel like my phone always dies (or comes close) on trips at the most inopportune time.

    I'm also a firm believer in trying local things while I'm traveling. Sometimes I'll get something specific if I'm craving it, but I'd rather try a local beer than drink a Bud Light. (Okay, I'd rather drink most things over a Bud Light, but that was the first thing that came to mind.)

    I love the pictures in this post as well!


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