Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tough love luxury luggage

Say that three times fast, eh? Hello hello - traveling back from the shore today. This travel and luggage and luxury article was written and supplied by Jesse Hughes. 

Rimowa Luggage Goes Gourmet: Compliment Your Topas Pieces with the New Gourmet Range
The Rimowa Topas range was originally developed to be able to handle the rigours of extensive travel in the tropics where temperatures can exceed 35°C during the hottest part of the day. This puts a considerable strain on both the traveler and their luggage as they move through the airport, out into a new country, and towards their hotel.

Not every person who handles the luggage along the journey is as careful with it as one would hope. So luggage needs to be robust enough to deal with its rough handling and the heat.

The Topas Collection
The Topas collection includes two-wheel sports or business luggage, a beauty case, and the larger IATA Cabin items that just fits in the overhead bin. The beauty case is particularly appealing for the ladies who like to carry their refinement on the go without needing to crunch up their make-up items into a single zip-up bag in their main luggage.

By contrast, the Topas Stealth collection sports the latest technology in efficient luggage, uses aluminium in its design and has a black colouring to go almost unnoticed as the traveller breezes through the airport to the check-in counter.

Going Gourmet in All Things
Not content with the Topas collection, Rimowa have now gone a step further with their Gourmet collection for the ultimate in travelling luxury. 
The Gourmet Travel Humidor looks sleek with a single latch enclosure so that you can easily store your favourite cigarettes, cigars, or tobacco for pipe smoking. The case weighs in close to 2 lbs so it is barely noticeable.
The Gourmet Sparkling Wine/Champagne Box is both larger and heavier at slightly more than 3 lbs, and it can carry a substantial bottle of wine or celebratory bottle of champagne on a trip.  This is great for people who are travelling on their honeymoon as well as for business people who want to impress their clients.
The Gourmet Wine Case is much more substantial with two sections, two latches for separate opening areas and weighs in at over 9 pounds.  You’ll struggle to find a sturdier wine carrier than this!

The colour choices for all the above items in the new Rimowa Gourmet range include traditional sliver and luxurious champagne.

Finding the Latest Rimowa Collections
Rimowa luggage collections are a good choice for top quality items that are durable and will not need replacing for many years to come. Online luggage shopping through companies like is a great way to see the available ranges of Rimowa and other branded luggage before making an informed choice.  With many different styles available, everyone from the fashionable tourist to the professional business traveler will be able to find a collection that meets their travelling needs.

Where luxury travel is the thing, the Rimowa Gourmet range is likely to peak the interest of even the most hardened traveler. It’s a great compliment to the Rimowa Topas collection, and one that we are sure will be successful.
What's your go-to travel luggage?
p.s. happy birthday to my friend Mark today!

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  1. I am actually in the market for some new luggage mine has taken a beaten. The hard cases might be my first choice so far.

  2. So my parents bought us a set of luggage as a honeymoon gift, and it isn't really good quality. So now, I'm looking to invest in. I was looking over the weekend actually! You're a mind reader, yo'!

  3. I like something light, so I can lift it myself into the overhead compartment :).

  4. I have tumi luggage and love it. Having a spinner suitcase is the best thing ever. So much easier to get thru the airport with.

  5. I really respect and appreciate a good set of luggage! It makes the whole experience so much easier as well as excites you during the trip. That gourmet one sounds great!

  6. Would you believe I don't have real luggage? I usually travel by car and therefore take opened 31 totes because it is easy. I have to borrow my mom's suitcase every time I have to fly for work. (which has only been twice but still!)

  7. I love my ebags bag the last few years, and only use a big / proper suitcase when I go home (so I can bring lots of food back!) and mine are so battered and need replacing!

  8. oh man i need real luggage. i seriously have a backpack or duffle bags.

  9. Good luggage is hard to find and comes at a large cost usually. My largest suitcase (the one I need the most) looks like someone beat it with a baseball bat and juumped all over it with dirty shoes. lol

  10. I think it's time for me to start looking for new luggage, which makes me sad because my suitcases have been all over the country, Caribbean and to Fiji and Europe. I wish I could add stickers to them like passport stamps :)

  11. "Say that three times fast, eh?" I can't even say it ONE time SLOWLY. lol
    My go-to luggage is whatever my sister lets me borrow. Or a backpack. lol :)

  12. Some of these pieces are made from aluminium, thereby giving further lightness to the entire luggage. Nowadays, the company has started manufacturing polycarbonate suitcases, which are not only lightweight but also maintenance free. Without much stress on these suitcases of overweight or resilience, they can be free from breakage fear. So, with the Rimowa luggage, people can easily travel across the world, without fear of the luggage that is going along with them. Steve


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